Julianne Hough's Halloween Costume: 5 Things More Racist Than Her Crazy Eyes Getup

Julianne Hough's Halloween Costume: 5 Things More Racist Than Her Crazy Eyes Getup

The “Dancing With the Stars” hoofer's homage to “Orange Is the New Black” was a very bad idea; here's a handful of others that have her beat in the bigotry department

“Dancing With the Stars” hoofer Julianne Hough has taken a lot of heat this week for her unconventional Halloween costume, which saw Hough masquerading as “Orange Is the New Black” character Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren – complete with blackface.

No one is suggesting that Hough's choice of costume was a good idea. (Not least of all Hough herself, who promptly apologized when the negative headlines started piling up).

But might it be suggested that Hough's costume was more misguided homage than mean-spirited bigotry? In interest of bringing perspective to the issue, TheWrap presents 5 Things That Are More Racist Than Julianne Hough‘s Halloween Costume:

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1) Republican Don Yelton
Until recently, Yelton served as a Republican county precinct chairman in North Carolina. That was before he appeared on “The Daily Show” last week and complained about “lazy blacks.” Subsequently fired, Yelton had a chance to redeem himself when interviewed by TheWrap's own Tim Molloy. He did not seize that opportunity.

“‘When a n— can use the word n— and it not be considered racist, that's the utmost racism in the world, and it's hypocrisy,” Yelton told TheWrap.

Given his newly unemployed state, perhaps Yelton can find work as a circus performer who amazingly fits both of his feet into his mouth at once.

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paula-deen-640.jpg2) Paula Deen
Celebrity chef Paula Deen was one of America's most popular celebrity chefs. Until this year, when a former employer sued her, and it was revealed that Deen had a penchant for throwing around the N-word. Oh, and that she had once considered planning a plantation-themed wedding. Oops. On top of it all, Deen's butter-drenched cooking style seems calculated to drive up the national rate of diabetes and heart disease — both of which are more prevalent among African Americans than among other Americans. Coincidence? You be the judge.

3) Sickle Cell Anemia
Speaking of racist diseases, sickle cell anemia is probably the grand wizard of blood disorders, going way out of its way to target African Americans. Adding insult to illness, the disease causes sufferers’ blood cells to be shaped like a sickle — a tool commonly used by slaves working in the fields. Not cool, sickle cell anemia. Not cool.

jimmy kimmel live kid

4) This little punk from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
During a skit dealing with the U.S.'s debt to China, Kimmel interviewed a group of tots about how to best deal with the debt. This kid's solution? “Kill everyone in China!” he blurted out to Kimmel.

Nice. Hopefully whoever collects the milk money at this little psycho's school is watching their back.

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darkie tooth paste

5) This tube of toothpaste
Seriously, “Darkie”? With that mascot? We'll stick with Colgate, thanks very much.

  • Lorenzo

    Did you get it out? The need to emphasize today's (and 50 years ago's) racism?
    Now go journalism something.

  • James T

    The whole PC movement in this country has gotten out of hand. It wasnt racist any more than a black kid dressing up as albert einstein would be. GROW UP.

    • meggie82461

      Do your research. The reason blackface is racist is because back as recent as the 50s, performers used to use blackface- instead of, you know, actually hiring black performers, because thats unheard of! its the history behind it. The “N” word is just a word, until it became the last word many black people heard before being hung. It's all about the meaning behind the action, not the action itself.

      • Doug V

        That doesn't make it racist just because it has history. James is correct. It is just about PC. It isn't about actual racism.

  • jms

    If she had been black and dressed up as a white person, would that be racist?

  • jimmyzick

    What she did was not racist, white people know it and blacks will figure it out in a few hundred years.

  • Kate

    How does creating a hierarchy of racism do anything but excuse things that are ACTUALLY racist? Yes, there are more mean-spirited, obvious examples of racism, but why does that mean we should ignore everything that falls below your arbitrary boundary of “not racist enough for anyone to care about”?

  • George

    Does anyone have anything real to discuss, besides ninsense about someone dressing up for-OMG-Halloween? Get real America.

  • James Lanham

    The most rampant disease in this country, People have it and they don't know it

  • Da

    If she burned a cross in some ones yard I could see a problem, but get over it. Slavery was wrong. I wish it never had happened. Then we would not be having this conversation. I am sure every one would be happy in Africa.

  • Doug V

    Things must be going pretty well. If the best the writer can think of is including Don Yelton and Paula Deen (neither of which are racist), then all is going pretty well. Julianne Hough has nothing to worry about.

  • ryan

    If you knew you were going to wear blackface and clearly did not think it would be a problem…then the only thing that I think sucks about Julianne is that you are apologizing for it now. I refuse to believe that the thought of criticism never crossed your mind.

  • Katie

    I can't believe people are causing such a commotion over JUlianne's halloween costume. It's a HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!! She was at a COSTUME PARTY!!! In no way was it racist, and this country knows julianne hough and knows shes not a racist. Come on people…. Get a brain…..!

  • Boo

    So it's ok to dress up as presidents, actors, your mom, etc but not black people?

  • Zin Pua

    I would imagine that a good deal of the blasé attitude that these kids
    have towards “killing everybody in China” is due to the manner in which
    we portray Asian people. The problem with Asian stereotypes is that a
    good deal of them are perceived as positive, so why is it even worth the
    energy to try and change things? “But you guys are good at math and you
    get the good jobs and you have excellent figures, what are you complaining about?” Sure, some of them are negative…:


    … but ultimately it's hard to convince people to see the error of
    their ways when their target is a so-called “model” minority. Never mind
    the fact that the pressure to be so much more successful often
    cultivates a higher rate of suicide…