Lifetime Renews ‘Witches of East End’ for Season 2

Lifetime Renews 'Witches of East End' for Season 2

Sergei Bachlakov

The new drama gets thirteen episodes to air in 2014

Lifetime has granted new drama, “Witches of East End,” a second season. The series will return in 2014 with 13 new episodes.

“With its great story telling and amazing cast, ‘Witches of East End’ is leading a full-blown witch renaissance,” said Lifetime's executive vice president and general manager Rob Sharenow in a statement. “The show's perfect mix of premium execution with content that is in the zeitgeist is drawing new viewers to Lifetime and we're very excited to be bringing it back for a second season.”

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The series is helping to bring some younger viewers to the cable channel. It has one of Lifetime's youngest skewing audiences ever with a median age of 46. “Witches of East End” is averaging 3 million total viewers and 1.7 million adults the channel's key demographic 25-54, as well as the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo.

Its stars Julia Ormond, Mädchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Rachel Boston. Produced by Fox 21, the drama is executive-produced by Maggie Friedman, Jonathan Kaplan, Erwin Stoff and Josh Reims.

The series airs Sundays at 10/9c.

  • NYMETS17

    Awesome show ,!!!!!!

  • Lolaapalooza

    I'm addicted cannot wait for season 2 !

  • Ashley Carrieree

    omg watched the last one!!! noo i want more i want more i say!!! im 21 and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show, i hope we don't have too wait too long, please. don't let us. love this show!!!! <3

  • carly

    omg omg omg in in the uk and I need to see the next season

  • Marie

    Great show. Don't wait so long to air season 1 and definitely more than 13 episodes

  • Tiesha

    I want more!!!! I'm 18 and I'm inlove!!!!! With this show!!! Hurry up with season2 PLEASE

    • keyannawalker

      I feel u

  • Lisa

    I'm 45 and can't wait , when in 2014 is it coming back on?

    • disqus_cNCTUjk6kp

      January- 13 New episodes

  • disqus_cNCTUjk6kp

    Good Riddance to that bitch Penelope – she had it coming. Poor Killian(Felt Dash was an asshole – Just because you have your M.D. doesn't mean you down your brother). In addition to that plot – I love how to Victor described Freya's past life – she was happy making people feel good and just enjoying life- damn earthquake – I felt some type of way about that but that the reincarnation line was so cool- destiny. Lastly- I truly am thankful that idiot Mike died – I wish the writers would've made Ingrid burned his hand off or something(alittle more realism when it comes to the spells and powers-similar to Willow off Buffy). Ok – what's up with the fight scene with the brothers- more like Killian got his ass handed to him – that's so f#cked up n now he's off to sea knocked out?! Poor Freya – hope she cast a spell to recall the events of what happened or locate him. Finally – No! Not sweet dunning and family first yet naively willing to get you and your family in harms way for this so called for the first time normal life to completion crap Jo is dying and what the frig – who is that dude(who nicely 86ed Mike)- hopefully the brother who will obiviously have issues with his estranged family and of course have been hanging with grandfather(remember Jo said their father vowed he would kill them if they returned to their supernatural home world with fierce some powers – Victor described them to be powerful- this should(or had better) be good

  • samantha

    I want to know if we have to wait a full 1 year to see the second season??? I hate the fact that on most shows we have to wait a full year to see more because u wait to long then people get tiers of waiting an gives up watching it because they dont want to have to wait another year for season 3 or forgets about it and never watches it after missing several episodes

  • keyannawalker

    I'm 19 and I live this show kilian can't die on me now #teamkilian

  • Kova

    I hope that Killian is not dead !
    That would be so stupid ! And.. I'm I the only one who hope that we'll se more of Ingrid+Archibald ? :D I cant wait for more episodes !! Does anyone know when are they coming??

    • L

      He's dead

      • witches of East end lover

        He is not dead that would just ruin most of the show, they wouldn't do that.

        • WOEE LOVER

          Archibald is dead. As for what happens to killian I hope he's alive but if he dies they'll find a way round it.

  • Nyah

    Love this show!

  • shennel

    18 & I want more!

  • shennel


  • Maria

    Oh please don't let me wait to long. I love this show. I can not wait until season 2 comes on. I am 42. This is the best d how on. I love Julia Ormond. Oh please let me know when it is coming back on. I really hate waiting.

  • angeliiz

    41 years old and I Love this show :D please keep it going… Soo much to look forward to in this show!!! don't let s down, please ;)

  • Leia

    When is Season 2 starting?…I'm hooked all the way from Barbados!!!Love this show!!

  • Lisa

    I'm 26 years old and I had to DVR this show every week but always watched it! I absolutely got sucked into it. And I don't mind waiting a year or so. It aired before Halloween, which I found to be awesome! I have dozens of shows year round that grasp my attention. Bates Motel is starting up in March. The Bachelor is starting real soon. Many more! But I love lifetime! Always been my #1!

  • Lisa

    Btw! I cannot wait for the new series drama, ‘Lizzie Borden had an Ax’ and the other one with Heather Graham. Going to be intense.

  • Marci Lynn Vargo

    Awsome!!!!…Can't wait for season 2… Hurry please!!! Love this show is sooo addictive..Great cast..great story…Great Everything!!! Keep them coming! !!

  • Rebekah Everett

    Guess I bust demographic at 62 but my daughter and I love the show.

  • Ktnurse

    I have to watch this show, I love it! I'm excited that witches of east end is back!

  • MK

    l missed the first season and want to catch up – how can i do that?

    • JaJa

      Download the lifetime app. You can watch the whole season.

      • MK

        Thanks! I did, but the episodes arent’ available at this time.

        • Zey

          Use TV links or they have all the episodes

    • Jessica

      Try hulu plus

  • Punkin Stegall

    I'm 52 n hooked on this show… for cryin out loud already tell us when season 2 is airing… why the big secret? Not cool to drive us crazy waiting… Dash needs to have the same fate as his crazy mother n grandfather… killian better be alive… wendy needs more lives… victor n jo needto get back together..ingrid needs to get a clue….



  • Angel

    When does the first episode of 2014 start ?

  • Rianne

    I am 15 and I love this show as well!

  • Matt

    I'm 15 and once this show comes back I will love it even more than before

  • tammy

    Yes when does it come back on…

  • Fontaine

    This show is awesome the best since charmed

    • “NameHere”

      Omg yes! I was lost when that show had ended. #16yearsold

  • R R

    Can't wait to see more of those wonderful ladies & hopefully a lot more of Freddie Prinze Jr!!! I'm so glad I recorded ALL the WOEE shows on my DVR. I've been having marathons ever since the season finale!! Can't wait to see who's going to walk through that portal!!! As for when it's returning, it was definitely picked up again by Lifetime for a second season. Hopefully they continue having wonderful writers/wardrobe/makeup so I can enjoy it at least another 10 years!! ;) GREAT SHOW!!! SUPER FAN of EVERYONE involved!! Keep up the great work WOEE! Team Kilian all the way!!

  • aqueel

    Love this show even the last episode make u wounded a whole lot!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    When is it back on love the show

  • Aisha

    Love this series…Can't wait for season 2

  • leolynntino

    I need help.. January is almost over and there's no show.. Am losing my mind! I just want my Kilian back! When is it coming back?

    • Irene Michalski

      Its t middle of march. When is t show comming back???

  • Emma Picton

    I'm 21 and just watched season 1 finale I REALLY can't wait for season 2 need to know when it's coming to the uk!!!

  • eastend freak

    The idea is to have one good brother and one bad brother who is only now bad cause his heart got broken. Can't wait for season two I hope it's Joanna's son coming through the portal.Will be very exciting to watch. Lol

  • Mikyle

    It started back as yet?…sigh waiting patiently.

  • Kitt

    Has season 2 started and if so when?

    • jack

      i heard October 2014

  • Anny

    Im 25 and love this show! please bring it back sooner than later! I watch cheesy lifetime movies all the time and cant get enough :)

  • angelena lettmen


  • Tiffany Pollack

    When in January is this show coming on I haven't heard or seen anything and its already January 27

  • BritsloveWOE

    I have just finished watching this series and its MINT (London talk= amazing!) I bet I'll have to wait til late 2014 :( please send msg if it on already xx

  • Jami Moore Spano

    I can see this show being the next NCIS as far as popularity goes! Awesome cast, awesome content, and unbelievable chemistry! Lovin it! WTG Lifetime!

  • Sonja

    Can't wait for season 2 to start.

  • vernie2

    The older demographic remembers how it used to be with the season finale – start of a new season. Basically summer break. It keeps people interested. Wait too long, people move on.

  • Shaun

    When does season 2 start in the uk??? And do we get to meet their brother in season two??? Can't wait for it to start love this show so much ❤️❤️

  • Marie Nash

    Im 23 year old I would love to know when the next season is coming back

  • Sonny

    I'm 26 and obsessed with show. Good action and comedy.

    • Sonny

      Oops “with this show.” Got to excited I didn't make a sense.

      • Sonny

        Wow I'm really retarded

  • Kanani Simmons

    Best since Charmed.. I can't wait.. it's already Feb 9th and I haven't seen any previews for the new season..

  • Destiny

    When is it coming on what date and I'm 19 and love this show so much

  • Jessica

    Im 21 and love this show. Def the best since charmed is correct. I wish i could get more info when season 2 is going to start. To bad its only 13 episodes.

  • dondalea

    has it already began?????????

  • dondalea

    i cant find it on tv……… it is usually in on demand for charter and i cant find it anywhere

  • Rozzie

    So when is this show going to start again. I cant stand waiting. I hope its not on and I am missing it I check for it all the time. Does anyone have any ideas of when it will air again. I am such a huge fan and can wait to see what happens next done leave me hanging. :)

    • Rozzie

      I meant to say don't leave me hanging not done lol

  • Sophia Walker

    Ok, I'm 28 and have been hooked since day one!!! I can't wait for it to come back on.

  • tommie

    I thought it was coming back on in January but we're the show

  • cathy

    OMG i cant find no informatiin for the start dare to the 2014 season. Does anybody know when it starts?

    • Cathy

      Oops thats suppose to be start date.

  • jenna

    Im 19 and love this show. Hope it starts soon. Really looking forward to seeing it :D

  • Kiara

    I fell in love with this show. Love the cast member, they play each role so well. Love it love it love!!! Cant wait till season two and many more !!

  • Lmbmbcbm Shawnahyman

    When do it come back on

  • Shannon

    I hate the wait….when is season 2 going to start…im hanging over here?

  • wen

    Cant wait. Love this show. My husband asked what happened with your favorite show. 2014 new episodes, but when.

  • saivion

    Im 14 and me and my grandma both love the show please hurry and put it on air.

  • Terrie

    I'm with you guys, I can't wait till season 2 starts! This is definitely my favorite show. I got on the internet to try to find out when it starts again and here I am with no answers Btw I'm 45 and hooked.

  • dev93

    I'm 21 and I love this show its my favorite since charmed. When is the new season coming out. I hope soon and I'll be waiting. I'll wait forever if I have to. I'll check back very couple days. Thanks for making this show.

  • kristal

    i think it will be back on oct 6 2014 i heard from a birdie

  • Cheryl

    January my butt, it is march and still no season 2 sick of waiting

  • johnny

    should get a full 22 episode season 2

  • Missy Moo

    Watched it loved also have read the books and loved them. . A little disappointed that they didn't follow the real story of dash and the cop didnt die in the books.

  • Desirae

    I'm 13 and I love the showw!! It needs to come back on.

  • steve

    This is whole a lot better than charmed. When is coming back on I have watching every day for it

  • kitty katy

    When in 2014?

  • Desiree Lyons

    If you love the show, you'll love the book series the show is based on. Read it while you wait, they're by Melissa de la Cruz :) She's a great writer. As you can tell by the show!

  • Lucy

    I'm 60 and love the show love those witches of east end I now live in montana I think there to much snow can't do anything with all that snow

  • Paul-David Jarvis

    It's nearly end march does anyone know the release date of season 2 I love this series

  • charlene

    It comes back on October 6

  • Savannah Gillard

    I heard season 2 doesn't come back until last summer or early fall, is that true? If it is I'm gonna die!!!! #21year-old

  • ruben flores

    im 16 and i love it!

  • Rock&kathy


    When the hell is it going to start the new season. I think lifetime better get their act together and get the new season started.

    Rocky & Kathy

  • Crystal

    Probably not until October/November it said autumn

  • jrivera83

    I'm 31 and I definitely can't wait for the next season to come already. I love the whole concept and actors used for the 1st season. I hope they don't change anyone, that's one thing I hate.

  • crystal.

    I cannot understand why the date has yet to be released for season 2.

  • Danni Maria

    Oh Myy god, I'm 18 and I absolutely am in love with this show, it's probably one of tha best of it's kind since Charmed. It's April and still hasn't came back. When is it coming back on??

  • raven

    I love this show when is it coming back?!?

  • Christy Fields

    when does the second season of The Witches of East End start?

    • Vampira0811

      Yeah wth im 22 and I love the show and im sick of waiting

      • Christy Fields

        Lol! I'm 42… And I LOVE IT!!! But also getting sick of waiting…

  • Brandi Hunt

    From what I'm understanding its October 6th 2014 for Season 2!

  • Krissy Da Angel

    Im 17 and I absolutely love the show it's better than charmed!!!

  • Krissy Da Angel

    I think the show might air mid or late summer