Leonardo DiCaprio Slammed by PETA Over ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Monkey Business

Leonardo DiCaprio Slammed by PETA Over 'Wolf of Wall Street' Monkey Business

Animal-rights group says Leo “should know better” than to work with ape actors

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals isn't monkeying around with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The animal rights organization is taking aim at the actor with a new ad campaign slamming him for appearing in a scene with a chimpanzee in his upcoming film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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PETA's campaign includes a graphic video detailing the lives of ape “actors,” as well as an online petition urging DiCaprio to never work with great apes again.

According to the organization, during the film DiCaprio drags a chimpanzee named Chance through a bustling office party. PETA claims that the chimp was provided by a member of the Rosaire family, which “is notorious for operating a traveling circus that forces chimpanzees to perform cruel and unnatural acts.”

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“Someone as committed to environmental concerns as Leonardo DiCaprio should know better than to support the well-documented cruelty involved in using great apes for entertainment,” PETA primatologist Julia Gallucci said. “PETA hopes the next time Leo receives a script with an ape ‘actor’ in it, he'll remember that these sensitive animals are stolen from their mothers at birth and subjected to physical abuse — and he'll demand a rewrite.”

So far, PETA has taken no issue with the fact that wolves are being defamed by the film by associating them with the stock market.

  • Lisa Clark-kahn

    Im so shocked leo is so naive and shows such apathy when it comes to the plight of wild animals in the nasty entertainment industry.For someone who is concerned and has shown his soul when it comes to conservation and tigers in the wild.Im stunned that he shows no feeling or anger or concern for the tigers,chimps etc that are used as props in movies.I mean if you care about tigers in the wild how do you not care about the ones circling in cages with a whip in front of them.Or the chimps hauled around to be dressed yanked from their mothers.Its really shocking and amazing how when it comes down to such a serious cruel topic all of the sudden leo becomes mute.Amazing the connection of respect for others beings in general isent made for leo.

    • Steve Becker

      Jeez S T F U.You disgust me .You are nothing but a city born,entitled,pampered,self rightous creep.You do nothing for your fellow humans but support radical and extremist animal rights idealogy and terrorism.Ever been outside a city park you radical animal rights wackjob? Do you even know how the real world works? Sit there at your keyboard and your little urban “bubble” shoving your radical animal rights stupidty down everyones throats.Probably a whimp who can't fight her way out of a wet paper sack.Grow up and quit posting PETA fueled stupidty.People are sick of it.GOT IT? GET IT? GOOD!

  • David Cr

    I think that this is an attempt to latch on to a film's popularity for the purpose of drawing attention to the plight of chimpanzees in general. It may do more harm than good, since this is pretty much a case of crying wolf.

    If this was about some sort of mishandling on set or mistreatment, then there would be cause for concern, but there is no reason to expect that doing something creative like acting in a film would be detrimental to an intelligent animal. Other species do fine with it (dogs, cats, bears etc.)

    There are plenty of chimps taken as pets that end up chained to a pole or caged up their whole lives to worry about. There are plenty of issues with habitat being encroached upon and the need for reserves for these animals to live on where the effect of humans on their lives (and vice versa) can be minimized if they are to exist in the future.

    We do not need to cherry pick individual “cases” and blow them out of proportion.

    • Molly

      David, you clearly haven't done your research. PETA works to help chimpanzees in all areas, and they sent pleas to the filmmakers of Wolf of Wall Street long before anyone knew this movie was going to be successful. And the company who supplied Chance has been charged with several violations of the Animal Welfare Act and are known to abuse their chimpanzees – Chance has a very sad history, so it doesn't matter if he was abused on set or not – it's the fact that the filmmakers are supporting a company that abuses their animals, which keeps them in business, and keeps them abusing animals.

      • jamie

        Come on, scorsce and DiCaprio. No matter how successful it was going to be it was always gonna be a big deal!! They're just trying to garner attention for themselves.

      • Steve Becker


      • Gregory Rudd

        Show me proof

        • Gregory Rudd

          Possibly a past family member?…..Kay and her family run a rescue shelter….ck it out

      • Gregory Rudd

        Check your facts

  • FreeMaxB

    I'd pay good money to see a monkey do tricks.

    • suzannecarlson

      Pay good money for schooling or a book. Chimpanzees are not monkeys, they are great apes.

      • FreeMaxB

        Thanks Suzanne Carlson for pointing out my mistake! I really appreciate it! :+) I guess what I meant to say is I'd pay good money to see a great ape do tricks. Anyways thanks again for pointing out my little mistake, blessings to you and yours.

  • suzannecarlson

    Given the vast array of technology available today, using chimpanzees
    in movies as “actors” is shameful and offensive Even the most disinterested
    know that science has proven beyond a doubt that chimpanzees have complex
    social and emotional lives and exceedingly high intelligence.

    Animals do not belong on the set.

    • Claus Verbel

      Humans belong to the kingdom Animalia, classifying them as animals. Thus, animals are the only things that belong on the set. If chimps do have high intelligence, then according to PETA's logic, why can't a chimpanzee hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio?

    • Steve Becker

      Ah nutjob alert.Shut up freak!

  • pcuvie

    Leonardo, who fancies himself an environmentalist, (although he stills eats meat), should know better than to use a chimpanzee in movie. It is well documented that chimps are taken from their mothers early on, (and this chimp looks young), and beaten to get them to perform. Surely Leonardo has heard of Jane Goodall. There's no way a chimpanzee was essential to the movie's storyline. Disgraceful. Leonardo was one of the few actors I would go see a movie because he was in it. Not anymore.

    • Gregory Rudd

      Grow up….ck your facts….get a life….volunteer at a homeless or veterans center

  • Haroon

    I'm confused…Is PETA the guys that picket funerals, or are they the vegan tree huggers

    • Steve Becker

      More like radical animal rights retards.

  • jamie

    There's not even any proof that these animals were treated wrongly at all…

    • Anim Argumen

      Try reading the article. They already indicated the exploitation and abuse-the chimps are taken away from their parents to work in film. That's the abuse. They never use adult chimps in movies because an adult chimp can easily kill a human. They wont take the BS that humans give them. So they use very young chimps. DiCaprio is especially a worthy target given his claim to be an environmentalist. Pathetic. The Hollywood Reporter ran an article on the American Humane Association–its a useless watchdog organization. But DiCaprio of all people should know better–then again he flies around in a private jet while complaining about global warming doesn't he. “Man is the only animal who blushes. Or needs to.” Mark Twain

  • Steve Becker

    Stop taking these animal rights creeps as mere irritants and take the fight to them.These are pansy @s$ weirdoos who need to get educated with the recieving end of a base ball bat.I want PETA out of my refrigerator, out of my community and off my planet.God I would love to have one of these dirtbags try to throw blood or red paint on my leather jacket.

    • Molly

      PETA doesn't practice violence – if they did, they'd have their non-profit status revoked (any person with a brain knows that). And apparently you DO practice violence. I think The Wrap should track you down and put you in jail. Or in the least, delete your violent, threatening comment.

  • mayceegreene

    He killed rabbits in Gangs of New York. No outrage
    there. I'm sure he didn't do anything malicious to that chimp. Another
    wonderful pick on who to call out PETA.
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  • Gregory Rudd

    Give me a break people….I just saw the Rozier's show in Sarasota and saw chance before and after the act….extremely well treated with the utmost love and respect….probably as well as…if not better than most of you bleeding hearts do your own children…..get a life…..gregory Rudd…sarasota