Dailies | Jon Stewart to Fox News’ Shep Smith: ‘You Got CNN'd!’ (Video)

Jon Stewart to Fox News' Shep Smith: 'You Got CNN'd!' (Video)

“Daily Show” host isn't feeling the new breaking news digs

Shepard Smith debuted Fox News’ bizarre and futuristic newsroom this week, complete with 55-inch touchscreen monitors and a 38-foot-long video wall that displays the latest from around the globe and the Twitter-sphere.

But “The Daily Show”s’ Jon Stewart was not impressed with the state-of-the-art news hub and he used his Wednesday show to warn Smith about the dangers he faced from all that gadgetry.

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“Shep can't you see what they've done with you?” Stewart asked. “You were too beautiful for their world, so they're destroying you the only way they know how. They've put you in a situation room. Shep you've been CNN'd.”

Stewart said that Smith's new digs, with their massive screens not only bring to mind Wolf Blitzer's frenetic backdropn, they “look like an Apple Genius Bar had an orgasm spawning the world's most ridiculously large iPads.

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He noted that nothing all the Tweet decks offered couldn't be accomplished with phones, paper and pens. So improving the network's journalistic standards was probably not the major motivation.

“The problem at Fox News has never been its screens,” Stewart said. “Remember Karl Rove's white board or Glenn Beck's chalk board? No one ever looked at those guys and thought they are [bleep] crazy to be using such antiquated technology. They were just [bleep] crazy.”

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Stewart had a message for Smith.

“Don't sell your news soul for bells and whistles my man,” he begged.

Watch the video:

  • Kirk

    . . .”Hey Fox, I Think You're Fixing The Non-Broken Parts” Ha, Perfect!

  • R G

    I'm surprised that the libs don't think that the “change” at FOX is a great thing!

    It mirrors the communist tendencies of the Democrat Party.

    Mr Smith, you have TWO one hour shows and other people don't have any, so we're going to TAKE one of your hours and redistribute it to some one else out of “fairness”.

    The difference is that Smith has a contract that he agreed to as a free individual and I'm sure that he is being paid well for being the dedicated, effective pro that he is. He got where he is by merit, not by collectivist policy. He didn't get demoted. He still has a TV slot AND a higher assignment. “Some” people seem to think that being a TV/media star is the highest position in America, but reality says definitely not. FOX is credible. It shows libs as their true selves and allows them to be themselves, BUT it does the same for founding American Principled Liberty advocates without portraying them as something evil! THAT is a huge problem for the Marxist/Progressive/communist policy supporters, so it is only natural that FOX would be hated by the left and why they make such a massive propaganda effort to keep you from even considering watching it.

    With the pre FOX options only, the voice of liberty would have been be widely unheard by American TV news viewers and the massive TEA Party/limited, responsible government/ rights defense rallies would have been made to look like only 35 people the way that other news reports made Cindy Sheehan's 35 people rallies look like hundreds of thousands!

    As for Stewart, his job is to show current events in a humorous light. Unfortunately, “Some” people mistake that for the actual news.

  • Rachel Burket

    Yeah, for those of us that watch FOX NEWS, the unfair and unbalanced network, we know that Shep got scr**ed! They try to make it look like he didn't with his fancy big screens and surroundings but we and he knows that he was “down-graded”! :(

    • Rachel Burket

      know not knows….;)