Dailies | Jon Stewart: Tea Party Hates Reagan Now Too?

Jon Stewart: Tea Party Hates Reagan Now Too?

“The Daily Show” host marvels at how far right the GOP has become

Jon Stewart can't get over the Republican Party's rightward lurch.

“The Daily Show” host kicked off Tuesday's show by noting that Rep. Paul Ryan and House Speaker John Boehner, two fiscal and social conservatives, are under fire from the Tea Party for reaching a budget deal with Democrats that averts another government shutdown. Ryan's fall from grace was particularly noteworthy, Stewart said, because of his previous status as the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan.

“So John Boehner's not conservative enough for the Tea Party,” Jon Stewart said. “Paul Ryan's apparently not conservative enough for you. Who is?”

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Stewart noted that even Texas Senator John Cornyn, a budget slashing conservative, is facing a primary challenge from the right in the form of Tea Party darling, Rep. Steve Stockman. What, Stewart wondered, had Cornyn ever done to the Tea Party?

“The National Journal named him the second most conservative senator behind only Alaska's representative, painting of Jesus drilling for oil,” Stewart said.

But there were more surprises in store, namely footage of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin telling Republicans that it was time to stop worshipping Ronald Reagan because he'd been too soft on illegal immigrants.

“When Ronald Reagan's just another Hollywood liberal you got to say to your party, are you kidding me?” Stewart said.

Watch the video:

  • Brandon

    If you are going to make broad-stoke comments about politics (Jon Stewart) you should at least have a grasp of what you are talking about. The completely CLEAR and obvious problem that conservatives have with the bill is that it once again replaces immediate spending cuts for “future” spending cuts. And if you haven't noticed….those future cuts never seem to materialize. Pretty easy stuff. But obviously much too complicated for the wisdom of Jon Stewart. The same guy who in a debate with Bill O'Reilly claimed that the national debt was $0 when Bill Clinton left office. Please just make stupid jokes and stop commenting on stuff that's clearly above your intelligence level.

    • Jimmy Lin

      I am for immediate cut of military budget by 1/3. I am for immediate cuts to pointless corporate subsidies.

      Nah, you guys aren't for spending cuts, you are for cutting programs you don't like. Stuff you like not a cent is being touched regardless how wasteful, so keep repeating that talking point about immediate vs. future cuts. No one cares because you don't take yourselves seriously to begin with.

      That is not mentioning Obama actually offered immediate spending cuts, but then the GOP declined to deal regardless, but that was a while ago.

  • CharlesMaglaughlin

    After having read the enormous “The Unauthorized Biography of Nancy Reagan,” by Kitty Kelly(not exactly a right-winger), I, too, am NO longer a fan of the phony “Gipper.” Maybe “the left” should be just as honest and take a second open-minded look at Obama, Hillary, Bill, Teddy and even Jon Stewart. Personality-oriented politics is for children playing in the sand box, for ANY party!