Dailies | Martin Scorsese Clears Up Major Misconception of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ on Kimmel (Video)

Martin Scorsese Clears Up Major Misconception of 'Wolf of Wall Street' on Kimmel (Video)

“No, there's no werewolves in the picture,” the director said

Martin Scorcese swung through “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday with Kimmel's sidekick, Guillermo, and cleared up a major misconception about his newest movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

“No, there's no werewolves in the picture,” the filmmaker said after Guillermo repeatedly inquired about the mythical monster.

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Taking a page from the “Goodfellas” director's playbook, the parking lot security guard's exclusive interview with Scorsese consisted of one long tracking shot through Kimmel's Hollywood Blvd. studio, and concluded with absolutely no question of any substance being asked.

“Good luck in Hollywood,” Guillermo told Scorsese. “I wish you the best.”

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Unfortunately, Scorsese did not have time to clear up whether or not he was trying to glorify Jordan Belfort's behavior in the film based on the fraudulent stockbroker's memoir.

Watch the video:

  • mikeo

    ‘Unfortunately'? Why does Scorsese have to explain his film to anyone? He's earned the right not to have to. You can take it or leave it. Just stop whining.

    • David

      Agree completely, Scorsese doesn't need to justify his filmmaking and if he did include a heavy-handed moral message then it'd be better suited for Hallmark than for the Oscars.

  • SuzieQ

    A waste of the great director's time. One joke extended into nothing. I expect better of Kimmel.

    • Travis

      He seemed quite content to take part in the fun…