6 Craziest Malaysia Flight Conspiracy Theories – From Alien Abductions to Courtney Love's Reasoning (Video)

6 Craziest Malaysia Flight Conspiracy Theories – From Alien Abductions to Courtney Love's Reasoning (Video)

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Leave it to the public to help “solve” the case that 26 countries can't seem to crack

Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 has been missing for almost two weeks, giving conspiracy theorists plenty of time to read articles about the subject, catch a few minutes of CNN's non-stop coverage, and then make stuff up, accordingly.

With authorities from 26 nations still scratching their heads as to why the Boeing 777 — bound for Beijing — vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board, the public has taken to coming up with their own theories as to why the flight has gone missing. In the process, they seem to be increasingly confident that aliens, the Illuminati, terrorists, top-secret technology and even internationally-renowned recording artist Pitbull hold keys to the truth.

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Here are our six conspiracy theories — ranging from interesting to batshit crazy — that have appeared on the web since Flight 370 disappeared from the skies. Whether or not they're remotely plausible, well, that's up for you to decide.

1. Aliens. Because, duh.



Need more than a one word explanation? This guy seems to have a pretty good understanding of the obvious extraterrestrial involvement.

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2. The plane was shot down by “some hostile country,” says Rush Limbaugh
The conservative radio host unveiled a theory (read: a complete guess) last Friday that “is as good as anybody else's,” even though he introduced it by stating, “I don't know if this is possible … but let's say it is.”

Yes… Let's. Take it away, truth teller.

“How about the jet is flying along and you have a total electronic failure, but the engines keep working,” Limbaugh told his listeners. “So then the crew says, ‘We got to get back home. We got to get back to Kuala Lumpour. We can't fly with no electronics.'”

“It's dark, nighttime. They fly over a bunch of unfriendly countries, and they can't identify themselves, and they're not identified, there are no lights on. There's been a total electronic failure,” Limbaugh continued. “What if some hostile country flew up there and shot it down, and then discovered their mistake and nobody wants to admit what happened?”

Despite acknowledging the fact that he has no idea if the theory is possible, he maintained that it “holds up, and works well.”

See video: Rachel Maddow: ‘Enough With the Conservative Conspiracy Theories!’

3. Courtney Love found it.

Courtney Love - Malaysia Flight 370 Found

“I'm no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick,” Love wrote with the photo she uploaded to her Facebook page on Monday. “Prayers go out to families #MH370 and its like a mile away Pulau Perak, where they ‘last’ tracked it. 5°39'08.5”N 98°50'38.0”E but what do I know?”

Good question. It may join the disappearance of the flight as one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

4. The plane can't be found, because it's INVISIBLE!
Others have gone more scientific in their scrutiny of the plane's disappearance, stating that the plane may be cloaked in some sort of ‘invisibility’ technology, allowing it to fly undetected. These claims are rooted in the presence of 20 passengers on board the flight, employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a technology firm that makes technology used in everything from mobile phones to NASA operations.

“It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is ‘cloaked', hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used,” Beforeitsnews wrote.

Freescale Semiconductor's Facebook page has been blasted with questions, with one user asking: “Why were so many Freescale employees traveling together? What were their jobs. Were they on a mission and if so what was this mission? Can these employees be the cause of the disappearance of this plane? Could the plane have been then hijacked and these people kidnapped? Did these employees hold valuable information, did they have any valuable cargo with them? Did they know company and technologicial secrets? With all the might of technology why cant this plane be located? Where is this plane where are these people?”

Somebody give that aspiring investigative reporter a job at the New York Times — as long as it's not an editor position.

5. The plane was hijacked by terrorists, or maybe even the pilots themselves.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak stated that he believed the plane was “deliberately” guided off track by a highly-skilled individual. The question then remains — whodunit?

Some conspirators are targeting the pilots, one of whom was photographed in a t-shirt reading “Democracy Is Dead”, and had a flight simulator his home. Others are pinpointing two Iranian nationalists who boarded the plane using fake passports, claiming that a hijack took place in the name of a terrorist organization.

According to Wall Street Journal sources, U.S. counterterrorism officials are pursuing the possibility the either the pilot or a hijacker diverted the plane toward an undisclosed location, “with the intention of using it later for another purpose.”

Although no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility, conspirators have tapped everyone from the Taliban to the Illuminati for being potentially responsible for the eerie disappearance.

6. Pitbull  and Shakira predicted (or…knew!?) that this would happen, and even sang about it in 2012 hit single “Get It Started.”

Speaking of the Illuminati, those dedicated to exposing the top-secret society's existence have taken to YouTube to explain the link between the missing plane and Pitbull's lyrics.

“Now it's off to Malaysia,” Pitbull sings at one point in the song. “Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.”

To the untrained eye, the lyrics may just be a simple coincidence. Thankfully, anonymous internet commenters have identified that the “two passports” is a reference to the stolen passports the two Iranians used to board the plane, while “three cities” refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China and Vietnam, and the two countries are Malaysia and Vietnam.

Or whatever other cities and countries could be inserted to make this theory make any kind of sense. Here's the video so you can comb through every frame, beat and syllable to find the truth.

  • Michael Difani

    Maybe all those people who worked with the late great director Stanley Kubrick (“2001: Space Odyssey” and “The Shining”, 1979) pulled off this latest stunt…making an airliner vanish. Heck, he helped make the fake moon landing in July, 1969 even though there were over 400,000 NASA/Pentagon folks involved in the actual feat…and not one has come out and admit the hoax. Not one!

  • Drew

    Forgot to include that the plane was a vessel to travel through a wormhole, vis-a-vie Stephen King's The Langoliers. I think the plane is in a parallel universe.

    • Jake

      Alien abduction/interference makes the most sense. It's been 2 weeks and no wreckage, no news?, has to be aliens.
      So many people dismiss the possibility yet they believe in God, who is certainly not of this world. Weird the way the human mind works
      All we can do now is pray for the suffering families


        wreckage has been found possibly by AUSTRALIAN officials 2 wreckages one is 24 m long which is the half the size of a boeing triple seven its somewhere near the souther INDIAN ocean.

        • KABIR BAJAJ


      • Watfoxsay

        I suspect parts of the wreckage will be found in years to come.

  • Ulysses Klaw

    Those theories are pretty crazy, but this one takes the cake:


    • http://www.evolutionvsgod.com/ Rich

      Wow…they mixed a lot of sci-fi movies in there. Millenium, Back to the Future, etc.

  • Simon

    One thing I don't understand. Too many great country, technology, and resources still can't track cellphones location… come on!!!!!!!!. My theory and guess: if the search was able to track cellphones then obviously the plane can be tracked as well. I haven't heard any body talking about trying to locate cellphones locations. It look like somebody hiding information from public. Another thing I don't understand if most cars those days equipped with a low-jack device to be tracked in-case of it's stolen then why till now no body thought to have similar devices installed on planes…!!!!!!!! don't you thing that's reasonable to at least ask as this will be my other theory and guess as it might be this is exact reason.

    • colcam

      What is the range of a cellphone?

      If there was a satellite phone on board, charged, and in the hands of a passenger who knows how to use it, then it could communicate, but generally a cellphone is “line of sight” limited, and even as high as the aircraft was, that was far, far short of any ground based contact.

      There was interest in non-disablement tracking units, but it wound up in an international fight over who had what authority to do what at what frequency or frequencies, and aircraft kept their transponders on, anyway, so it died as a system twenty years ago. A new satellite based system would be easier, and this may give birth to that system, but the engine beeps to the satellites gave us some information.

      The problem is that it appears, key word, APPEARS to have been someone who knew all of the systems and how to avoid redundant systems.

      Throughout history there have been “in plain sight” disappearances of people, wagons, ships, and aircraft of all kinds and types of things, in places easily searched. This is a big one, in our time, and we need to focus on finding out what happened before we get carried away.

      So far only one system, the engine upload data link (the beep) has given us any information that contradicts the aircraft simply exploding. Let the searchers keep looking, and don't assume that just because something happened it means everyone in the world was stupid enough not to take standard steps to track aircraft before it happened.

    • Simon

      I also agree with The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh theory and guess as all of Those theories are pretty crazy, but this one takes the cake as well.

  • Hailey

    Ok this is just crazy such a big plane with so many passengers and the all of the sudden it vanishes!that is crazy it seems that a alien or some technechial weapon was the cause of this

    • truthy

      Wow Hailey u b some kind of genus girl!

  • donkaye

    Glad that The Wrap is exercising its usual good taste and having fun with this while 239 families are in agony. Way to go you morons.

  • AJ

    Regarding MH370…
    It was GOING to be a false flag event blamed on the two Iranians on board and used as justification to amplify the rhetoric and prepare for allied military incursions into Iran…

    … until Ukraine/Russia/Crimea started becoming an international mess on the airwaves so the original mission was scrapped, but they still took the plane anyway.

    The plane is in Pakistan. The passengers have all been killed. The Captain is an unwilling accomplice (family was threatened) and is alive. His immediate family was smuggled out of Malaysia and met him in Pakistan once he delivered the aircraft. They've been given the choice to assume new identities and live their lives in Pakistan, or be killed. Either way, they'll never be allowed to leave the country.

    The plane will be hidden for the time being. Wreckage from another plane will be sunk into the ocean and ‘found’ at some point, allowing the insurance company to pay for the plane and damages to the victims’ families. The real plane will surface again, likely by getting flown into a target of choice… One that supports a bigger agenda.

    I should write movies for a living.

    • yudit

      you should… good plot, with the right personnel… who know, oscars maybe.

  • Thatguy

    Could the plane be secretly in David Garcia?

  • Dan

    Its not exactly that outlandish that it was terrorists..id even say it is possible that it was shot down. Neither of those are really that crazy at all…

  • sdr2909


  • Jim



  • Simon

    I also agree with The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh theory and guess as all of Those theories are pretty crazy, but this one takes the cake.

  • Simon

    I also agree with The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh theory and guess #2 as all of Those theories are pretty crazy, but this one takes the cake as well.

  • Jim

    $5 says that lying retard Steven Spielberg found his sequel to his stupid movie, “Close Encounters of The Third Kind.”

  • Kurt Von Bosse

    “95% of the visitors who come to this planet have good intentions” Wow, he not only knows there are aliens visiting us, he took a poll of the aliens to find out if they are naughty or nice.

  • Nate

    Wow……Rush has the only rational theory…..NEVER thought I would say that

  • zip lock freezer

    Freaking Daleks.

  • MT Keef

    It might seem crazy to misinformed people of this time but not all theories are crazy. In fact, in the case of this plane had it crash for any reason, it would have been found by now at least fuel by day two so since it wasn't it leave three possibilities with one being more likely than the other. It was abducted by aliens for an unknown reason. It was caught in a time warp from future time travel and is on earth but wrong time or it was hijacked, flown below radar which I believe would be around 5 thousand feet and landed, passengers killed and plane hidden for future attack on some nation likely loaded with something more dangerous than a nuke such as electromagnetic impulse which if went off in air off coast of China would destroy entire nation! Not just one City so we need to be looking in Jungles for this damn thing not waters imo since this is more likely than a crash or aliens or time warp. Time warp is now more likely than a crash with aliens coming in last but none are crazy ideas since all are on the table as possibilities imo. I just want the darn thing found! I believe they will dump things into the Oceans and pretend they found it but that is not good enough for me. I want that plane found whole and those involved taken out before innocent people get hurt more than already as in poor passengers.

    • Lex301

      When an airplane that size as the triple 7 is ,whether it caught on fire or not it would leave wreckage behind. An depending on the vertical speed or decent speed the plane might stop breaking apart in mid air because of the high G force . It is very strange they have not found not a clue. Because when Air France crash from brazil to france they found wreckage an some bodies then after 2 years of search they found the plane. An this plane also came down at 30,000 feet. If some said it caught fired an all electronic was lost during that intense moment , you also have to know that when a plane catches on fire wreckage starts falling of from the plane depending how intense is the fire . This is very strange ,a plane when it falls from the sky it leaves wreckage no matter how intense the crash was it leaves wreckage , even before hitting the water the plane start coming apart. This some strange case best thing they could do if they can't find nothing go back to where it all started monitor every single detail again . UFO to soon for that wait until 3 years or more if they can't find it then you can say UFO. I think if a year past an no one finds this plane you will see all kinds of books an documentary about the mystery of MH370 .

  • Cayden

    It was the CIA. They knew someone with ties to the leadership of terrorist group was on the flight, and they brought it down by destroying the pressure system.

  • jumbybird

    It's gone to the future a la “Millenium”

  • The Reaper

    It clearly didn't go through the bermuda triangle – obviously one of the many portals on earth, but i think it's a coverup by the Malaysian government to attract attention to their other problems – also making other countries waste money/resources – or even seeing if another cloaking device can be used in an attack to get away. think about it – all comm was lost at the airport, the families aren't talking, and malaysia is getting all kinds of media attention.

  • Chan Samkun

    Why do people continue to make fun of this situation over 200 people are missing? Families are devastated sitting at home waiting to find out what has really happened and bullshit like this is printed in newspapers really.

  • sue sue

    the plane has landed in a terrorist country. all the passengers are dead. the plane will be used to transport nuclear bombs when they attack someone then someone will claim responsibility

  • maverick

    This is an unfortunate situation, and I'm sure waiting family members are hoping for the best. If I were the Malaysia government, it's been 2-weeks, better get in contact with that lady from long island medium show, she has a gift and may have some answers.

  • Sabrina Chavarria

    So stupid. Unfortunately in the world we live in all these things are possibilities. Planes don't just disappear genius. Whoever wrote this can go shoot themselves. How stupid can you be? These families are grieving searching days and nights for countless answers and anything is a possibility. This is not a joke to be made fun of.

    • Watfoxsay

      It didn't “disappear”, it's at the bottom of the ocean.

  • Clock Werk

    Maybe ,, some type of wormhole formation formed and by that the plane travels through space time to a unknown location in space maybe the plane is lost somewhere in space ,,, shocking thing about is that if it crashed to the ocean then why the pilot didnt said anything like ‘MAYDAY MAYDAY ‘ or didnt flared any emergency Malaysian air line said that the plane lost connection immediately ! When they manufacture a plane they provide a beacon in it which will help to find the plane if it has crashed in ocean ! and the beacon will ping about 30 days ! u cant control the beacon ! its automatic ,,,

  • Kevdeez11

    I heard Chuck Norris kicked the plane down during one of his training exercises, makes sense..

  • Luke

    Its a time warp, In 50 years the plane will turn up and everyone on board will stilll be the same age!

  • Steve Inoshow

    Shot down by the military – facts and truths

    Air traffic lost contact with the pilots, what happens next?

    Try the emergency frequency or advise a nearby aircraft to try and get in touch with a new frequency. No transponder, no problem tracking the aircraft as a primary on the screen. Next step after alerting other ATC units, advise the military and intercept the aircraft and get the attention of the pilots either through visual means or on the radio. If the offending aircraft does not listen to the intercepting aircraft (all pilots are trained on intercept procedures) they would either shoot it down if they believe its a threat or follow it until it runs out of fuel. A total electrical failure is highly unlikely, each engine has a generator so it would take both engines to fail, they also have an APU which is like a third engine for electrics and hot air when on the ground and it can be started in the air. If all these failed they would have still had battery power for 90 minutes………

  • MattMarriott

    911 Remake: nuclear Demolition 2011 at Fukushima, fake planes at Easter Sunday 2014 in Jerusalem

    911 Remake: Demolition of WTC1 and WTC2 -> reduced 2011 to one Fukushima unit, by God.

    [Four Fake planes -> reduced 2014 to one fake Boeing 777 at Easter Sunday in Jerusalem, by illuminati]

    Obama Bin Laden and treasonous governments are the constants in the final equation, reducing four airliners to one, 13 years later:

    (2*American Airlines) + (2*United Airlines)/911-2001 NYC-USA = (1*Malaysian Airlines)/Easter-Sunday-2014 Jerusalem-Israel ** 911-for-dummies.blogspot

    – 911-for-dummies.blogspot

  • Kiriko K P.1