Dailies | Disney Teases Angelina Jolie as Its ‘Greatest Villain’ in New ‘Maleficent’ Teaser (Video)

The actress plays the wicked witch who put a spell on “Sleeping Beauty”

A new teaser for Disney's “Maleficent,” which stars Angelina Jolie as the evil title character, previews her transformation from fairy to one of the most malevolent Disney villains of all time.

The May 30 release explores the untold story of the “Sleeping Beauty” menace whose heart was turned from pure to stone after an act of betrayal.

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Elle Fanning co-stars as the young Princess Aurora, who Maleficent curses as an infant to die at the tender age of 16.

Robert Stromberg, an Oscar-winning Art Director and accomplished visual effects artist, directed the live-action spinoff from Disney's 1959 animated classic.

Watch the special spot which debuted on the Disney Channel above.



  • Tom

    I don't even know where to start with how bad this looks. Hopefully the film is a lot better than this trailer. I hear the ghosts of Lone Ranger and John Carter stirring right now.

    • Sean

      @disqus_BPhMYWShXs:disqus The Lone Ranger and John Carter both wish they looked as good as Maleficent does ;) .

  • Linda P

    This looks pretty amazing. Cannot wait!

  • Sally

    Wow, this looks fabulous.