‘MasterChef’ Runner-Up Joshua Marks Dead From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at 26 (Updated)

'MasterChef' Runner-Up Joshua Marks Dead From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at 26 (Updated)

Greg Gayne/FOX

The Chicago medical examiner has ruled the death a suicide

Fox “MasterChef” Season 3 runner-up Joshua Marks was found dead in Chicago on Friday night, Chicago police spokesman John Mirabelli told TheWrap on Saturday. Marks was 26-years-old.

Marks’ body was found in an alley on Chicago's south side with a gunshot wound to the head. Upon completing an autopsy on Marks’ body, the city medical examiner told TheWrap it had ruled the death a suicide.

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According to CNN, Marks has admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder. Three months ago, the chef was arrested following a clash with several Chicago police officers. He told police he had been possessed by “MasterChef” judge Gordon Ramsay, who turned him into God.

Ramsay expressed his condolences on Twitter on Saturday.

Fox issued the following statement on behalf of the “MasterChef” family:

“All of us at ‘MasterChef,’ Shine America, One Potato, Two Potato and Fox are incredibly saddened by the news of Josh Marks’ passing. He was a wonderful person and an incredible talent. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

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On the Fox culinary competition's third season, Marks came in second place to winner Christine Ha.

  • lapazjim

    Sorry to hear about this.Hopefully he is now in better hands.There should be some sort of new funding in the government and the states to help individuals with mental illness.They need o stop cutting their funding and add to the monies needed to help all who need it!!!!

  • lithium451

    Can hardly wait to see the fabulous memorial Fox puts together for an upcoming Masterchef show. Should do boffo ratings.

  • Miasmo

    Found dead in an ally? Suicide? Chicago? How many times did he shoot himself?

  • Veteran

    And so did 22 us veterans. Oh and 22 today. And 22 tomorrow…

    • merica

      Paid mercenary under the guise of patriotism. No one cares, sir and your service to this country is questionable. You did it because you had no other options or better choices in life.

      • Sliplash

        Thats incredibly near-sighted of you to say. There are so many people who use the military as a way to get money for school, because otherwise they'll just be stuck in the same town working a dead-end job until they save enough to actually go to college, and that hardly ever works out for people in that socio-economic status. You're not looking at any of the outside factors that cause kids to join the military these days, like the exorbitant costs of school. School costs go up but minimum wage doesnt and somehow we're still supposed to afford it working minimum wage jobs? You're ignorant, to say the least. Maybe you should do some real research so you're not just spewing opinionated hate, and then perhaps you'll be taken more seriously.

      • Alli

        Both of your remarks are completely uncalled for. My guess is that neither of you even watch MasterChef, nor have any clue or care about Josh's death. All to use someone else's death as an outlet for your own anger and biased opinions. You should both be ashamed. To set both of you straight: I don't think anyone ever forgets that there are men and women serving our country who die everyday, but men and women who AREN'T serving our country ALSO die everyday. NO innocent person's life/death should ever be considered more valuable/mourned more than another's. We are all EQUAL in life, and so should it be in death. However, thank you, Veteran, for your service anyway. And you, merica, I'm not even going to acknowledge your disgusting remarks. I think you know deep down what the rest of us think of them already.

  • Olly Blew

    Surprise surprise. Another innocent victim falls prey to the curse of Gordon Ramsey. Gordon should consider launching a Gourmet Cemetery.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    So many of these young folks seem to need so much constant drama/attention? Would he be alive if he “won” the silly show? I guess he's where he belongs ? Step aside loser.