Dailies | Lady Gaga Gets Puked on in the Name of Art at SXSW (Video)

Lady Gaga Gets Puked on in the Name of Art at SXSW (Video)

The “ARTPOP” singer was vomited on during a charity concert event in Austin

Everything is grosser in Texas.

Lady Gaga was vomited on — a lot, and on purpose — in the name of art during her Doritos-sponsored South by Southwest charity concert on Thursday.

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The “ARTPOP” artist  was performing Thursday on the snack chip's #BoldStage to benefit her Born This Way Foundation. She was joined by “vomit painter” Millie Brown, who lent the singer a hand — and plenty of bile — during her performance of “Swine.”

First, Brown drank a large container of neon green liquid as Gaga belted out the tune and smashed around on the drums. Finally, it was time for Brown's big moment: the tall, attractive brunette induced vomiting, all over Gaga's chest — again and again. The funky color came out the same shade it went in.

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Towards the end of the tune, the duo climbed aboard a mechanical bull, where Gaga straddled Brown for a bit before it was time to do some more painting. This time, a more muted black liquid was chosen.

Cue more vomit; Doritos must have been thrilled to be associated with so much puking.

Watch the clip:

  • Eduardo

    It's called decadence. It is the decay of a rotten society manifested in – and expressed through – its popular culture. This is a natural progression of a society's collapse. Think I am a prude and overreacting? Wait………………………just wait.