Justin Bieber Mugshots, DUI Arrest Report Released: ‘I Ain't Got No F–king Weapons’ (Photos)

Justin Bieber Mugshots, DUI Arrest Report Released: 'I Ain't Got No F–king Weapons' (Photos)

Pop star is all smiles with high, spikey hair in his Miami Police Department photo

Justin Bieber said he smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and consumed prescription medication before he was arrested Thursday for driving under the influence, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez said at a press conference.

Bieber, who will also be charged with driving with an expired license and resisting arrest without violence, will be booked at the Miami-Dade County Jail, the Florida police chief said.

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A police report reveals Bieber asked the arresting officer, “why the f–k did you stop me?” and then, while he was being patted down for weapons, said, “I ain't got no f–king weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the f–k is this about?”

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Bieber continued to take his hands off of his car, disobeying police instructions, the report says.

After he was pulled over for drag racing a yellow Lamborghini in the early hours of the morning, officers said Bieber had red blood shot eyes and detected a strong alcohol odor in his car.

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The 19-year old pop star was “a little belligerent,” Martinez said, although he was cooperative after being brought to the police station.

A spokesman for the 19-year old pop star, who is also facing a vandalism probe in California stemming from claims he may have been involved in egging a neighbor's house, declined to comment.

Bieber was released after posting $2,500 bond, a spokeswoman for the Miami Beach Police Department told TheWrap on Thursday.

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In a mugshot taken by Miami Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department Thursday, the singer remembered to smile for the camera.

Here are the mugshots:





















In an additional mugshot — Bieber appears more somber :























  • troche565

    That kid is self destroying himself at a rapid rate. I hope not but I see death or jail in the future of this out of control youngster. To him everything appears to be a joke and at the end life will have the last laugh.

  • Here To

    he looks so sad in his second mugshot. i hope he has someone around who cares. they all seem to be users. i hope his next headline is not Justin Bieber dead at 19. so sad

  • Ward P

    Wow you see jail in his future? You must really be psychic!;)

  • AJ

    Someone should let him know that fan adoration is fickle and shouldn't be taken as a real measurement of self worth and importance. He seems to have bought into all those screaming girls who say ‘I love you’ and believing his own hype machine. When you live in that bubble, you don't see any truth.

    As Burt Reynolds one said, “I didn't know I was out until someone finally told me.” (Paraphrased)

  • Guest

    Leave him alone! He is being framed- I love you Justin

    • CorrectionC

      Framed??? BAHHAHAHAHA Bieber's a clown and deserves his ass kicked.

    • mitchell hines

      Bieber is a loser and deserves no fans. He sucks like crap!!

  • Susie34!

    Wow well that's disturbing. He is really doing bad things and making bad decisions, and look what good it's done for him!

  • CR28

    Only the Biebs would smile in a mugshot.

  • Aaron James

    It won't be long until we are reading the story of how he died from a drug overdose or a car crash, That's how this always ends. Time and time again we watch celebrities kill themselves, all played out like a soap opera on our front pages.

  • mike

    Too rich too fast and NO tallent, is all I can say……He looks like Mailey S

  • ydhoward

    taking his hands off the police car several times after being told not too. If he would have been black he would be dead.

    • Billy the Kid

      Well then too bad he isn't black,

  • sharon trent

    Nobody see death , come on ,but he is young st 19 and if you are rich or poor 19 year olds do dumb stuff. I wish him the best and I cannot judge and no one should judge. Wish him well and hope that he put this behind . we should all pray for him. What do 19 year do in this day and age.

  • stefan

    Hey Dead Pool Players! Justin Bieber's gonna make you lots of money some day very, very soon!

    • Billy the Kid

      Stefan, you blow.

  • maillady

    I say deport him. My opinion. #TIOLI

  • Mari

    So true destroying himself~ Look at his eyes, he is on drugs! … drugs do kill!

  • Guest

    “Aspirin” is OTC.. no script needed Biebs!

  • Q-Dogg

    what's his parents role in all this? Why hasn't his mother beat the breaks off his a$$? Spoiled little brat. The judge better slam like they would regular citizen. The fact that he has millions shouldn't exempt him from being punished.

  • the law

    its time to send him back to Canada. never allow him back in USA and destroy his career for good. he is a smart ass punk with a lot of money and he needs to be broke and in jail for a few years and let the cons turn him into the HOMO he really is.

  • Roaper33

    How is it that if Justin's license was expired or suspended who rented the car for him??