Lady Gaga's ‘ARTPOP’ Flop Down 75% From ‘Born This Way’ First Week Sales (Updated)

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Flop Down 75% From 'Born This Way' First Week Sales (Updated)

The underwhelming album sales won't touch her previous effort's 1.1 million — Amazon promo or not

Lady Gaga's new album “ARTPOP” has had plenty of promotion behind it, but sales are expected to fall well short of her previous offering, “Born This Way.”

First-week sales of roughly 260,000 copies are projected for the pop diva's new release, according to Billboard. That would be a more-than 75 percent drop-off from her prior album, which bowed with 1.1 million units moved.

That impressive prior number was undoubtedly bolstered by an promotion that sold “Born This Way” for 99 cents during two days of its initial week. Billboard estimates that the MP3 marketing play accounted for 440,000 of the platinum-plus open. So crunching numbers, that means “ARTPOP” is still only paced to sell 40 percent of the Week 1 copies that “Born This Way” did at full cost.

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That flop may not just end with bad press.

The underwhelming sales may lose Interscope Records $25 million in promo campaign costs, according to a story published at on Saturday. The soft sales for Gaga's latest, coupled with the massive promo spend, could cause layoffs of Interscope employees, most likely around Christmas, according to the report.

Dennis Dennehy, a spokesman for Interscope records, told TheWrap that both allegations of the spending and layoffs are “ridiculous and untrue.”

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“ARTPOP” is still expected to debut at No. 1, unseating Eminem‘s “Marshall Mathers LP II” — which by comparison sold 792,000 albums in its debut. That mark was good enough to place “MMLP2” second in 2013 openings, behind Justin Timberlake and above Drake. Miley Cyrus‘ “Bangerz” launched with first-week sales of 270,000 last month. Two weeks later, Katy Perry‘s “Prism” debuted with 286,000 first-week sales. But neither of those are considered breakout hits.

The singer's new album may get a boost from her guest hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live,” but her last tour failed to sell out, reviews of “ARTPOP” have been mixed and its first single, ‘Applause,” peaked at No. 5 on the charts.

Interscope Records, based in Santa Monica, Calif., was founded by Jimmy Iovine in 1989 and is a part of the Universal Music Group. The label is home to more more than 100 artists, including Eminem, the Rolling Stones and Madonna.

  • Violet

    First, you need to stop getting your stories from the Examiner. Second, Interscope has Eminem coming off some big sales, they will be JUST fine. The Wrap and Examiner are really something else.

    • musiclover55

      Also the wrap, look at the examiner author's past Gaga articles:

      Obviously this woman (who MANY have proven uses a fake profile picture) has some kind of personal vendetta against Gaga. Her “articles” (well, excuses for journalism) are either distorted truths or just plain false, which many in the comments also prove.

      I'd wait for an official story from someone more reputable than the examiner, like E! online or huffington post, who confirm that they spoke to someone who actually works at Interscope.

  • AJ Ram

    Stop using FAKE articles from the Examiner, written by troll accounts. So un-credible, i'm unsubscribing from this site now.

    • Lady Gagarbage


  • Madonna Aids

    Lady Gaga is better than Madonna, who has AIDS and all her old fans are HIV positive.

    • Mr. Mr.

      Clearly the message behind the Born This Way Foundation is really working.

      • Brian

        You are replying to a Troll. They like to pretend to be Gaga fans, post bullshit and watch the shit fly. I wish people would stop feeding this nonsense. No Gaga fan, at this point, is gonna post this crap…it's old.

    • Career Over

      You are so right. Madonga is a mess smh

      • Mexican Little Knee-pad

        Puta stop copying me

        • Career Over

          I'm doing it better <3

          • Mexican Little Knee-pad

            I'm the kneew mexian little monster <3

    • Yawnpop

      RIP Monsters

      • scottmemphis

        LOL so this graphic shows that actual people who listen to the music and not reviewers give the album a 7.0… better than the 6.4 madonna listeners give her last album.
        I am guessing that 7/10 isn't so bad for a user reviewed album either.

        • Jacob Filyaw

          Just ignore the fact that Metacritic is the worst place to read user reviews. People create accounts just so they can post bad reviews for things they don't like. I quit going there a long time ago, There are better places to go for user reviews!

    • Erick Franco

      Go back to brave bus. or even better go suck gaga's dick..

    • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

      I'm sure Gaga's proud to have you on her side, standing for everything she believes in the way you do.

  • bbmtn

    Lady CaCa is O-V-E-R and her little scabies are pressed!

  • verguitas


  • Career Over

    First of all, that 25 million you speak of is receipt-less. So you're posting a story about something you can't even substantiate. Second of all, Applause peaked at #4. Third, you're ugly.

    The ARTTOP era literally just started 7 days ago lmao. Calm your little madonna fan tits it's not flopping. Even IF Gaga got Interscope to spend 25 million on her promo (they didn't) that money is spent in the long run, not for an immediate return in 7 days you dolt. Who hired you to write here? If the world needed journalists like you I'd just go have a little squat and shit one out.


    • Twilight Sux

      LMAO best comment I've ever read

    • J. Drummond

      >If the world needed journalists like you I'd just go have a little squat and shit one out

      You are an artist.

  • stefystef

    Actually, let's really look at these numbers. These girls are more hype than actual substance. But GaGa still did better than Perry and Cyrus. Also, as a reminder to the writer of this article (who has short term memory), “Born This Way” was sold for $1 on Amazon when it was released which explained the high sales. When it went regular price, sales slowed down.

    GaGa has a habit of building sales. Also, with all the bootleg webistes out there, many people downloaded it for free, which doesn't register in sales.

    I am not a GaGa fan, but don't beat the girl up. She does work very hard.

    • Stephan Klose

      nice comment.. but what about the pirate sites you mention? That's true for every movie, TV Show or album

      • stefystef

        That is true. I watch most of the shows on internet (Homeland, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc) and that is the same for music. I don't buy albums (unless the classics), just songs, which I convert from official videos on YouTube. It is the way things are now. So don't believe the low numbers. They are not counting all the downloads.

        • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

          She and every other artist will thank you when they are released from their contracts, because the sales determine the label's continued support.

          • stefystef

            Make better music and maybe I'll go buy it.
            Today's music has NO appeal to me whatsoever. It just a lot of audio-tuned, manufactures pop music that has no substance or staying power.

            If these artists want better sales, make better music.

        • Guest

          “it's the way things are done now.” Not really. Some of us work and shell out cash for CDs.Stefystef needs to get a jobbyjob so she can buy her music.

        • Erik Lee

          “It's the way things are done now.” Not really. I don't expect teens with entitlement issues to understand. Some of us work and
          shell out cash for CDs.Stefystef needs to get a jobbyjob so she can buy
          her music.

          • stefystef

            I have a jobbyjob, been here for 20+ years. I don't waste my money and I only buy CDs of artists I enjoy listening to for years. I don't find Lady GaGa worth the money.

        • eSther Sony

          Very true,,,no one buys a CD anymore except for few ppl. Or maybe the Japanese fans.

          • stefystef

            It depends on the audience and the type of music. I find that country music still does very well because the audience still buys CDs. Oldies and compilation from other times (50s, 60s, 70s) still sell many CDs. I still buy CDs and many older listeners do too.

  • Ted Lopez

    I don't care if Interscope denies this or not, but I know, for a FACT, that people involved with the marketing of ARTPOP are being fired. The album is a disaster, no matter how much Mother Monster tries to deny it.

    • Ashley Wilson

      Its true. Anyone with any knowledge of the business world would know that any marketing crew who failed their position and put the company in a huge loss will be fired.

      • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

        Still it seems wrong they should lose their jobs, when you can listen to the album on YouTube and other sites first and then make the decision not to buy it because it's just not that good. It's not marketing's fault she made a bad album.

        • Ashley Wilson

          The Business world is often not fair unfortunately. I agree with you however

      • michaelbarrett92

        Anyone with any knowledge of the business world would know that it's ludicrous to believe that a record company would spend $25mill to promote an album. Read teds comment history, he is just another anti Gaga troll and this figure was made up by an anti Gaga troll.

        Examiner isn't a credible news site.

    • eSther Sony

      Its not a disaster, rather people are making a mess of it., I have heard the album and its fantastic. I guess ppl no longer wanna listen what the album has to offer but to keep comparing and trashing the artists as they are garbage. Bad sales are common to any artist. Even Madonna have had bad sales for Erotica though it is the best Madonna album. And GaGa wont be forgotten, she is very talented, you can see that in every song on Artpop.

    • michaelbarrett92

      Yes yes ofc and the fact that you hate Lady gaga has no baring on what you consider fact and fiction when it comes to Lady Gaga. ofc ;)

      I guess your several or was it two? Interscope ex employee friends could always go to the press if Interscope tried to deny it.

      Ooh or maybe Gaga will have them taken out with her hired good squad and cover the whole thing up…

      Gaga already denied this figure in one of her fan forums apparently so it's your word against hers atm

  • Artflushed…

    RIP Artpop !!!

    • Stephan Klose

      that photo is clearly not stages. 4 CD's on top of what looks like Teddy Bears

    • Truth Tea


      • cheers4gaga

        i agree that the lady gaga criticism is contrived. gaga is a gifted young lady. artpop is bonkers…but its also brilliant. it's way way different from the prior albums. Prince, gifted artist that he is, said, “sure, i could have put the end guitar coda from let's go crazy at the beginning of a new song…” in response to another Purple Rain. However, like Prince, GaGa is NOT going to repeat herself. Thank God. She needs to grow….growth takes change. and it takes chances. GaGa knows this and will prove it in years to come

  •!/TV_In_The_Shade James “One” Shade

    This is our chance, gentlemen. Pop is dying. If we play our cards right, we could get uncompromising brutality and overall technical excellence of Death Metal to finally become popular with the masses.

    • Jay_bob

      Ew noo

      •!/TV_In_The_Shade James “One” Shade

        Screw you too. Death metal is the only legitimate form of music left. Whatever you listen to is pointless and stale, designed to keep you in a state of eternal repression.

        • Johnny West

          LOL, James, that stuff yur writing is hilarious, keep it going! hahahahahaha!!!!

          •!/TV_In_The_Shade James “One” Shade

            Fine, keep being a slave to the government. When we march over your withered husk on our way to seizing power in the name of the true intellegentsia of this nation, you'll be wishing you had sided with us and petitioned for the widespread acceptance of Death Metal.

          • Johnny West

            It almost sounds like you're serious about this death metal world domination stuff. Bet you're good at goose-stepping.

            C'mon, dude, pick a better kind of music than that to rule the world with. I get a headache from that crap, it's way too repetitive, all those power chords and the singing, my god, the singing is so bad…. it's like somebody had a tonsillectomy with chainsaw, rinsed with acid and gargled with nails.

            Tell you what, let's rule the world together with Swedish clogging tunes. That way, everyone wins!

          •!/TV_In_The_Shade James “One” Shade

            You are clearly physiologically inferior. The steps that must be taken to secure the intelligence and freedom of future generations unfortunately means that you and all like you will be unable to procreate.

          • Johnny West

            I'm pretty sure I'm already shooting blanks at this point anyway, so that's a non-issue. But I gotta say, you do have some writing skills, but yur still a bit random on the train of thought. Ah, what the heck, I'll go and buy some death metal and see what happens. I want to make sure it's crap before I diss it too badly. OK, so which is better, US or Swedish death metal? Recommend anyone in particular? Or do they all suck equally, so it doesn't really matter what I buy? At 99 cents on Amazon, I can't go wrong, so just throw some name out there and I'll ante up.

    • je

      said no one ever….

      •!/TV_In_The_Shade James “One” Shade

        Screw you.

  • Steven

    Is this article for real? You picked up an article from the Examiner, which is known to bash Lady Gaga and make erroneous claims about her, and post this to The Wrap? Todd Cunningham, I know you're just an entertainment writer, but at least take your job seriously.

    Click on that Examiner article, and it's gone. That's probably because none of that was true to begin with. Also, I can't believe you would feed into this idea that the marketing of the album cost $25 million, and that Interscope employees are being laid off because of this. That's completely laughable.

    250,000 in sales is perfectly fine, and ‘Applause’ making it to Billboard's Top 10 is enough, and this time ARTPOP isn't being sold by Amazon for 99 cents.

    See what I did there? I used common sense to write a thoughtful post. You should do the same, Mr. Cunnigham. This is a ‘news’ site, right? Or is it a blog? I can't tell anymore.

  • Erick Franco

    Yessss. pretentious bitch is hitting rock bottom. she is a truly has been. flopping hard in the USA. not even the 5.99 price is helping. ATTENTION MONSTERS ” go post on craigslist and give H job,b jobs to everyone that buys ARTSCAM to help mother monster!!!

    • je

      You're beyond hideous.

      • Erik Lee

        Lady Gag appreciates your attention very much. She's bring butter cookies to your house, right this very hour. You two can sit and discuss how wonderful she is.

  • loco73

    When Gaga burst onto the world stage a few years ago, she was the IT girl, and could do now wrong, and everyone, including you, couldn't stop praising her, wanted to be near her and bask in her fame and success. So this album hasn't sold what her previous albums sold in the past…wow, shocker, as if this hasn't happened to ANY artist in the past…For fuck's sake, Michael Jackson himself was never able to repeat the success that “Thriller” brought him. Even though “Bad” and “Black & White” sold millions and milllions of copies, they never came close to “Thriler”. I would have been suprised if Gaga had been able to go against the grain and break that expected curse. Most artists experience this, but now she is being blamed for layoffs?!?!? She is being discussed in terms of “no one cares about her anymore”…the same people who were singing her praises and building her up, are the same ones who now call her a failure and a has-been, tearing her down, never once seeing the hypocrisy and imbecility in that!
    Her quality as an artist, her creativity and vision have not diminished, but this world is full of fucktards, and in a society that is constantly obsessed with the latest trend, with what's new and shinny, i.e. image over substansce, and where most people have the attention span of a gnat, is it suprising that she is “yesterday's news”? What do you think will happen to Miley Cyrus, poor girl will discover what a short-life span her beggoten fame will have, and hopefully she'll also rely on whatever creative talents she has…so as not to go under, when this and other websites will start treating her like yeserday's trash. At least Gaga is more grown-up and mature and understands the game better, but Cyrus is still young, and no matter the brave face she's putting on, you can see that failure is quite terrifying for her, especially when you invest soo much of yourself in an enterprise of this kind!
    The days when artists could really enjoy a long-term relationshiop with their fans and count on their continued support and loyalty have long since gone…replaced by all the brain-dead pseudo experts who inhabit Twitter, the world's biggest repository of human stupidity, and Facebook, a paradise for all the vain, empty and self-important nitwits and twats…who now with a few keystrokes can determine if someone is cool enough to be considered the IT person of the moment…
    Small wonder then to see such an idiotic allegation being levelled againts an artist, as if Gaga is directly and single-handedly responsible for the potentlat and actual job losses over at Interscope Records…
    If people pulled their heads out their own arses, even ocassionaly, and actually thought about what they say and do, this world would be a helluva lot better!

    • Lewis Johnston

      Song for song, Bad is better than Thriller. Thriller has he biggest hitters, bad has more.

      • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

        But does that matter? The numbers are what they are. Your opinion is your to have, but it makes no difference.

    • Ashley Wilson

      Lady Gaga did not have the same success as Thriller. I dislike MJ thoroughly for personal reasons, but I will admit that his success grew as time went on, and his legacy was slowly rising along the way, (similar case with Madonna). Gaga on the other hand is slowly being forgotten as a disposable pop singer.

    • jovan_comeaux

      Let's also not forget that Gaga makes music to fit the main stream, her strongest suit is the caustic versions of her songs- her true heinous lies within her live performances. Gaga had one of the top ten iq's of her school for a reason ;) Nice comment by the way- it very spirited ^_^

  • Stephan Klose

    Wow, the album does really bad. IT's #34 on , #47 on but i seems to do well in the US where it's #3 on the Music Charts at

  • Twilight Sux



    well all we can say is they tried right lol

  • Ted Lopez

    I know 2 people who have lost their jobs at Interscope because of this album flop. Gaga is gaggag.

    • je

      riiiight,, Gaga totally made them lose their job. Perhaps they are as hideous as you and can't hold down a job.

    • michaelbarrett92

      Is it two or several? You said several in your other comment and who are they?

  • JoanneAngelina

    Lol, anyone who would believe anything The Examiner says( especially when pertaining to Gaga) is an utter and complete fool because they have posting bs and complete lies about her for years now and their blatant bias could be seen from a mile away. Having just read their article I had restrain my self from bursting into laughter several times. This “reporting” was so laughable that it made Perez Hilton look like a credible journalist .
    Thank you for giving me a good laugh though, it's been awhile since I had one.Lmfao.

  • sequoiaqueneaux

    ARTPOP will be the #1 album this week. Is that a “flop?” No.

  • scottmemphis

    So by this standard, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have all lost money on their albums since all three are debuting to the same sales and have all three had the same international promotion with travel and performances. The article is a bit disingenuous to only point out Lady Gaga's miss. No one has stopped talking about Miley's twerking yet her sales are the same as the other two.
    Queue the supporting tours with merch sales where any artist makes their actual money these days. A sincere article would have pointed this out.

  • QUEEN_Perry #TributeToTheQueen

    LMFAO. What a mess

  • meagan

    Gaga is old news.

    • je

      Yet here you are going out of your way to comment on an obscure terribly written article about her.

      • meagan

        this is article was retweeted on my timeline. Besides The Wrap is hardly an obscure news source.

  • je

    Only in today's world of faux journalism could an album go #1 and still be considered a flop. You trolls are beyond thirsty.

    • Tim

      I have noticed the articles on this site are particularly “trollish.” I wonder if that is their mission statement.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    She's been losing steam for awhile, I don't think it's a surprise to anyone, even those at the label. But this is a world-wide star and she's doing good, just not how she used to do.

  • emeraldcitywiz

    Horrifically shoddy reporting. Sourcing the fucking Examiner, of all places? Yikes. Failing to mention that albums as a product have changed drastically and no longer work since ‘Born This Way’ was released? Calling ARTPOP a “flop” despite outselling peers and likely taking the No. 1 spot away from Eminem (though Billboard hasn't released the actual numbers yet)? Because of this excuse for “journalism” from Todd Cunningham, I will never visit this website again or take it seriously if referenced elsewhere.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Sourcing the Examiner, an anti-gay teabagger rag? SERIOUSLY?

  • synnerman

    You mean the tour that stopped because she was injured? The tour with controlled ticket prices so her fans could attend?

  • Erik Lee

    What little I've heard of her music seems to indicate highly disposable crap. The freakish persona wasn't enough to sustain her homely face and weak tunes. I hope she saved her money.

  • Johnny West

    Ga-going, ga-going, ga-Gone.

  • Steven

    Why are my comments being deleted?

    Todd Cunningham, if you have any integrity, you will actually delete this article. You quoted the Examiner and linked it to an article that got DELETED and then the Examiner changed their story, and you update yours? Truly pathetic.

    ARTPOP is much different than BTW, and it's not being offered at 99 cents. Please use common sense when writing an article, and stop using sensational headlines to get people to click and write stupid things.

    You went back and edited the article about the layoffs – which indeed ARE ridiculous claims. If you had ANY integrity, you would actually write a thoughtful article.


  • Jeff

    Didn't Stephanie say how this was going to be the album of the decade? It's amazing to see how fast she has fallen. Those albums are solid but not when you've been hailed as the next Madonna. At the same point in Madonna's career she hadn't even peaked yet. True Blue was her 3rd album and she spent the next few years becoming bigger and bigger and giving us amazing classics such as Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Vogue. Lady Gaga has run out of steam, the gimmicks are ridiculous and desperate. No one can the sales are disappointing. They just are. Let's not fool ourselves about her “hip injury” her tour was canceled because it wasn't sold out in the US. Little monsters get over it.

  • Queen – Sun Ra God

    Stefani Germanotta, the actress playing the Gaga character created by Rob Fusari originally for Lina Morgana, and marketed by Troy Carter is quite simply… fading.

  • David J.

    I wouldn't necessarily consider ARTPOP a flop! Many pop albums this year have been receiving much lower record sales from previous years – most receiving between 200,000 and 300,000 record sales within the first week. I think she'll be fine.

  • incluso

    Todd, here'sa tip: don't quote the Examiner when it comes to stories related to Lady Gaga. Not only they flat out fabricate stuff against her, that “reporter” Sarah writes ONLY negative stuff about Gaga. Nothing else. The 25M claim is false, she has no sources, and quoting it just makes you look bad. Check for yourself, I'm not making it up. If anything, write a story about it.

  • HarryObrian

    Well, with Wall Street and the government saying the economy is roaring it appears even Gaga fans can only be entertained and distracted by a car wreck like Gaga for so long….