Katie Couric Is ‘Dreaming Big’ With New Syndicated Talk Show

Departed “CBS Evening News” anchor tells ABC News that she wants a forum with “smart conversation” (that will dumb things down enough to be understood by the masses)

Katie Couric is setting some grand ambitions with her latest venture.

The former "CBS Evening News" anchor, who announced Monday that she'll be hosting a nationally syndicated talk show for ABC, revealed her plans for the program during an interview with ABC News.

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Couric's vision? She wants a forum for "smart conversation" — that will also simplify complex matters of the day for her audience.

"Smart conversation, those are the two words that I would like to aspire to, and also fun conversation," Couric noted during the Monday interview.

"We'll be running the gamut from everything from serious stories, like a new cancer drug, or what's going on with the deficit and trying to explain it so people can really understand it, to dealing with kids and technology and what is all this technology doing to our children's brains and ability to socialize, to bullying, to fun, popular culture stories." 

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Couric added, however, that "smart conversation" aside, the show will break topics down into easily digestible chunks for the folks at home.

"This will be one place where you can go to make sense of a very complicated world and figure out ways that you can feel elevated and also things that you can learn that will improve the quality of your life," she said.

"That's a tall order I realize," Couric concluded, "but we're dreaming big here."

Time will tell if Couric is able to fulfill her slightly contradictory dream — her as-yet-unnamed show is currently set to premiere sometime in September 2012.