Dailies | ‘Mad Men’ Star January Jones Looks Back on Betty: ‘I Respect Her More’ (Exclusive Video)

'Mad Men' Star January Jones Looks Back on Betty: 'I Respect Her More' (Exclusive Video)

Photo courtesy AMC/"Mad Men"

Series returns for final season April 13

In the first few seasons of AMC's hit drama, “Mad Men,” Betty Draper was a naive young housewife who put up a lovely facade while her lying, philandering husband slept his way around New York City.

But Betty's arc since then has taken her far from that role.

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In a new video premiering exclusively on The Wrap, “Mad Men” star January Jones takes viewers through her character's journey to an “evolved” woman who refuses to be victimized.

“I think that she went from being very implosive — always burying her emotions and all about the facade of who she is and what the American family is — to someone who's been through so much emotionally,” Jones says.

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“I don't know if she'll ever be truly a nice or more pleasant person, but she's definitely stronger,” Jones added. “And I respect her more than in the beginning.”

The final season of “Mad Men” premieres on AMC Sunday, April 13 at 10/9c.

Watch the exclusive clip here:

  • Manuel p Baptista

    There are certain things I respect about betty and yes she has come a long way in the show which I love by the way if I was a writer in the show I would portrait her differently then being a housewife . Which is okay my thoughts would be much different then what she plays . Remember its a show and its acting . I find all the characters in the show are fine .a great cast . I could go on but going to enjoy my coffee . Have a great day.

  • Manuel p Baptista

    I get exclusives my name must be popular within Hollywood . I will connect with the wrap to stay updated . Thank you .

  • Martin Beck

    She was a nice full figured sexy house wife I found her very attractive .

  • Manuel p Baptista

    Thats way everyone sees her as sexy I don't I am more interested to know the person who plays the character not how sexy she is . She seems to be a good friend so far . I like that but you know betty she can be very elegant at times .she is wonderful.

  • Derk G fan

    “She was a nice full figured sexy house wife I found her very attractive .”