Oscars: Liza Minnelli Salutes Mom Judy Garland on the Red Carpet (Video)

The actress, who will take part in a tribute to Garland and “The Wizard of Oz” during the show, also made a statement with a blue streak in her hair

Liza Minnelli and her siblings, Lorna Luft and Joseph Luft, are at the Oscars to pay tribute to the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” but their time on the red carpet was all about saluting the film's big star — and their mother — Judy Garland.

“She was great, she loved her family, and her kids more than anything,” Minnelli told CNN during its red carpet coverage. “And she raised us with humor, and she raised us to understand that not everything was going to be great — but how to laugh through it.”

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Minnelli, who won her own Oscar for her performance in “Cabaret,” also joked that she was feeling some butterflies while walking the red carpet.

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“I'm just nervous,” Minnelli said. “I want to do everything right. This is for mama. And so I'm — I'm vaguely nervous.”

Her blue hair, of course, was cooler than anyone else's on the carpet.


  • Morgan Edwards

    What is the matter with poor Liza? I just want to cry. It's like she is barely functioning.

  • Lord Alderon

    She looked spaced out on drugs.

  • Jim

    Jesus Christ!

  • WickedWitch

    All the more reason she should not have been made fun of, due to her health…she's had issues, but Liza is very caring. She's a trooper, and despite even a broke wrist, I think a month ago, she still went out to perform for the charities she cares about and did the benefit with no complaints. She said she was there for her “mama” and she didn't want to make mistakes–but she was left out of the “selfie”, which would have been awesome if it included Liza for her representation of THREE generations of her family for having won Oscars. There is no respect for the elders, none, especially females. They are tossed out, poked fun of, and instead of getting roles which indicate WISDOM for having been women, mothers, they are belittled. She was clearly not able to walk with stability, she work sensible shoes, even. She wore what would have, ten years ago, been classic Liza for her PJ-type lounge with sass look she always made trends with. She does not deserve pity, she deserves some kind decency, respect for her dedicating her entire life to make people smile and be entertained. Utterly sick and sociopathic Hollywood gave Liza, her family a poke in the face. There's a bluebird on the other side of the rainbow taking notice.

  • Dino C

    She looks on top of her game to me!

  • Sensabull .

    Wow i'm surprised and glad to see the siblings together- they've been estranged (at least the girls have) for many years. I thought Liza M looked better than she has in years.