Dailies | Sam Champion on Josh Elliott's ABC Departure: ‘I Know That Fans of ‘GMA’ Are Not Loving It’ (Video)

Sam Champion on Josh Elliott's ABC Departure: 'I Know That Fans of 'GMA' Are Not Loving It' (Video)

Former colleague calls the jump to NBC Sports “a happy, happy time for Josh”

Former fellow “Good Morning America” host Sam Champion wished Josh Elliott well in his new NBC Sports venture during Monday's “AMHQ” on The Weather Channel.

“He's a great guy and a very good friend, and what folks need to understand is just like The Weather Channel was an incredible opportunity for my heart, NBC Sports is a great opportunity for Josh's heart,” Champion said. “It puts him right in the middle of the sports world and that is what he loves. In every major sporting event all over the world from World Cup to the Olympics to everything and this is a happy, happy time for Josh.”

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“I know that fans of GMA are not loving it,” the weatherman added. “But it's a happy day for Josh. And folks, we'll follow him no matter where he goes.”

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In his new role at NBC, Elliott will be covering the NFL, Summer and Winter Olympics, horse racing and “other high profile sports properties,” an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap on Sunday.

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Amy Robach was promoted to “GMA” News Anchor on the same day that Elliott officially parted ways with ABC. Champion announced in December that he was leaving ABC News for the Weather Channel.

Watch the clip:

  • heather

    Good luck to josh! I'll miss you on GMA but you need to follow your dreams! I'll still be looking for you! Congratulations

    • lemuel852

      my Aunty Sienna recently got a year old
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  • Yolanda Rodriguez

    Sam and Josh I miss you GMA is not the same without you to!!!

  • Yolanda Rodriguez

    okay I said Sam and Josh I will miss you. GMA is not the same without you Sam Josh and Laur you all made my day!

  • LiberalGilt

    ABC was way too gay even for Sam Champion

  • Kathy Burnett

    I was just telling my daughter that two of my all time favorite newspeople were leaving my morning show. I'll follow you guys anywhere. Follow your hearts but please remember to keep us all in your hearts too! Sam and Josh, you both were a breath of fresh air. Lara, you are also one of my favorites!

  • Pam Bishop

    Will really miss you Joss, you are insightful and funny. I will follow you on NBC.

  • shirley egerer

    I think ABC made a huge mistake!! Josh Elliot has embedded himself in our hearts and personally, I'm struggling with staying with GMA. I've watched GMA all my life, but tired of watching them let people go over money. He's proven his value to the show. Way to go ABC. I'm looking into NBC because of the stupid mistakes your new CEO continues to make.

  • Reindeer

    Re: Josh! What you see is not really what you get. Personally I am disappointed…his camera face is pure hypocritical…Oye ve!

  • http://wonderfulinJesus.com Wonderful in Jesus

    First it was Sam now it is Josh, leaving. Love you guys and wish only the best of everything for you both. I will catch you two on the down low. Be blessed and know the world is watching you two.