Dailies | Lady Gaga Poses Nude for ARTPOP Cover (Photo)

Lady Gaga Poses Nude for ARTPOP Cover (Photo)

Or at least, she posed nude for the sculpture for the cover

Lady Gaga revealed her upcoming album art — and everything else — on Twitter.

The pop singer has been posing nude quite a bit in early promotional for her new album, ARTPOP — and the cover art is no exception. Well, maybe one slight exception — this time, the nude Gaga is actually a sculpture.

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The sculpture by Jeff Koons will be exhibited Nov.10 at the artRAVE ARTPOP album release party, Gaga posted Monday on Twitter.

The album itself, accompanied by an app, will be for sale the following day. Here's the tweet and photo.


  • Raquel Rodriguez

    What a shame! this woman is truly pretty, has a very nice voice and then she insists on being a clown!Why can't she be herself and be a normal person? well I guess she , like Miley Cirus, Britney Spears and the other idiot Lindsey Lohan rather act stupid than use their God given talent the way it was meant to be!

    • The ‘Bikerdude’

      Yeah…….she veerrrry pretty,gorgeous,actually..very talent'd…and ain't stoopid,neither,LOL…….she knows what she's do'n,Hahahahahaha…..

    • TheLongestHalloween

      that is not actually her naked, that is a statue Jeff Koons made of her, this article is wrong.

    • Val

      She's making money and she's got no time to waste on commenting in the Net.

  • Bernard Aguilar

    Like did Hanna Montana really have to go and get a tattoo now my niece thinks tattoos are cool. She says I'm gonna get one like Hanna Montana.

  • Michael Kepraios

    What Talent/ They would never act the way they do if they had talent!

    • David Crandall

      You have obviously never seen one of her performances or you just jealous.

    • Val

      Who said so? You? And who are you?

  • Sambo

    Looks like a two-bit whore to me!

    • coolstang

      REALLY? She would have to pay ME to tap that.

      • David Crandall

        Lady G is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Val

      That's what whores say: they compare themselves to other whores…

  • rick

    how needy to always crave attention from people. it has nothing to do with music.

    • val

      You obviously get less attention that you believe you deserve…

  • Reta Lane

    I don't know who is sicker, this woman or Miley. They both don't have much talent and they are both freaks.

    • Val

      Do YOU have talent?

      • rick

        and who are you, the pres. of her fan club?