Dailies | Matt Damon Explains Broken Collarbone on ‘Tonight Show': I Was Showing Off (Video)

Matt Damon Explains Broken Collarbone on 'Tonight Show': I Was Showing Off (Video)

The Golden Globes “garbage person” is not an adept mountain biker

Matt Damon, the butt of numerous jokes on Sunday's Golden Globes, joined Jay Leno on Tuesday's “Tonight Show,” sporting an arm sling supporting a broken collarbone.

Leno brought up the obvious cast with a joke: “I want to apologize to you,” he said to his guest. “I'm sorry I had to strong-arm you to get you on the show tonight.”

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As it turns out, the break didn't occur during a spirited arm-wrestling match between the two showbiz friends. Rather, nearly a month ago, Damon hit a rock while mountain biking, flying off and injuring himself.

“Apparently I'm not a very good mountain biker,” Damon quipped.

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Damon did not wear the sling to the Golden Globes — since it didn't go with his tux — but he made sure to strap it on for the after party, just in case anyone got a little too close for comfort.

During the awards show itself, sticks and stones were less literal. The actor was called “basically a garbage person” by host Amy Poehler, and was later teased by Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy in a bit that fell a little flatter. All in good fun, of course.

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As for the accident, the actor summed it up simply: “The bike stopped — and I didn't.”

Pressing for more details, Leno asked Damon if he was hot-dogging a bit for his co-biker, to which the “Behind the Candelabra” actor admitted, “I probably was showing off a little bit, yeah.”

Watch the video:

  • Michael Difani

    No wonder stuntmen do the dangerous stuff in movies such as “Elysium” and others Damon as done. My brother was a forest service smokejumper for nine seasons ending in 1975 and he was awarded a certificate for never being injured. None of us ever know when some accident can derail us.

  • Polly

    Somehow the idea of him needing a nurse makes him even sexier. I volunteer, Matthew.

  • Michael Cummings

    God bless you Ja…Matt Damon. And your secret identity is safe with me.