Lifetime Says Goodbye to ‘Army Wives’ With ‘A Final Salute’ Special

Lifetime Says Goodbye to 'Army Wives' With 'A Final Salute' Special

Eric McCandless/Lifetime

The two-hour program reunites cast and producers for one last hurrah in March

Lifetime has set the premiere date for its retrospective special, “Army Wives: A Final Salute,” for Sunday, March 16 at 9/8c.

The two-hour special will reunite castmembers and production crew to look over Lifetime's longest-running series.

Stars Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh, Wendy Davis, Sterling K. Brown, Brian McNamara, Terry Serpico, Drew Fuller and Jeremy Davidson return to reveal behind-the-scenes stories from the show.

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They'll be joined by executive producer Jeff Melvoin and Tanya Biank, who authored the book the series was based on: “Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage.”

Produced by ABC Studios and HODDER, the special also features commentary from real-life military wives, many of whom presumably related to the drama's portrayal of the challenges and joys of women and their families living on a military base.

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With “A Final Salute,” Lifetime makes good on its promise of one last hurrah for the series’ fans when it canceled the series last September after seven seasons.

  • ro


  • Darla

    I SERIOUSLY loved this show! As a real life army wife myself, I oddly felt some support and understanding from this show! Many tears were shed…especially during the ones where the guys and gal departed for deployments!

  • Carla

    Lifetime sucks they cancel good shows and keep stupid ones u can beleive me I will watch this 2 hours but after that its no more liferime. I havent watched since they cancelled army wives

  • Sassy C

    I loved watching army wives on Sunday nights. I can't believe they canceled it. I agree they took off america most wanted to. They do get rid of the good show. Sad.

  • Pam

    Apparently Lifetime thinks women want to see shows about witches, maids who whore around, and a lawyer who is not in her original body. It's ridiculous what they have replaced Army Wives with! I am a real life army wife. No, the show was not always accurate. But it was definitely more realistic than the other junk that lifetime wants to replace it with! If the original cast of army wives was tired of doing the series, why didn't they continue the series with other army wives. People come and go on military bases. That would have been understandable to fans, and we would have adjusted to new actresses. It also would have brought new story lines. I'm very disappointed in Lifetime. This show brought a huge level of comfort to many women who are military spouses.

    • Judy

      Couldn't have said it better!

  • Chuck

    I agree with what the folks below said. Army Wives was an awesome show, one I looked forward to seeing on Sunday nights. I've not watched any other Lifetime Shows other than Prayers for Bobby, which was a special. I'll be tuning in to Army Wives’ farewell; and that will be my farewell to Lifetime as well

  • Kristen

    I love this show. Its not far for lifetime to cancle it. ;(

  • fran

    My husband an myself enjoyed the show so much! Its sad that they cancelled it an leaves the stupid shows.. very disappointed..

  • maddie

    I watched all the seasons for the first time at the being of the year absolutely fell in love with it I was so disappointed when they cancelled this show. It had real meaing to it unlike all the other show.

  • TN loves Army wives

    Sorry to see it leave, i loved each episode. Years after watching i have a dream of meeting and marrying a solider!!

  • Christy Downs

    Why do the various TV stations think that we want them to cancel the show's that have meaning or that are actually entertaining i.e Army Wives, Fringe, Flashpoint and keep on the shows that have us reaching for the remote within minutes of the show starting? Why can't these stations show us, the same loyalty that we have shown them for so long?

    I know a lot of these shows are expensive to make but since when do we live in an age where money means more then an education? I had a friends 15 year old son stay with me for a week and we had an Army Wives marathon. Afterwards, he turned to me with tears in his eyes and asked “Why don't outsiders ever get a chance to learn what it's really like in the Army? I had no idea they lived their lives waiting for a call to deploy that could result in tragedy.

    The world needs more shows like this not those stupid reality shows that aren't very realistic

  • Dee

    TV is not about the audience. It's all about the money. After tonight's show Lifetime is cancelled at my house.
    The best, longest running show on this net work and they are too dumb to see what people really watch.

  • Roberta

    Very sad to hear Army Wives was cancelled. I've watched this show since the beginning. I also looked forward to Sundays I the Summer to watch Army Wives. I'm not in a military family, but it was a great look into how Army families live.

  • Gale

    Army Wives finale is very disappointing! I dont want to hear them talk about the show! I want to see a storyline that ties up the loose ends! It is so frustrating to watch a show faithfully for seasons and then just stop it and never finish the storyline! It was my favorite show! I am more and more dissatisfied with Lifetime as they cancel interesting, intelligent shows and replace them with shows with no substance!

  • Jan C-Troy MI

    I am so sorry Army Wives is cancelled. It was one of my favorite shows on Sunday night. I will truly miss it but am enjoying the reunion. But, where is Catherine Bell (Denise)?

  • BCYoung

    Army Wives was one of the best show on TV & now you are taking it away from loyal fans … I hate that …. I hate Lifetime for cancelling this show … heaven forbid that there would be a “decent” show on TV … just tons of “crap”

  • Sad

    I am a Army Wife myself. I'm really gonna miss the show. It was so Awesome. I looked forward to watching the show every Sunday. I'm so sad that they are gonna end the show. God Bless Everyone that was part of the show, and Good Luck in Whatever you Guys Do.

  • Ann

    I loved the show Army Wives. I am the wife of a Navy Reservist and the show got me through 4 deployments. I really wish is was it was still on! Now my husband is still in and both my boys are in the military too

  • Mari

    The last season didn't work because of the cast changes and departures… Army wives would still be strong if the original cast would've been kept… The new girls couldn't compare. I loved all the seasons except the final one, it turned into a joke.

  • stanz

    i missed the last chapter will the 2hour show be aired again ? if so when

  • Marie

    I'm so sad that army wives have been canceled. My husbin and I enjoyed watch the show. It was one of our favorite show. We don't watch tv that much but always made time to watch army wives.