Justin Bieber Arrest: 5 New Developments Since ‘Boyfriend’ Singer Made Bail

Justin Bieber Arrest: 5 New Developments Since 'Boyfriend' Singer Made Bail

The pop star gets a court date — and a whitehouse.gov petition calling for his deportation

Justin Bieber is out the slammer and apparently not stressing over his arrest at all, vacationing on a tropical beach as his lawyers go to work on his south Florida DUI and drag-racing case.

TheWrap reported six new Bieber developments Friday since the arrest heard 'round-the-world. Now, here's five newer ones below.

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What has been going on since the Biebs made bond:

We Protest!
At the time of this writing, in less than a week's time, more than 82,000 people have signed a whitehouse.gov petition to deport Bieber and revoke his green card. The petition has until Feb. 22 to reach the required 100,000 signatures that would garner a response from the Obama administration.

Here is the brief petition‘s verbiage:

We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Bieber has a different kind of date this Valentine's Day: a court date.

A Miami-Dade County judge on Tuesday set a Feb. 14 arraignment date for the 19-year-old star, the Associated Press reports. During an arraignment, prosecutors formally file charges and a plea is entered — though a defendant's lawyer can enter the plea in writing. Therefore, Bieber might not be required to attend.

Love It or List It
Bieber is finished rocking the suburbs. Following the great police egg hunt at his Calabasas mansion, the pop star is considering listing the home, TMZ reported.

Former neighbor and NFL star Keyshawn Johnson just sold his neighboring estate to Kourtney Kardashian. Johnson and Bieber had been at odds previously over the singer's alleged high-speed racing throughout the Oaks gated community. It's doubtful that any of his remaining neighbors would miss the young homeowner.

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(No) Need for Speed
So maybe Bieber and Khalil weren't exactly doing the “racing” part of drag-racing. (Maybe.)

Apparently, the two exotic sports cars rented by Bieber and rapper pal Khalil come equipped with GPS — the kind that monitor and retain speeds reached in specific geographic areas. Per TMZ, an analysis of the devices revealed that the two cars barely touched speeds that would even be considered speeding, let alone racing.

Driver Sober and Get Pulled Over
Last week, we learned that Bieber's blood alcohol level was actually a not-legally drunk 0.014, as opposed to the .04 originally reported. In the state of Florida, a person under the age of 21 is considered legally drunk with a 0.02 BAC, so Bieber should be in the clear by that measurement. Khalil actually blew a clear 0.00, also according to TMZ – which makes you wonder how badly the other parts of the field sobriety tests were bombed. (Pun intended.)

  • Robert Chambers

    So who was paid off in Florida???

  • Scott

    Sad state of affairs when we can't turn on the TV without having to hear about this turd.

  • Lisa

    DUI isnt just for alcohol, he admitted alcohol (which he's underage), prescriptions drugs, and marijuana all of those equal Driving Under the Influence….

  • Justsaying

    If Bibies lawyer wants to dance around the legal table, I'll give him a waltz he'll never forget…. Felony: Driving so as to endanger with callus dis-regard for life and limb. Heya idiot…..that's a FELONY in FL… Deport Baby-Bibie Send him into gen population at the prison, he'll either come out a more respectful man or as a women, ha. Either way he'll learn!

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    get this punk outa our country, enough is enough, and take Obama with you.

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      Obama was born here,

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        Proove it…

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    Throw the piece of trash back to Canada, we don't need his sorry A$$ in the USA. We have enough garbage here already.

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    Remember Leif Garrett from the 1970's?.He was a big shot like Bieber,but then he got hooked on drugs and
    started acting recklessly.He even caused a guy to get paralyzed in a auto accident.Now he's a washed-up has been.I'm sure Beiber's heard about what happened to
    Garrett.You think he'd learn a lesson from this.But he's
    heading down the same path as Garrett.Beiber had
    better smarten up,or he'll end up like Garrett.

  • Guest

    He's gonna be washed up by the time he's 25. These actions of his are an attempt to keep himself relevant, much like Lyndsay Lohan and others do to keep themselves in the spotlight, even if means being arrested.

  • J.D.C

    He's gonna be washed up by the time he's 25. These actions of his are an attempt to keep himself relevant, much like Lyndsay Lohan and others do to keep themselves in the spotlight, even if it means being arrested.