‘Longmire’ Renewed for Season 3 by A&E

'Longmire' Renewed for Season 3 by A&E

Network OKs a 10-episode third season of the Robert Taylor-starring drama

Breathe easy, “Longmire” fans; the A&E drama will be back for another season.

The series has been given a 10-episode third season, the network said Monday.

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Based on Craig Johnson's mystery novels, “Longmire” stars “The Matrix” actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the charismatic, dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyo.  Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bailey Chase, Cassidy Freeman  and Adam Bartley also star.

During its second season, “Longmire” — A&E's most-watched original drama series — averaged 3.7 million total viewers, hitting a season high of 4.4 million total viewers with its Aug. 26 season finale.

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“‘Longmire’ has become one of the most compelling dramas on television with a devoted audience and we are so proud of the show,” A&E general manager and executive vice president Dave McKillop said of the renewal.”We are thrilled to continue our wonderful partnership with Warner Horizon Television, the production team, and the talented cast and crew led by the exceptional Robert Taylor.”

  • koowah

    I don't watch the show, don't watch modern family, Each has something to offer for like minded folk. But gladd needs to reign in it's reps. and grow up. What Phil said does not compair to what Oprah said, “Racism would end when all the old white people died,” As an old white person I find that really offensive, but old white folk don't seem to have the value in todays society as “gay” folk.

    • Charles Goines

      I couldn't say it better and the big point is the fact GLAAD has so much sway. GLAAD is the tail wagging the dog and now that we all see it, we have to do something about it–even if it means ignoring Longmire, a great show . All financial bankruptcy follows moral bankruptcy. We now know A&E is morally bankrupt. Let nature take its course, boycott A&E, America is depending on you.

    • Aussievick

      I agree about the old, white folk in society today,being one myself, also!
      We are having a ball watching series that Netflix picks up & “Longmire” is one we just finished a few wks. ago. Watching “Dexter” which is quirky, but definitely far better written than the trash on most of T.V., we dropped cable/sat. 2+ yrs. ago for a good antennae. Best entertainment decision ever made.
      As to “Duck Dynasty,” I've never seen an episode. I suspect that when this “mania” of reality shows finally wears its’ self out, it will pass as most things do. BTW, the reality show bit that the netwrks. started was basically much cheaper to produce than to pay good writers, actors & film crews. That's why so many series, starting with “Breaking Bad,” began to start to draw audiences; we were sick of “people we don't know, don't care about & never will care about, getting voted off the island.”

  • Maud Crumley

    Love Longmire glad it coming back

  • dj

    I love Longmire but if A&E does not bring back Phil Robertson I will not be watching Longmire or any show on that network.

    • Notasociallist

      Totally agree on both comments.

      • Hawker1

        Me too.

    • Claudia Obermiller

      I will always watch Longmire. Why should anyone make the best TV show on suffer? Go after the net work advertisers.

    • Julie Dunagan

      Really how stupid is that!!! just because Phil, who claims to be a Christian should keep his opinion to himself!!! no one cares how he feels about the bible, he is just an actor who I happens to be a red neck jerk!!!

      • koowah

        Correct, no one should care, but they do, to the point of trying to destroy his livlyhood. It modern America, if you don't bake the cake, you go to court. It seems certain groups will do anything to force acceptance and association. Where does discrimination end and an assault of the rights of others begin. If he must keep his opinion to himself, then all should. Both liberal and conservative.

      • Hawker1

        And what are you? How about you keep your own stupid opinion to yourself. Dipstick.

      • J_Biggs

        Maybe fascists like you should also keep your opinions to yourself

  • Tim Clayton

    Very happy to see that this network renewed Longmire. Am I to now expect American Indian groups and anti-gun groups to organize protests and demand that companies who might consider Robert Taylor and/or Lou Diamond Phillips as spokespersons withdraw any offers?

    • ololuge

      Yeh. I can see protests on the horizon. Loved the 1st two seasons of Longmire but Longmire is toast on A & E to me…

  • ololuge

    Glaad is mad
    Glaad is sad
    Too bad Glaad
    Go damage something else now.
    And stop being a bully….

  • Mark T

    Even Longmire will not bring me back to A&E

  • dave72

    It'll take more than Longmire for A&E to recover from their wimpy response to GLAAD, a group that represents less than 2% of the population.

  • Brenda

    I want to apologize to the TV stars of Longmire for I will not be watching your show unless they bring back Phil Robertson and if duck dynasty goes to another network I will be following them!!!!! Just so you will know that goes for any other show I watched on A&E!!!! If your show or the others go to another network not affiliated with A&E .I will start watching your show again or A& E brings back Phil Robertson !!!!

    • Phil

      U r no great lost following that hillbilly and the crazy stuff he spews

  • Mike Roberts Sr.

    i dont watch much TV but i did watch longmire. but Duck Dynasty was the only show i made a point to watch but now i will not be watching anything on A&E except DD and the reruns since our freedom of speech is owned by A&E… i hope DD will move to another network then i can cancel A&E

  • Joe Jones

    Not watching A&E anymore… Even if they bring Phil Robertson back. I'm done with that network.

  • MrSilenceDogood

    Longmire is a great show, but I will not watch it again unless Phil Robertson is brought back. If Duck Dynasty is cancelled so is my watching any A&E programming. We should also boycott any channels or networks affiliated with A&E like Disney-ABC TV and Hearst Corporation who own A&E.

  • lute70

    GLAAD preaches tolerance yet they are intolerant of those who differ with their views. That IMHO is not a very good position. Phil is an ignoramous on this issue but he has every right to his stupidly. GLAAD should not have tried to muzzle him and A&E should not have suspended him. Having said that, I will be watching Longmire (great show) and I won't be watching Duck Dynasty.

  • henry cole

    what about Oprah comment? “when all the old white people die we can end racism”
    Just a thought

  • Nonya business

    I never watched DD. Not once. Really enjoyed Longmire. Glad it is coming back.

  • macksays

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!! LONGMIRE!! So thrilled it will be back!

  • dave

    I have emptied all my shows on DVR including Longmire the only real decent show they have. I saw Bonnie and Clyde on a different network. I'm done with A&E and especially done with the worst show they have Shipping Idiots and I quit the auction shows along time ago. The network is primarily loaded with second rate television.

  • fuqdisqus

    I've got to hand it to you folks who are going to sacrifice your “Longmire” watching. I'd like to punish A&E, but “Longmire” is one of the few good series running.

  • J_Biggs

    No Thanks, I'll pass

  • Newfierider48

    so happy that Longmire is coming back!! but I wish it were for more than 10 eisodes. However I will watch those 10 and be happy happy happy..

  • tj

    I will watch every episode, some perhaps twice.

  • medley

    who really gives a shit about any of your opinions… watch what you like, turn off what you don't… its easy, free will.

  • AuldGuy

    Walt Longmire reminds me an awful lot of Matt Dillon… For those of you old enuf to remember him.


  • Michael Lang

    Great show.