Dailies | Justin Bieber Is a Shirtless, Crotch-Grabbing ‘Bad Boy’ on Rolling Stone Cover (Photo)

Justin Bieber Is a Shirtless, Crotch-Grabbing 'Bad Boy' on Rolling Stone Cover (Photo)

The tatted-up singer cried once, according to the “shocking revelations” about his wild personal life that the magazine uncovered

Justin Bieber has officially been declared the “bad boy” of pop music by preeminent music publication Rolling Stone magazine.

The 19-year-old singer (who turns 20 on Saturday — happy birthday, brah!) is prominently featured on the latest issue's cover in a classic Bieber pose: Shirtless, flexing his muscles and grabbing his crotch.

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Although there is no interview to accompany the cover, there should be plenty of dirt, as the magazine is promising contributing editor Claire Hoffman's investigation uncovers “events that would make the singer's core Beliebers lose their faith.”

The five “shocking revelations” from the story that the publication's website teases, however, are mostly things the internet has already seen and heard. Anonymous sources say the pop star's dad, Jeremy, is a bad influence, they hotboxed an entire private jet with weed smoke together, Bieber dropped $75,000 at a strip club in Miami before his DUI arrest in January, and three authority figures in his life — Usher, Scooter Braun and Mrs. Bieber — all tried, and failed, to convince him to behave during an intervention that they insist was more of “a conversation.”

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Oh, and Bieber cried once.

When the young singer broke down in tears after a 2010 concert, Braun reportedly said:  ”If you want the Michael Jackson career, you have to grasp that you are never going to be normal again.”

You also have to grasp your crotch a lot. But clearly, Bieber's got that covered:

Justin Bieber - Rolling Stone Inside

  • marco

    he really likes himself a lot. loves to be shirtless. he must think people want to see him shirtless. the tattoos look silly.

    • Gerrie

      Little jerk is as unsexy as a toad. He could be naked and it wouldn't make a bit of difference.

      • Tempe

        Next thing you know he will be in Playboy!

    • Jimmy Reagan

      Agreed, but then, I think ALL tattoos look silly and pointless.

  • Jim

    Justin Bieber Is a Shirtless, Crotch-Grabbing ‘Bad Boy’ on Rolling Stone Cover

    Hey Mama Bieber! Comment?

  • Ms. Pearl

    Woo Lawd. This young man makes Ms. Pearl moist.

    • moleculethecat

      Lawdie, Ms. Pearl…you got to control that pussy, gurl. I should know; my owner (who is actually MY pet) has been trying to control me since I been born. ME…OW.

      • Judy Blue-Eyes

        Me thinks JB wouldn't be such a messed up little piece of trash if perhaps everyone didn't cater to him! He needed his ass spanked long ago — and many times since. I'm talking a good old-fashioned front yard ass whipping. He'd straighten up.

  • Screw you

    World's littlest punk!

  • george

    If he is grabbing his crotch, he is just making sure his ‘THINGIE’ hasn't rotted off yet.


    how tall is this little twit….5'1” OH PLEASE. Bad enough he's obnoxious, where is this father that encourages this behavior…sure drinking and partying right along with him. Then daddy will sob when baby dies of a crash, overdose….

    • Jimmy Reagan

      Please don't say that..because millions of mindless teens will start turning him into their Elvis, and his music will become immortalized…ick.

  • Honey Fyre

    Gross! That is one vile lil boy.

  • Vicki Carbullido


    • gramma


  • cd

    Those little guys are always over compensating

  • Al

    He has the body of a 12 yo girl !

  • MobyJack

    Prediction JB will either be dead or lying in a gutter in 10 years.

    • people dont learn

      Agreed but, do you really think it will take THAT long? With the loving, caring guidance of his dad, I don't think it will take that long!

    • Jimmy Reagan

      With a real case of Bieber Fever.. Hopefully that gutter will be far, north near the artic circle.

    • A.

      Or in prison.

  • 123llbw

    The boy is obviously suffering from Short Guy syndrome.

  • Jimmy Fulton

    In my opinion, Justin Bieber is not attractive at all!!

  • Renee Sears

    maybe he has crabs

  • B_Buddha

    … whew, that's funny…

  • munchies

    Pull your pants up Biebs. Nobody wants to see it.

  • Chobani

    I'll never understand why guys do this sort of thing. o_O

  • MB

    He used to be cute when he was young and innocent and people appreciated and enjoyed his music and voice. Now people are just tired of hearing of his nonsense. His behavior is outrageous, and he better shape up soon or he will be totally out of the music scene. Him and Selena can just go off together and no one would care!

  • Michael Wall

    There's already way too many “tools” in this world..

  • Colleen Kennedy

    He is washed up.

  • HLain

    Why hasn't this idiot been deported? I wonder how much he's paying Obama and his pet idiot, Holder.

    • Faith Andrews Oneal

      Really!?! This shows how ignorant you are. First off, do you really think that President Obama would have to handle deportation? Secondly, why woulf you bash the President of The United States in the first place?

  • Itchy Dogballs

    What an Olympic caliber douche this moron is. Undoubtedly he is one of the most despised celebrities by everybody other than stupid young teen females. He might as well be one of the Kardashian skanks. I wish his green card was revoked and he'd go back to Canada. Usher and Degeneres so both be incredibly ashamed of themselves for giving this douche a career and not renouncing him when his ongoing behavior made their sponsorship of him look extremely foolish.

    • Itchy Dogballs

      I meant Usher and Degeneres “should” (not “so”) be incredibly ashamed of themselves. He is despised by most clear thinking Americans of all ages.

  • A.F. Campise

    . . . when you condone someones behavior……you encourage that behavior

  • nomar

    Rolling Stone has lost all credibility now. Wasn't there anything
    more important and worthy of the cover than that imbecile? The magazine has lost one more reader.

  • someone who don't really care

    He needs to go back to Canada and do his stupidity there and stop brainwashing all the young kid here in the usa

  • Greg

    What guys crotch is he grabbing?

  • greg098i7

    this guy is really stating to be as bothersome as a big pimple on your ass…he needs to be popped

  • Faith Andrews Oneal

    Honestly, I don't think that he's ugly, and after puberty, he didn't sound like a girl. If he hadn't thrown his life away, I think he could be successful. I used to be a belieber, but I'm not. Not after I saw what he has become. Maybe the average teenager goes through somewhat the same thing, to a little less extent. He needs to understand that his life is publicized, so he has to grow up, and get over himself.

  • who cares in las vegas

    I don't understand why people really care what is going on with this kid. He is a terrible singer and so full of himself. If everyone would just stop following what he is doing, maybe he would just go away quietly back to Canada,

  • Rico

    Sounds like a lot of hate coming from you white creatures. No one tells you idiots to go back to Europe. Your kids were brainwashed before this lil dude stepped into the spotlight. The media wants you to hate him cuz they needed a new target. Seems like everybody hates what they can't do or have.

  • Stephen Handley

    I forget he's Canadian. Kind of looks Latino…

  • http://www.smartheadshots.com headshots Los Angeles

    bieber, let me know if you need to borrow a shirt bro… Seems like you never seem to have one

  • Tempe

    Why don't these celebs understand that behavior like that is not cool or attractive and only makes them look bad?