Dailies | Male Streaker Crashes Runway at New York Fashion Week (Photos)

Male Streaker Crashes Runway at New York Fashion Week (Photos)

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Somebody let a trench coat back on the runway

This is for all the guys with leopard print banana hammocks hidden in their dressers. A man ran through Prabal Gurung's show during fall fashion week in New York, wearing nothing but red tube socks, a stylish trench coat and a crown.

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You can call him a streaker, but he did not have the courage to go full nude. He wore a leopard print thong. None of the models seemed to mind, though it's hard to tell if their icy stares are just part of their routine or intended for the guy.

If you're sad you missed out, he's now got a Twitter account. Give him a follow.

See the full NSFW photos over at Huffington Post.



  • Tom Baden

    Hes good….to poop on.

    • E. Stud Baker

      He wants your number.

      • Craig

        I'm sure he already has it

  • Hiccup

    Very cheeky too.

  • Eldrick Wo

    the model is very professional

  • alex

    Is that pajama boy?

    • mohammad.felafal

      if Obama had a metrosexual mama's boy attention whore son…

      • johnk144

        If obama wanted to see a metrosexual mama's boy attention whore, he need only look in the mirror.

        • TAG

          I believe he does and that he derives his advice from there too.

          • 7thFleetVet

            Hence the ‘Narcissism.’

        • BlackPegasus

          Had no idea tea party assholes visited this website. But I'm even more surprised that Trailer Parks have internet access.

          • 7thFleetVet

            You have allowed your panties to get in a twist. Name callers never get anywhere.

          • kydan


          • Don

            YOU DON'T HAVE TO F-ING SHOUT!!!

          • Craig

            haha, use the “caps lock” key to toggle capital letters dipshit

          • MysteryMan

            But… they probably can handle the basic principles of capitalization.


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          • Craig

            haha, the foil hat is strong with this one ^^^

          • Jeebus

            He better hang onto it while he can…the Messiah will want to “redistribute” it to one of his “entitlers”.

          • OttoZeit

            If you want a real surprise, just wait'll you actually meet one — it might even startle you into coherence!

          • CorrectionPlease

            It's neither Tea Party nor Trailer Park people,
            but it's true,
            AH's do visit this site as evidenced by . . .
            Pegasus and his Horse $hit.

          • Craig

            perhaps more interesting they had to leave their sisters and cousins alone long enough to write responses…

          • Jeebus

            …and they thank Obama for their phone and welfare check.

          • arizonaveteran


          • IfYouHadABrain

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          • arizonaveteran

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          • Jeebus

            Speaking of assholes, it's a black douchebag.

          • arizonaveteran

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          • magic1114

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          • NRA member

            Typical liberal garbage

          • usmc8511

            Speaking of assholes…

          • Carrie Barton

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          • mohammad.felafal

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      • CaptainObviuosTroll

        What's Putin got to do with this?

        • mohammad.felafal

          Putin = Man's Man

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  • Leah

    What a tragic and desperate piece of humanity…

  • tom smith

    Weak,, SO weak.. The good ole days a streaker was in the birthday suit… The world just keep getting lamer and lamer.. So sad this is what the liberal is today.. LOL

  • Pat_Loudoun

    You can totally tell. This guy is straight as an arrow.


    • Craig

      derp…so funny I had to stop humping your'e mother

      • MysteryMan

        And…..the second time you made me laugh tonight.

      • Pat_Loudoun

        So let's see. You can't spell, you're unoriginal and you're gay as a French Horn.

        Have fun with that.

  • You Didit

    Large ,medium ,Caucasian Lol

    • MysteryMan

      Isn't that supposed to be …”Small medium, at Large”
      hehehe…a classic

  • josetoyou


  • Antonio

    Look at me!! Pay attention to me Daddy!!!

    • Craig

      Unfortunately, you're daddy can't read, but don't let that discourage you…

      • sodacrackers2

        You're = you are. Your is a possessive pronoun, meaning the daddy belong to you.

  • Chevy InlineSix

    Wow, the fashion world is such a freak show. Besides this girly-man fairy disrupting the event, the female models are a bizarre combination of masculinity and undead zombies.

    • Vance Decker

      The models are all high on heroine, coke, and meth…

  • E. Stud Baker

    About time Men Stand Up for their Rights… No more 2nd Class Fashions for Males. Ooooo La La…

    • Christie Restore America

      What about Derek Zoolander? Or Hanzel, he is really HOT now.

      • Craig

        gasoline fight…j-j-j-jitterbug

      • MysteryMan

        Am I the only person that thinks Zoolander was a masterpiece?

  • NoMoBamaNation

    Why do gays/perverts have an overwhelming need to shout their sickness from the highest mountaintop?

    • BlackPegasus

      I have a better question; why do idiots have the overwhelming need to shout their inbred ideology from the anonymity of the internet?

      • kydan

        black prick. either you have mastered spell check or that 5th grade education my be as high as a 7th grade.speaking of inbreading ever notice blacks like your self look a lot like the apes at the zoo.

        • http://cheezburger.com/5595629568 Buck Naked

          That would be, “…blacks like yourself look a lot…”, as your spellchecker seems to be broken too.

      • Craig

        b/c people like yo get so aroused by it…

        • MysteryMan

          Craig, some of us pay attention and recognize your skill. Your response in both cases show that you are a real person, dare I say, one of us. Thanks for the laugh and the thought provoktion ( I made that word up).

      • arizonaveteran

        that coming from a maury povich “whoz my daddy’ trash, is just precious…

    • kthomp1123

      I'm not gay and I'd do that…it's hilarious the guy pulled it off.
      Learn to smile and laugh a little, you'll live longer.

      • CaptainObviuosTroll

        >would streak
        >not gay

        • kthomp1123

          I guess you've never been on a college campus.
          Too busy trolling to leave the house?

    • Craig

      because people like you get so aroused by it…

  • ServosT

    Looks like it is part of the show.

  • RockDad Rice

    He/she looks gay as hell.

  • ZATO1414

    If Obummer had a son, it would be “Runway Boy.” Uh… hey! Who says his 2 daughters are his? There was a milkman seen leaving The Mooch's driveway…

    • Craug

      and that milkman was you…

  • TruthDetector

    He's got the crown, all he needs is the beard and ‘he's’ the Burger Queen.


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    • http://cheezburger.com/5595629568 Buck Naked

      Fukk the bible

      • OttoZeit

        The favor will be returned before you're done.

      • JeffR

        You may regret that statement one day.

      • Pedro Gonzales

        Get your asbestos suit ready……….oh wait, it won't help. Flee to the Gospel, it will.

  • rodeo clown

    A real man woulda done it all-nude at the stupor bowl, end-zone to end-zone without being tackled, wearing nothing but a rodeo clown mask.

  • x-

    yawn, more psychos in the “news”…

  • Dutra

    Queer as a three-dollar bill.

    • ncpg


  • ncpg

    If it was the Olympics it would be a stray dog crashing the scene.

  • Sojourner Truth

    Just another gay pride parade.

    • Jim1937

      Gay pride is an oxymoron.

  • kthomp1123


  • socalpimp

    I dont think he got much of a reaction because he looks like most of the female models

  • ncpg

    It was part of the show, and he looks like the guy on Big Bang Theory.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ObamasteinForIsrael/featured Obamastein

    He looks kinda gay in the last photo. Although there is nothing wrong with that. So don't anyone get their panties in a bunch.

  • Pedro Gonzales

    He looks kinda xqueer……and that's his problem…. and an asbestos suit won't help.

  • Oboy_must_go

    That model should have kicked him in the nuts.

    • Femghazi

      I don't think he has any..

  • JallopyMacfurry

    He didn't go full nude. Thank goodness, but this is not news.

  • A-O

    Mahvalous! Run way models and shows are so stuck up,,,why in the background I can even hear the colored girls sing after he takes a walk on the wild side going “…do…do…do….do….di…dah…do…do…do…do…..”

  • PolarVortexed

    Must be some kind of Obamacare stunt.

  • Tootrue4you

    He looks like a typical male nurse, flight attendant or teacher, but he's really just an average liberal.

  • Joe blow

    Was there any effect on Israel?

  • Mike

    Now we have fairies prancing down the runway. Gotta love modern America!

  • Keys Man 70

    Let's see how happy he his is after being shocked by a taser?

    • stevesharkman

      love your avatar…
      that's gotta piss off the kooks…

      • Keys Man 70

        The neo-socialist hate it the most! After I told them he killed whole families in Cuba.

  • Jim1937

    Looks like a fairy taking flight.

  • addtocart

    It's a wonder he was stopped. He looks just like the other models out there.

  • Neal Trombley

    way to fat to be a model

  • TruthDetector

    Wrong; streakers are nude.

    This fruit's wearing a crown.

  • pashawn

    The audience problem liked it. They are mostly f a g s I would think.

  • Zach Peterson

    I read on sfgate it was a f.a.ggot. another reason to lock these people up. uncontrollable need for attention, sexual perversion, etc. totally disgusting.

  • ManOnPoint

    If Obama had a gay lover…

  • Bob

    F A G.

  • HisMajestyOKeefe

    David Niven would say he didn't even display his shortcomings

  • konc1

    Why do all these models look like they are severely constipated?

  • Real_medicine

    He's suitably fuckable…that's all that matters