Dailies | Newscasters Sing ‘Let It Go’ Instead of Doing Their Damn Jobs (Video)

Newscasters Sing 'Let It Go' Instead of Doing Their Damn Jobs (Video)

Hopefully nothing important happened while these journalists were channeling Idina Menzel

Slow news day, huh, America?

The newscasts of the nation are apparently being inundated with local news talent performing the song “Let It Go” from the film “Frozen” — which gained added prominence with Sunday night's Oscars and John Travolta‘s mangling of singer Idina Menzel‘s name — on the air.

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The versions range from a fairly competent parody concerning heavy snowfall from Cincinnati anchor Bob Herzog to a thoroughly tone deaf butchering courtesy of the News10 ABC morning news team to a surprisingly F-bomb fortified rendition courtesy of Chicago newsman Dan Ponce.

Hopefully nothing important happened while the various news teams were putting these productions together. Then again, here we are writing about them, so … stones, glass houses, et cetera.

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Watch the video below, and hope that this is a trend that our nation's news professionals see fit to let go in the near future.

  • Dave White

    okay – so the channel 10 version is kinda of bad – but I presume that it was supposed to come off that way. The other two are pretty good.

    So refreshing to see something other then the idiot in DC or the Hollywood craziness – shows that the local news casters are human and know how to laugh. .

  • Owen

    Just throwing this out there… but there are NOT 24 hours of news a day… I know “news” is a business now, but don't act like 3 minutes of a song is keeping us from getting the local news, especially when we've been through a brutal/depressing winter, and maybe need something exactly like this to get the day started. I would argue that this article is more of a waste of time than the actual songs. Then again, I'm arguing with a website that covers hollywood – which is pathetic in itself – so i'm going to go back to having a life now.