Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Seem Way Too Into Putin (Video)

Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Seem Way Too Into Putin (Video)

Talking heads sound more impressed with Putin than Obama — our “weak, mom-jeans-wearing dictator king”

Jon Stewart says Fox News pundits all seem to be following the same talking points: That Russian President Vladimir Putin projects an image of strength to the world, while our own president comes off as a mom-jeans wearing wuss.

“People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,” Sarah Palin said in Fox News footage Stewart played on “The Daily Show” Thursday. “They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates.”

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Two other Fox News pundits made the same mom-jeans joke. Fox News pundits also said Putin wrestles tigers.

“What a great talking point that mom jeans thing turned out to be,” Stewart said. “Here's the thing you've got to remember: Putin doesn't actually wrestle bears and tigers. That's propaganda. He did once shoot a tiger. But only after that tiger had been pre-tranquilized and trapped in a snare for him.

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Stewart wasn't kidding about Putin shooting a pre-tranquilized tiger. The Guardian reported in 2012 that there was evidence his infamous faceoff with a tiger was staged.

“The weirdest thing about this isn't Putin invading the Ukraine,” said Stewart. “You expect a crazy guy to act crazy. The weirdest thing is seeing conservatives in our country point at the crazy guy and go, ‘I'll have what they're having.'”

Stewart said that when Obama does project strength, the same commentators now denouncing him as weak say he's trying to be a king or imperial president.

“Let me see if i have this right,” said Stewart. “Barack Obama is a weak, mom-jeans-wearing dictator king.”

Watch the video:

  • will

    A leader puts thought into decisions. Stewart is dead on correct.

  • Barbara W

    Let's get this right!!! Stewart–you will rue the day you so heavily back Obama. Putin is a bully and an ego-maniac–but he is WINNING. Obama is a impotent leader. Just ask the rest of the world. Keep it real!!! Obama has weakened this country. Pump, Frack, do what we have to do to make us self reliant!!! Join Canada, Mexico before they don;t want us anymore. Under the Constitution you have 4 things you have to do. KEEP US STRONG, KEEP THE ARMY STRONG, GET THE IRS OFF OF US THAT IS NOT THERE!!! Go Ben Carson M.D,

    • TySpace

      Barbara, I am concerned for you. It appears as if you've stopped taking your medication again. Do you need us to contact a family member?

  • TimPhillips

    It isn't weird at all. I've come to expect this kind of insanity from everyone at Fox News.

  • BB53

    Wait a second! What's wrong with shooting an animal that's been pre-tranquilized and trapped in a snare? That's the way ALL Republicans hunt!
    So now Obama's a wuss, but just the other day the guy with the ferret on his head claimed he was a tyrant!