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Leah Remini Signs on for TV Land's ‘The Exes’

Leah Remini Signs on for TV Land's 'The Exes'

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Remini will play the recently single sister of Stuart

Leah Remini is hooking up with TV Land for “The Exes.”

The “King of Queens” and “The Talk” veteran, who recently competed on ABC's “Dancing With the Stars,” has signed on as a recurring cast member on the comedy.

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Remini will play Nicki, the sister of David Alan Basche's Stuart character. Described as “a tough-talking, no-nonsense, stylish and sexy woman from Staten Island whose 17-year marriage ends when she finds out her policeman husband had an affair.” Nicki retreats to Manhattan to seek Stuart's comfort, only to find out that he's living with roommates Phil (Donald Faison) and Haskell (“Seinfeld” alum Wayne Knight), as well as living next door to his divorce attorney.

Unable and unwilling to keep her opinions to herself, Nicki turns all their lives upside down as she tries to put her life back together and make a new future for herself in Manhattan.

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“The Exes,” which revolves around divorced dudes Phil, Haskell and Stuart, returns with new episodes Dec. 11.

  • SandiCorrena


  • Eclipse-girl


  • ThetaBara

    Go, Leah, go! This is great news and sounds like a perfect part for you!

  • wumgum

    Leah + Comedy = wereztfvsafd.. FUCK YEAH!

  • http://joewatchestv.blogspot.com/ @JoeWatchesTV

    Great fit for the show. Excellent move.

  • sal

    I cant stand the smug actress .Surly and smug, I will miss her show

    • Lifter1968

      The show worked the way it was. How is she going to make it better? Will she make it better? Will she kill this show?

      • JackHarrison

        Remini is so domineering I don't know if I can get used to her.

      • kimmyk56

        She is already ruining the show for me!

  • Judy

    As far as I can see she will kill the show. Don't we have enough filth on TV. TV land is suppose to be family viewing. When she uses the (SOB) words that is not family. I liked her on king of queens but I will not be watching the exes.

    • kimmyk56

      I love the Exes.. I just want her to go away before she destroys it!!

  • qteepii

    Leanne Remini is a bad actress. Don't like her in King of Queens & now she is in the Exes… Bossy attitude is not funny in real life definitely not on TV. She is not even pretty in fact she is fat & overweight.

  • skye

    I like Leah remini, but hate her character on the show. Since she joined, it has become the Nikki show and we have hardly seen holly. The show has neglected the other characters. Definitely Not a good start!

    • rocky

      I agree with Skye. Liked the show the way it was. No need for changes. They didh't need a mother figure. It was a funny show but is becoming less and less of a comedy.

  • kimmyk56

    I have admittedly never liked any of her shows, but I LOVE the EXES and wanted to give her a chance. She is terrible…. She is completely changing the dynamic of a show that did not need change! Please go away!

  • Nancy W

    I am a huge fan of the Exes, usually. I have seen every episode until this season. I have not watched since Leah Remini has been part of the cast. I have seen Wayne Knight on Broadway in Gemini back in the 1970s and he was so great. And who doesn't love him from Seinfeld and his voice over work from Toy Story? I was so excited to see him again in The Exes when it first was broadcast. Kristen Johnston is another wonderful character actress whom I love from Third Rock From the Sun. The other cast of The Exes are fantastic snd make up a truly  hilarious cast. The writing is funny and witty. so I don't understand why you chose to bring Leah Remini to the table. Her personality is quite abrasive and when I see her on screen, I turn off the channel, no matter how much I love the show. I hope I can watch my fav show again soon. Nancy W.

    • Peggy31

      She said she was asked to do a few episodes because Kristen is sick. Doesn't seem as if its permanent.

  • Dictracy

    This show was stupid, mundane, not funny and just a plain horrible waste of time and film before the addition of remini, thanks to her for finally bringing some funny