Dailies | Lupita Nyong'o Introduces Herself as New Face of Lancome (Video)

Lupita Nyong'o Introduces Herself as New Face of Lancome (Video)

Win an Oscar, earn an endorsement

Lupita Nyong'o is the new face of Lancome, and the position even comes with a cool title: ambassadress.

The “12 Years a Slave” actress and newest Hollywood “It” girl made the announcement in a simple 13-second Lancome black-and-white YouTube clip.

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“Hi, I'm Lupita Nyong'o, and I'm incredibly excited to let you know that I'm the new ambassadress for Lancome,” the Academy Award-winning actress said. “See you soon.”

The cosmetic company wrote: “Lupita is an outstanding example of a natural beauty; confident and simply true to herself. She has this special kind of aura both enlightening and deep, making her by essence the Lancôme woman, to whom happiness is the most attractive form of beauty.”

Watch the video:

  • cheap

    How quick everyone is to cash in for a cheap short term buck and cannibalize their own fame and credibility. Is it the agents scavenging for every last dollar who convince clients to do this damaging stuff? Do they not understand how it costs them in the big picture by undermining the client's credibility, the Oscars, and even the shilled product. There's no evidence that celebrity endorsement moves more makeup so it's futile in that regard too.

    • Hobbesnblue

      If she were a makeup reviewer or stylist, then sure, shilling makeup would undermine her credibility, because it'd be a conflict of interest. But I don't see what effect it has on her credibility as an actress.

  • brown bomber

    I get where @Cheap is coming from. But in this particular scenario. Lupita just scored big. Studios, Producers and Distributors know the weight reach of Lancome. It more Int'l recognised around the world, than it is in US. That for (Studios/Producers/Distributors) equals market penetration. Which in turn means when a film is being green lite, Lupita is already recognized in market territories “they” and exhibitors sell into. Lupita can easily be considered for her “indie” movies. But at the end of the day. No Actor/Actress should be in this “business” just to make a few thousand people fell good that they did a nice “art house” movie. They should be thinking craft vs commercial with a good HEALTHY balance. And that healthy balance, should be at that BANK! :-) p.s The Starving Artist, always sound good to everyone else, who is not starving with them.