Kirstie Alley Blasts Leah Remini Over Scientology Criticism: She's a ‘Bigot’

Kirstie Alley Blasts Leah Remini Over Scientology Criticism: She's a 'Bigot'

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Also, Alley tells Howard Stern, people should get over Michael Richards’ N-word meltdown

Kirstie Alley lashed out at fellow actress Leah Remini during an interview with Howard Stern this week, calling Remini a “bigot” because of her comments about Scientology.

Alley, on hand to promote her new TV Land comedy “Kirstie,” took time out to lambaste Remini, who left the church earlier this year and criticized Scientology after closing the door behind her.

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Remini appeared on “Ellen” earlier this year and told host Ellen DeGeneres that she had lost friends after leaving Scientology.

“My mother got involved when we were very young, so it's all we really ever knew,” Remini said of her experience with the church. “But over time, my eyes opened and I could no longer be affiliated with the organization …  It's hard and we've lost friends.”

During her interview, Alley dismissed Remini's claim.

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“First of all, I just want to everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology,” the actress said. “It is not true that you cannot [depart the church] …. You're not shunned, you're not chased. All that stuff's bullshit.”

Oddly, while blasting Remini as a bigot, Alley came to the defense of her “Kirstie” co-star Michael Richards, who made headlines in 2006 with a Laugh Factory performance/meltdown during which he made liberal use of the N-word.

“That was so fucking long ago, right?” Alley told Stern, adding that people shouldn't hold a grudge against Richards because “he apologized and apologized.”

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Also oddly, Remini recently also joined the TV Land ranks, with a recurring role on “The Exes.”

Should make for interesting times at the network's Christmas party.

Listen to Alley's interview below.

  • JessicaMaeMucho


  • Brett Smith

    Kirstie Alley was funny on Cheers but that was 20 yrs ago. I liked her
    until I found out she was a Scientologist and not capable of thinking
    for herself. Her statements defending Scientology are about as credible
    as her statements that Travolta is straight – Hah! I like Leah Remini -
    absolutlely hilarious in King of Queens.

    • screwsci

      Kirstie is working hard to protect an institution that has soaked up a ton of her time and money. Too bad she has let them do the deep implant because it has left her vulnerable and laughable…Glad Leah was able to see her way out of the hole.

  • Scott550

    They did NOT invent wide screen TV's so kirstie alley's fat ass can fill it.

    • Brett Smith

      Yeah for that they'd have to invent widest screen possible.

      • Lifter1968

        Wow, personal attack insults. Very “mature”…

  • Jeff

    She needs to look up bigot in the dictionary, I don't think she knows the meaning of the word. Bigots are outsiders who hate a group of people because they are different from themselves. If someone was involved with a bat-shit crazy religion and left it, it doesn't mean they are a bigot…it means they came to their senses.

    • Lifter1968

      “Bigots are outsiders who hate a group of people because they are different from themselves.” So this would make you a bigot as well. Live and let live perhaps?

      • bytownhome

        So, any organisation that spreads hate, controls people through intimidation and fear, discriminates, shuns the friends and family of people who cannot be controlled and do think for themselves… should be off limits? no one should speak out against them. Live and let live? Can I get you a glass of kool-aid? it's genocide flavored!

        • Lifter1968

          Sounds like you are talking about the Catholic church. Are you? Are you sure you aren't? But be “bothered” by a church you don't belong to that isn't bothering you in any way. Judge away with NO PROOF. Think that will get you into Heaven one day? I seriously doubt it sweetie. Perhaps mind your own business and stop making up lies about an organization that you know nothing about except ‘rumors”. That isn't proof by the way. Apparently you didn't finish school.
          Why are you “women of the cult” so bothered by other opinions? Are they hurting you in some way? Do you think that this board is for YOUR opinion only? Where does it say this? Why can't you handle an opinion that doesn't agree with yours? Do you always have a girly meltdown when you don't get your way? Are you 12? You act like you are. You should worry more about the age you are acting like…Seek out a psychiatrist for this.

          • bytownhome

            I comment from experience, I know first hand what this group is all about.

          • Lifter1968

            Yeah, mind control. You are in a cult yourself and are too ignorant to realize it.

          • bytownhome

            “Wow, personal attack insults. Very “mature”…”
            Just so I know, what cult do I belong to?

          • Lifter1968

            “The Underground Bunker”. It even sounds like a cult. I guess you are that stupid.

          • bytownhome

            “Wow, personal attack insults. Very “mature”…”

            Nope, don't know that one. Care to enlighten me?
            Apparently I am ignorant and stupid so I am in need of your wisdom. Not to mention, an uneducated 12 year old female in need of psychiatric help.

          • Lifter1968

            Glad that you recognize your problems. Now go seek treatment. Stop bothering me with your commoner issues…

          • bytownhome

            It's been fun messing with a brainwashed CO$ minion but I am having more fun watching you make an ass of yourself over on Radar, see you there.

          • Lifter1968

            Wonderful. I'm glad to entertain you by thinning and speaking for myself. Are you jealous because you aren't able to think all by yourself? That's the true joke!

          • bytownhome

            “Wow, personal attack insults. Very “mature”…” sound familiar?

          • Lifter1968


  • Funnybroad

    What a bunch of brainwashed parrots!

  • Mell

    I guess Ms. Alley do not know that in many Countries her “religion” is not accepted because it discriminate against others and in the few countries where is accepted it is regard as a CULT, especially in EU.

  • scnethics

    Kirstie Alley knows full well that it is scientology policy to shun members who leave but fail to keep their traps shut. And she also knows that failure to shun can and will result in you yourself being shunned. Scientologists feel deception is OK, so long as it benefits scientology, so Kirstie has no problem attempting (and failing) to deceive the public about this issue. It's sad. If you are willing to give up your integrity for scientology, like Ms. Alley, I don't think there's any coming back from that. She'll probably be stuck in this trap forever.

  • SkipB

    Um, the fact that Kirstie Alley is blasting Leah Remini kind of proves Remini's point, doesn't it? Real religions don't go after their critics. Cults go after their critics.