Kylie Jenner Slammed Over ‘Bipolar’ Tweet

Kylie Jenner Slammed Over 'Bipolar' Tweet

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“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star catches heat after comparing changing hair color to mental illness

Kylie Jenner might want to think before she tweets next time. At least when it comes to making frivolous references to mental illness.

The 16-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star has come under fire after tweeting Wednesday that she's “bipolar,” in reference to a change in her hair color.

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“I miss my black hair I'm so bipolar :(” Jenner tweeted along with a photo of her newly dark tresses.

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The comment didn't sit well with a number of Twitter users.

“Kylie Jenner just tweeted ‘I miss my black hair I'm so Bipolar,” one tweeter complained. “No, you're not ‘so Bipolar,’ you're indecisive … and a moron.”

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“@KylieJenner that was 100% the dumbest and most ignorant use of the word bipolar,” another fumed.

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“kylie jenner with her “i'm bipolar” makes me sick,” another member of the Twitter community hissed.

Jenner has not yet responded to the backlash on her Twitter account and has not removed the tweet.
A spokesman for the National Alliance of Mental Illness called Jenner's tweet “inappropriate” and “insensitive,” but added that there might be a teachable moment to be salvaged from the flap.

“She's 16. It's an inappropriate, insensitive expression, but it reflects the need for greater education and understanding about mental illness among all teens. Particularly because most mental illness emerges by age 14,” NAMI spokesman Bob Carolla told TheWrap.

Suggesting that Jenner could learn from the organization's Bipolar Disorder Fact Sheet, Carolla further said that Jenner could help to inform others about the condition.

“When a celebrity unintentionally sticks a foot in their mouth or offends someone, it's best to apologize and  then show sincerity by trying to make amends,” Carolla told TheWrap. “She could make a contribution by learning from the criticism and devoting some effort now to help educate  peers. But she has to educate herself first.”

  • Jim

    What happens if she misses her red hair? Suspense?!

  • Jan

    She is extremely immature. Maybe not an excuse to the minds of many. But she isn't even a legitimate high school student — was allowed to be “home-schooled.” And boy, was she ever?!?! There are some tragic and cruel situations in many sick families, and granted the Kardashians aren't hungry or unsheltered. But brewing trainwrecks, no doubt Frankly, when I think of those public figures who are admittedly bipolar — the very courageous and hard-working Jane Pauley comes to mind — I simply pity the Kardashians, especially the younger ones, who are paid to stay dysfunctional.

  • sydney

    Funny – Seems anything that they say or do, there is no accounting for. She is the least attractive of her & her sister, and 1/2 sisters…I guess she'll be under the knife for ‘flaw corrections’ ~ her hair color should be the least of her worries….

  • grandmadove

    Show's just how stupid she is.

  • Kali

    It seems like this family can't catch a break. I feel like Kendall and Kylie get so much hatred simply because of Kim and Kris’ actions. Many teenagers misuse words like “bipolar”, “gay”, “retarded”, etc. It is not like she is being intentionally insensitive. And for the record, they are NOT Kardashians. Why do people call them that? She and her sister Kendall are both Jenners.

    • anon

      i wish everyone else knew that but these people are just as dumb.

  • Stophurting peoplefeeling

    What about when people say “YOU ARE SO CRAZY” stop it ! just stop it!. Is hatred a mental illness? because that is all that is happening with these horrible attacks on that child.Stop It!

  • Poolala

    How much lower can the members of this clan sink?

  • Kimbie

    I have bipolar and I could not care less what this teenage twit has posted. My dog barking means more to me than her meaningless ramblings. SNORE…

  • Jonathan Godinez

    why do we even care..holy shit. We say things like “break a leg” and “easy as pie” but we are going to get mad over some teenagers use of the word bipolar…?