Dailies | ‘Little Couple’ Preview: Can Baby Zoey Even the Odds? (Exclusive Video)

'Little Couple' Preview: Can Baby Zoey Even the Odds? (Exclusive Video)


The guys have bonded and mom is feeling left out on Tuesday's episode of the TLC series

Poor Jen! She's totally feeling a bit left out of the party as Bill and their new son Will have bonded on TLC's “Little Couple.”

On Tuesday's new episode, Jen begins to wonder if she has made the wrong choices when it comes to spending time with her son. Bonding came a lot easier for Bill. Not only do they share similar interests like cars, but also Bill works from home. That's a tough act to follow for Jen who's a very in-demand pediatric surgeon.

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In TheWrap's exclusive sneak peek of the new episode, Jen admits that she's feeling left out.

The good thing is that soon Jen will have a baby girl, too. The couple has been working for a long while to bring her home. And, it looks like they've gotten approval to bring her home.

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“We are thrilled to pieces that this is actually finally happening,” Arnold told People. “I think the process has made Bill and I at moments very nervous, anxious, but now I feel like I can actually start to get a little excited.”

Watch the preview below:

  • redroses714

    I have concerns for Will's diet. In several of the clips, he is eating French fries, burgers, candy, cake, and soda. It is probably a good idea to hire a nutritionist or a chef that can prepare healthier meals and can freeze them to eat at another time. Will is gaining alot of weight and it is visible when he had his shirt off at the hospital in Delaware. He is very spoiled and in last nights episode was trying to hit the mother and she put him in a time out. If that they don't control him now he is going to be a very spoiled and uncooperative child when he gets older.
    I have a feeling he is going to be very jealous of sister Zoey when she arrives from India.
    I wish this family the best and they need parenting classes.

  • Cyndi in Michigan

    I do not totally agree with the harsh statement. The food in our country is vastly different than what Will is used to. And they do make him behave. They are new parents..that just need alittle time to get used to this. And we all spoil our kids some of the time. And all kids do misbehave also. Give it some time before being so harshly critical. Good job Bill and Jen.

  • nana

    I have nevet seen such beautiful parents… bless you and your new family♥

  • Mary Jennings

    The last thing this dear couple needs is the kind of criticism redroses dished out with such insensitivity. Either this viewer didn't watch many episodes or she chose to overlook the times when Jen served such good meals as chicken, rice and broccoli or Bill's nutritious meals. Both parents are very careful what they feed Will. He is a typical 3-year-old and is blessed to be in such a loving, caring environment. Redroses has no idea how Will is going to behave towards Zoey. I have every reason to believe he is being prepared for her arrival and will welcome her into the family. Every statement redrose made was negative. I hope Jen and Will never read her cruel remarks. Thankfully redroses is in the minority. Bill and Jen are one of the most loved and respected couples in America.