Kim Kardashian Gets 1,000 Red Roses From Kanye West for Valentine's Day, Love Is Safe for a Day (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Gets 1,000 Red Roses From Kanye West for Valentine's Day, Love Is Safe for a Day (Photo)

Devotion is alive and well — at least for a week or two with proper care and watering

Who said romance is dead?

Kanye West surrounded fiancee Kim Kardashian‘s white couch with 1,000 red roses to celebrate Friday's Valentine's Day, and the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Instagrammed the photo evidence to prove it.

The roses appear to be several dozen long-stemmers to a vase, with candles surrounding the flora, dangerously close to drawn curtains.

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Kardashian, legs up, laying on the couch in the photo, appears to be either swooning by the gesture, doing crunches, or potentially being raised from the dead, given the hollow eyes that were not filtered out.

At the time of this writing, 650,000 Instagram users thumbed-up their approval in just 12 hours.

Here's the photo:

  • David

    Really, who cares?

  • mysterious

    I wonder what the Poor People are doing?

  • bara

    Couldn't the BSN do something better with his $$, like make a donation to the NAACP? The flowers will die, just like their ‘love’ and ‘fame'.

  • Discerning

    assume the position

    • Sandra Rosario

      I heard that Kaye West arrange everything ….and now someone for the Magazine is telling another story…

  • wanda faye rigdon

    Porn Star Material in the near future

  • Mariam

    I am not kidding, with her pose and the flowers it looks like a funeral.

    • Sandra Rosario

      True…..Egocentric Individual….I wish they went far away, because there are important things to care about! These news a very trashy :(

    • Sheneneh Jenkins

      if only…

  • Recovering Libtard

    The smelly twins. Smegma and Discharge. What a B-U-T-full pair……..of (m)orons.

  • Ginger Sarmento

    You are so right! If more people had been paying attention to what's really been going on over the last 30 years, most of it could have been avoided. Make Peace, not War. The reason Republicans love war is because the Top 1% make a fortune by investing in them and raking in obscene returns. Sadly, the Republicans who are not billionaires, but choose the “Party of No,” do not understand they are hurting all the other 99% as well as themselves …and especially our military boys.

    If people would just spend more time gathering the facts, rather than letting FOX News deliberately deceive and brainwash them for the owner, Rupert Murdoch's, sociopathic GREED. As long as big donors can continue to buy our politicians, corporations will continue to grab all that they can…at the consumers’ expense. The only solution is to insist on Public Campaign Funding–no private donors.

    Also, lying or twisting the truth, must not be tolerated from our media !!!!! News was once about reporting important matters that affect us around the world. Today, it's mostly about celebrities, sports, the weather, fashion, a local accident, petty crimes, and anything else that is NOT keeping the public informed so they can make the right decisions at Election Time.

  • Eva Behle

    wow is there anybody out there that can cast the first stone … I DIDNT THINK SO … its about time that everyone leave Kim and Kanye alone, and get on with your own lives. If he wants to buy her 1000 roses or 1 million roses so let it be. If Vogue wants to put them on the front cover of the magazine so let them, its about you all made your lives a little better and leave theirs alone.

    • novera1981

      help control the animal population by having kim and kanye spayed
      & nurtured this world ill needs the offspring of that couple

  • Nancy Maksud

    The more you complain about Kim and Kanye, the more you make them famous. Reading the the comments makes one want to See Vogue and this is good for the couple. There is nothing wrong with them being on the cover of vogue, actually they deserve this because of their popularity. Whether we like it on not they are a very popular couple. I just love them and their baby. Keep complaining and keep increasing their popularity. To Kim and Kanya just read the comments as though you are reading a series of comedy, dont worry. We love you. Nancy Maksud, Tanzania

  • Jeff

    legs in the air, really

    • kristine08

      legs in the air, like she just doesn't care!
      This is how she got famous to begin with.
      The thing that pisses me off the most, is this family, counting KANYE, does not give back to charity at all.
      All that money, you would think they would have orgasms over the tax deduction they could get.

  • Marie-Therese

    An airplane with over 200 souls is missing; the families are beyond devastated and frightened. This is a bunch of nonsense. But just why are they on the cover of a once prestigious magazine?

  • Evie

    I'm so sick of Kim Kardashian, the Kardashian's are not great examples of what I call decent families with decent and moral values. Really now……

  • does not matter

    I want 1000 roses :(