Dailies | Josh Elliott Sent Warm Farewell Messages From ‘GMA's’ George Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer (Video)

Josh Elliott Sent Warm Farewell Messages From 'GMA's' George Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer (Video)

“It has been a great run with you,” Stephanopoulos said on Monday's show

Departing “Good Morning America” host Josh Elliott received fond farewells from his morning show colleagues on Monday.

“It has been a great run with you here on ‘GMA,'” co-anchor George Stephanopoulos announced. “We're very happy you're going to be pursuing your passion.”

Elliot's contract negotiations with ABC News broke down over the weekend, as it was announced that Elliot would leave ABC to join NBC Sports. He was away from the show Monday on a pre-planned vacation day.

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“He is going back to his roots,” Stephanopoulos continued, with co-anchor Lara Spencer adding that Elliot will be doing what he does “so well.”

“We will miss you very much though,” Spencer said. “He's our buddy and we love him very much.”

Monday's broadcast also celebrated Amy Robach promotion to news anchor.

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Elliott's departure leaves Stephanopoulos as the only male anchor on the morning news program. Elliott congratulated Robach on Twitter.

Congratulations to @arobach–a most deserving colleague and a dear, dear friend. @GMA will be the better for your presence, Amy. #proudpal

– Josh Elliott (@JoshElliottABC) March 31, 2014

Watch “GMA” wish Elliott well below:

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    • http://www.iknowitall.com knowitall2000

      lemeuel: you don't make sense. whatever you're hawking, you just did it a disservice.

  • jules

    I used to watch GMA religiously every morning for 20 years; however, GMA is no longer a morning news show, it is a video gossip column. It is no different than evening shows that just relate what's happening in stars’ lives. When there is information relevant/useful to the average person, GMA anchors cut the story extremely short. Also, there is only 2 minutes of GMA then 7 minutes of commercials. I have DVR'd the show to watch to see how much time is dedicated to the show. Not much. In an hour there is less than 20 of information; the rest is advertisements. I am so disgusted in this new format that I have become a Today Show watcher. GMA has lost too many good anchors like Josh Elliott, Sam Champion, and others that it is not worth wasting my time to watch.

    • http://www.iknowitall.com knowitall2000

      you are right on the money. Anchors for the most part try to make it “all about themselves.” there are so many segments where they “participate in something on their bucket list” or some other such nonsense.

  • Ann

    Good bye GMA, I watched your show daily but now with Josh leaving and ABC bringing in that horrible Michael Strahan, no more for my household. George is nice but has no personality and Josh and Lara kept him awake at least.

  • Mitzi

    GMA was getting pretty lame anyway. Then Sam Champion left. Now Josh Elliott.
    Not much left to watch, is there?

  • Paula

    I agree with Jules and Mitzi. Just another gossip rag. I bet the next to leave will be George. I just think he's too serious of a news person to remain on GMA with all the silliness that's been the format of late. That must be why he looks like a deer in the headlights sometimes. I too have switched over to watching the Today Show. Sorry Josh & Sam left.

  • Cindy

    GMA has definitely gone down hill. Very little news and losing the two guys makes it even worse. George should follow – he may not have a huge personality but he is an excellent newsperson. Unfortunately, Lara never will be.

  • Jeannette

    Yet another example of pop-culture in conflict with serious reporting. There are far too many concerns in every day life to be lead into mind numbing chatter. I have been a GMA viewer since the 70s. It has been the way I wake up for all these years. But ABC has changed. No more in depth reporting and no more serious concern for what shapes our days and affects our lives. Medical news seems to be the deepest GMA goes and it is knee jerk to what has been reported the day before. I love George – he is a political commentator who knows what questions to ask to get the right answers. It is too bad that he and Diane Sawyer were split up. I liked Diane and Charlie as well.
    I want news reporting and political knowledge that goes beyond personal biase and opinion. That is not news. I don't need to be entertained in the morning. I need information about what happened while I was sleeping.

    • Bonnie

      Wow! I have been a little bored lately with GMA and couldn't figure out why because I really like all the anchors. After reading this post, I now realize how right you are! I am bored because I'm not getting real news, but rather, just a lot of gossip and chatter! I don't like the Today show either so maybe its time to find something else to watch in the morning . . .

  • Jeannette

    All of the personalities represent great fun and are vibrant and engaging. People I wouldn't mind having as friends. But this is not providing me with what I need while I am getting ready for work in the morning. My regards to all and I hope for a return to a more meaningful format.


    Lara is still hot

  • http://www.ericsmusclecars.com Eric Grandi

    The man is the standard for TV news….time for Diane Sawyer to go