Justin Bieber Tweets ‘I'm Officially Retiring’ on Eve of Movie Release

Justin Bieber Tweets 'I'm Officially Retiring' on Eve of Movie Release

Did somebody spike the eggnog too heavily? The singer cites the media as reason for his split career decision, but vows to never leave his Beliebers

“Believe” it or not, pop phenom Justin Bieber is supposedly retiring. At least that's what Bieber claimed via his Twitter account late Tuesday night.

“My beloved beliebers I'm officially retiring,” the singer tweeted.

Tuesday night happens to be Christmas Eve. It also happens to be the eve of his theatrical release, “Justin Bieber‘s Believe,” and it was the day after his new collection album, “Journals,” was released on iTunes. Bizarre night for the 19-year-old to choose to announce his retirement.

At the time of this writing, the tweet had more than 100,000 retweets and 80,000 favorites.

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Forty-two minutes later, Bieber blamed the media for his apparent career-ending decision: “The media talks a lot about me. They make a up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I'm never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle.”

Then he said something about forgiveness and God.

Last week, the “Boyfriend” singer told radio station Power 106 that his album, “Journals” (which was released Monday), would be his last, and that he planned to retire after. Later, Bieber's reps claimed he was just joking, but suggested that the pop star take some time off after the movie release.

Justin Bieber‘s Believe” hits theaters Wednesday, Christmas Day.

Here's the calling-it-quits tweet, and its follow-ups:

  • Sarah




  • GoodGriefs

    He is such a drama king. Who really believes this statement. He may take a little break if that. But he is just looking for attention and justification. Let the boy grow up!

    • JamesAt17

      Drama Queen

  • wireunicorn

    yes result he is retiring!!!

  • wireunicorn

    justin bieber is retiring. BEST DAY EVA!!

  • Peter

    Hahaha I told you Santa is real! I told you!

  • radio1370

    We should be so lucky. Go for it Justin Beaver!

  • The Great and Powerful Turtle

    well this is one way of getting publicity for his film and album

  • Robert Colontonio


  • Anon

    It's the Christmas season and you are all being so mean to him. :( I may not be a belieber, but even then, I hate how much people hate him. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, and I can't imagine how much it must hurt to be outwardly put down so much. If you don't have anything nice to say, why say it? Criticism is different; THIS is hatred.

    • Fazilah

      Ya ur right actually. But I am a belieber and I'll always be one. And being a belieber I didn't have the guts to say this and post it. I wish this was a prank.

    • Dan

      Hey, Anon, he's the one looking for attention. He's getting it. He must be really stupid if he beliebed that the attention was going to be all good. Let him retire!! Maybe now he'll have time for a pilgrimage to the Sixteenth chapel!

      • http://gabrieldilaurentis.com/ Gabriel DiLaurentis

        I'm gonna try and give you drugs, does that mean you were looking for them?

        • Dan

          Yes please! Then I may end up understanding what you wrote! Fanatic – look the word up.

          • http://gabrieldilaurentis.com/ Gabriel DiLaurentis

            “He asked for it” you know who usually says that? The bully, so guess what, you're nothing but a bully, loo it up if you don't know what it means. Let him be. Not a Bieber fan, never were never will be but what you moron people are doing to him is despicable. Not going to waste my time and energy on individuals like you.

          • Dan

            He's a fellow Canadian – a very successful one. I have nothing against him. But when you go into show business you have to expect your every move to be scrutinized. If you're a kid and don't know that, you are either naive or badly misinformed by your handlers. Everyone loves the “good” attention; unfortunately it always comes with the bad. Maybe it's just too much for him. He's young and should be having fun with his friends, not shouldering all this adulation.

            It's a shame you've already wasted so much time and energy on a moron like me. I'm also surprised you chose my humble little post to attack when there are so many that are much more worthy of your wrath.

  • zroc

    Good! I wish him all the best in his next career…hopefully he's learned not to act like such a tool while out in the public eye. Then he wouldn't feel the need to be such a whiny baby. You wanna act stupid, you gotta be able to take the heat for acting stupid.

  • Kimmy

    Like he doesnt already have enough attention, he has to trick his fans over and over again. Someone needs to knock some sense into this kid.

  • Elle

    I think he just needs some time to grow up and figure out who he really is. He has been in the spot light since he was 14ish and that can be a lot of pressure. However that doesn't justify how he acts all of the time. I hope he can get some time away from being in the spotlight and just figure out who he is. I wouldn't wish fame on anyone, it sucks. He just really needs to mature.

    • jessie

      I hope he realizes that popularity will just bring on more bullies and haters, and has nothing to do with his God given talent. Justin's young and hopefully will take time to get off the fame treadmill. As history proves, the more fame equals jealousy and envy.

  • Justin

    Wow wow why everyone is happy because of he wil retiring I really love him ans my name is. Justin

  • Farty Fartsalot

    I look forward to seeing his failed sobriety tests on a cop's dash cam…

  • Nobody you know

    There really is a Santa Claus!!!!

  • eirwuna


  • Mac799

    I think he is nothing special and a disgrace/imbaresment to Canadians. Not to mention he is a fucking S.O.B. and has no respect for others!

  • Bob Yaffe

    That is a great decision for him .Now he can go into rehab and get hes life in order .Very move

  • unknown

    Shouldn't he have waited till April's fool's day?

  • Robert Christopher Hayes

    Only downside to this is knowing that he's still alive somewhere.

  • hunter

    “Then he said something about forgiveness and God.” you say that like what he had to say about god wasn't important? how disgusting. America was built on Christianity, and yet we have people like you who think the word of god isn't important at all. Absolutely disgusting.

    • j

      Shit the fuck up you little fango Bieber boy fan Jesus fucking christ

    • RandomPirate

      “America was built on Christianity”.

      Methinks the founding fathers would disagree with that.

  • XmasElf

    Really hope this is true. Hope that idiot Miley Cyrus follows suit!

  • George

    This is just a mere publicity stunt. Take it lightly people.

  • Lynn

    Good! Only if it were true!

  • http://gabrieldilaurentis.com/ Gabriel DiLaurentis

    I feel sorry for him, people are exploiting him to make as much money as they can. He's not an adult and he may never become one, he needs to get either new reps and new people around him or to get out and save what's left of his life. He needs to start all over again and start fresh. Stop hating people, your attention built him, why tearing him down now?

  • Brett L Jackson

    Good riddance, hes a tool who treats his fans like crap, he doesnt deserve the fame or money in the first place…amen

  • troche565

    Merry Christmas to all our Wrap followers.

  • troche565

    I do agree that Justin is a spoiled brat, however he is racking up some serious doe at this stage of his career and I truly doubt if he is retiring any time soon. I would not miss him at all. I believe he is just looking for a little more attention, that never hurts any public figure weather it is negative or positive it all depends how you want to perceive it.

  • Danny Kastner

    He's a pretty talented kid who can't handle the pressure. I guess Jay Z will have to convince him to come back now because Jay Z was able to convince himself.

  • The Flobbit


  • Cherish Bestfriend Hildreth

    Idk y all u people decide to gang u on Justin, He is an amazing singer and an amazing person. U all need to look at his good side, he may have his good times and his bad times but he's still analyzing and I don't want him to go but the media and all of u negative people are pushing him away from his dream and if u don't have anything good to say about him don't say it because all urged doing is pushing him away. I love Justin Bieber so much and I hope he comes back. -His fan Cherish

  • Brother

    Wow jb way to let your fans down my sis loved you and your songs her whole room is covered with your face all over it now she's all like crying

  • Lauren

    All you people that are haters are idiots and stupid I wish the worse for all the haters I'm a Belieber always have been always will be and I hate the jerks that say mean things about him I wish the haters all the worse