Dailies | Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin Get Into Heated Exchange Over Obamacare (Video)

Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin Get Into Heated Exchange Over Obamacare (Video)

Sarah Palin appears on "Today" Nov. 11, 2013.

The former Alaskan governor apparently loves her talking points

One-time vice presidential candidate and former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin stopped by the “Today” show on Monday, where she promptly got into with host Matt Lauer about healthcare.

Lauer asked if President Obama's apology for the Affordable Care Act's rollout woes was sufficient. Palin scoffed, asking “what apology?” and saying that the Healthcare.gov's serious flaws were the least of America's worries.

“This broken website, I think, is symbolic of a broken administration,” Palin said. “Take over one-sixth of our economy and the socialized medicine that's being crammed down our throat — that's what's broken.”

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Lauer then asked Palin what the Tea Party proposed as a solution to America's health care problems, if Obamacare was not a workable one, and that's where things got a little dicey.

Palin attempted to repeat her talking points instead. “It's not just the independent grassroots Tea Party movement saying this, it's many in the Republican party and many Democrats, too — ”

“But where's the plan from the Tea Party?” Lauer asked again.

” — especially Democrats in red states that are running for re-election who are — ” Palin continued.

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“Where's the plan?” Lauer repeated.

” — running for political cover,” Palin concluded.

She then said the Tea Party's plan was to allow for healthcare reform to sort itself out in the free market and encourage more competition and “less tort reforms threats,” before going back to “what thwarts those plans is the far left. It's President Obama and his supporters who will not allow the Republicans to usher in free market, patient-centered, doctor-patient relationship uh links to reform healthcare.”

“Let's move on,” Lauer said.

Watch the video:

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  • Jolgar Fasola

    Matt, go home! ar you getting kickbacks from the White House?

    • ron ff

      AMEN Jolgar !!!!!!! Sarah was the ONLY intelligent person in That interview.

      • Sheryl Eisner Conerly

        That's one of the funniest statements I've heard in awhile.

    • skiph1

      She didn't answer the same basic question every Republican should be asked. What is a better plan? Here's your chance Jolgar answer her question.

      • Why do liberals??

        I have an answer! Oh, oh, I do. Anything. Anything would be better than this. It is a plan that is causing too much pain for the average citizen. Going back to what we had is the best option at this point. If they want to start over. Fine. Figure out something that is Constitutional. It is not the governments job to tell people how they are to live. How they manage their finances. That is un-Constitutional. I don't care if they call it a tax. It is what it is. Wrong. It's not my job to make sure my neighbor had health insurance. Is Not my job to part for it is they don't. What is my job, is to be neighborly and help where I can. That's called morals.

        • Carol McCrarey

          Apparently you are unaware that a portion of your taxes goes to paying hospitals for providing services to the indigent. Emergency room care is the most expensive care but only emergency rooms have to treat the indigent and then they pass the costs back to the government and insurance companies making health insurance more expensive for all of us. So you are picking up the tab but apparently you just didn't know it.

        • harry

          Republicans do not have morals.

      • harry

        none of the dumb bastards have a answer;

  • tom2

    Here are a couple of suggestions Matt. Remove Washington from our personal affairs and remove the offensive term Washington from the field of football. Change the name of the District's football team to Redskins — without the Washington. Most Native Americans like the recognition and 90% of the American public finds Washington offensive. What could be more democratic?

    • skiph1

      How about we let Walmart run our military and teach our kids and run social security too. Could you be any lamer? I think not.

      • What are people thinking?

        So you think the government should teach your children? They can't seem to get much right. I wouldn't want them teaching mine.

        • ronnyis

          If you think our government is so bad, by all means, pack up your family and move the hell to Iran and see how you like the Mullahs… damn fool

      • tom2

        Skippy, if Walmart managed Social Security, it wouldn't be bankrupt and would have generated enough tax revenue to make it obsolete decades ago. If Walmart managed the military, the world soon would realize wars are not profitable. And everyone knows it's a very bad idea for any nation to allow its government to educate its children. Apparently you missed free enterprise 101 or don't understand it.

  • AE

    I wouldn't really call this a heated exchange…

  • gary

    duh sarah it is 5% who lost healthcare, and when you open your mouth make sue bs does'nt come out of it, i know you can't help it because your mentally challanged.

    • ron ff

      Gary, you should not say a word, it is Obvious that YOU are the dumb ass.

      • skiph1

        I've read your posts. No intelligent life here.

        • ronnyis

          AMEN skiph1, I';ve already told ron ff to just Hush, but he is just too stupid to listen…

      • ronnyis

        There you go again. HUSH!!!!

  • sue

    Gee what a absolute moron she is. A freaking rock has a higher IQ than Palin.

    • scots

      Very insightful Sue. And what was uttered by her that was moronic? Oh..she didn't say “Obaaaama-Obaaama-Obaaama!”

      • Carol McCrarey

        What she said that is so moronic was that the tea party plan was to let the free market sort it out. The free market has been running the health care show since the creation of the country and it even worked until hospitals were privatized and health insurance enabled doctors to charge more and more squeezing low income people out of affordable health care and leaving them with emergency rooms as their only options except that when they couldn't afford to pay the exorbitant cost of their medical care at the emergency room the costs were then passed on to the American taxpayer and —insurance companies who in turned jacked up their rates and made health insurance unaffordable to yet another slice of the population.

        • Richard Adams

          I agree–and she lied about a Republican alternative to Obamacare…which is really RomneyCare, which in fact a Republican policy. The fact is if Obama passed a bill affirming the sky is blue Republican would want to repeal it saying the sky is in fact red.

          • Blind man walking

            It is called jump in a hole and cover your brain with that pot boy. Look before you leap them Republicans can hide the truth anywhere, I mean snake may be there call me a stupid rock or Ron.

          • scots

            Nonsense. The best solution to Obamacare is to abolish it. As for “compromise,” the government had a partial shutdown due to him saying he will not compromise (till he got a blank check to run up another half trillion…which has to be printed ‘QE3' and sell to the Chinese). That clown is ruining our country while the republicans, you blame, can do little to nothing to stop it. Blame Bush and compromise is all you guys can do as this monetary system fails. My gosh, it sad that you and Brando even have the freedom to vote. Dumber than a sack of hammers.

          • jim

            man ur a fuckin idiot.

          • REDDRAGON

            Jim.scots not the fucking idiot.sarah palin,george bush,”Denial”dick cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are!

          • harvey

            we don't need your dirty mouth on here You must be verbally impotent. Only stupid people curse when they can't speak

          • harry

            you sound as stupid as she does:

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            Wow! You folks really CAN'T acknowledge reality, can you? Talk about projection… Here are a few hints – The Republican/Tea Party Congress controls ALL the purse strings, and with unprecedented abuse of the filibuster, they ‘controlled by minority’ in the Senate, shutting down any possibility of ‘compromise'. As for the extortion act of the government shut down (on more than one occasion), that was 100% Tea Party and the right wing that couldn't control them. You don't negotiate with extortionists and in my opinion economic terrorists (and you would be saying the same thing if the Left ever tried pulling such an irresponsible stunt). I am truly sad for you, ‘scots'. Turn off Rush and Fox “News” and maybe your brainwashing will fade over time. Then again, there is no cure for willful ignorance.

          • texaslady

            You got it Richard. You bet we would. Your communist muslim hero is destroying your freedoms and you sing his praises. Good for you. Be careful what you wish for, dumbo.

          • Stuart Forrest

            Evil seems to be forever, good thing the banner of Divsive words often heralds the true nature of the comments

          • REDDRAGON

            Let me say this one more time. The extreme right is still and always will be pissed off because Obama won a second term,and done it honestly, unlike the previous” power whore” did.

        • scots

          So what else should the government run in order that all can afford it? Post Office? Broke! But FedEx and UPS isn't. How about a retirement plan? Social Security? Broke! I can go on and on. As for health care, paying cash for services is much cheaper than what insurance companies are charged…and thus the cost falls on the policy holders. Yes, free market is better than European or Canadian care. It would be better if you democrats would simply allow free people to purchase across state borders. So why can't we? Graft and corruption. This is facts not babblings from a moron. Name calling doesn't change a thing. If you wanted government to lower your health care costs, Obamacare isn't going to do it. The few that have signed up have found out the hard way while others that were satisfied with their policies have lost their healthcare…far more lost than have signed up. This is the democrat plan that republicans didn't vote for…not one. You can hate Palin for some silly reason but she didn't say Obamacare would lower healthcare, lower the national debt and provide better care. The president did. Where are the hateful names for him?

          • brando

            Scots, the Post Office actually makes a profit, it's in financial trouble because Congress took money from it to pay for other government programs. Social Security is also not broke. I'm not sure where you get your facts, but it sounds as if you should do a little more in-depth reading, and studying. Just because Fox News tells you something, doesn't make it true. But perhaps the most moronic thing you said was that we should leave our health care system in the free market. Leaving it in the free market is exactly how we got a broken health care system in the first place, with 40 million people unable to access even the most basic care. Health care is not a commodity that can be traded in the free market like groceries or gasoline. You should probably also spend some time in a basic economics class studying the free market, how it works and which things can exist in a free market and which things cannot. Turn off Fox News and crack a book.

          • commonsense0101

            “the Post Office actually makes a profit”

            The Post Office makes a profit? It was losing money at a rate of $3 billion per quarter in 2011 and is currently losing money at a projected rate of $25 million per day. http://money.msn.com/now/post.aspx?post=bf0c9f4f-fa9b-4845-9906-5691b733d880

            And yes, social security isn't broke…yet. However, projections show the system running out of money as early as 2013.

            Guess what. These sources aren't Fox! Wow! Maybe you should actually read something before spewing idiocy and claiming it to be fact. It literally took 2 minutes to find this. So I'm not sure what your excuse is for ridiculing scots for not doing his research, yet you somehow have made an even bigger fool of yourself.

          • RG

            Healthcare is a right is it? Food is a right? There is a limited amount of resources in the world and you're not entitled to any of them. You are not entitled to any services or goods. And yes all services and goods are traded. Welcome to the world.
            If I go to med school spending a fortune and many years to obtain my degree you are not then entitled to my services. We trade what each other wants. Anything else is temporary and leads to destruction of a system.

          • Suk_m3_h47d

            Food is a right? There is a limited amount of resources in the world and you're not entitled to any of them?
            Funny, 'cause the indigenous people of this world were eating FREE food just fine for centuries until the Europeans vomited forth from those disease-infested wooden ships and taught their poor, savage “brethren” the craft of laying claim to land, and charging pieces of paper in exchange for food and shelter, while simultaneously destroying said land and poisoning said food with chemicals.

          • scots

            Where the hell do you get your facts? To say the Post Office isn't running in the red as is Social Security say a lot…And to justify Obama and this awful murdering law is even worse. You are a fool.

          • ellis

            That is the most stupid post I have ever seen. Your kidding me about the P.O. you need to get your s—t together.

          • I see

            Thank Reagan's star wars, and how he raised money to pay off the ever growing black hole Nixon opened. A little known thing called the Global explorer the most expensive project any president funded. Well not in human lives but he had a little war called Vietnam some of us remember from real life not movies. CIA sorry, you were ordered. They are a lot smarter than you think as MI in the serves are called an oxymoron. War is for Solders not Politics. They start them and try to run them an equation that + dumb = more money for the undertaker.

          • Steve Edwards

            Fed Ex and UPS don't have to pick up your mail,

          • Sam

            FedEx and UPS are not broke because they are not FORCED to fund a retirement plan 75 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE like the USPS was just forced to do by the Repubs. WHY? To bankrupt them and force them out of business, letting their big business buddies take over- and screaming “Look- it's another Union Failure!!” They are being set up to fail.

          • scots

            Unions are set to fail by their own doings. Thanks to the dems that rob Americans to “try” to stabilize their crazy pensions but in the end, the bosses will retire happily while the forced union worker is shocked that he will have to work after “retirement.”

          • michelle

            Unions are the reason we typically have 5 day workweeks, overtime after 40 hours and employee safety programs. People have no understanding of history, which is why we repeatedly keep making the same mistakes. Of course the party of big business hates employee barganing power. Republicans would ive to

          • billbranch

            Unions promote lack of incentive to produce. Union construction companies are far less productive and far more expensive for a given job than open-shop companies. That's why it's called merit shop: one makes more based on his merit and productivity, where everyone in the union makes the same, regardless of how terrible a worker he is.
            Check back to see who organized the AFL-CIO; I bet the Communist Party and the Socialist Party had a big hand in it.

          • Alan

            I am a 3rd generation union carpenter for 25 + years. Union craftsmanship is unmatched as I would be willing to put my skills to test against any scab worker any time on any project. Furthermore, the reason republicans take issue with unions is because they basically want something for nothing.

          • bz

            Are you serious or did you mispeak (mistype)? “Paying cash for services is much cheaper than what insurance companies are charged”, WTF, reality is that if everyone were charged what the insurance companies pay, noone would have to go into bankruptcy or lose everything to pay their medical bills.

          • scots

            How about looking at the cost of a bandage charged to your insurance carrier and tell me it's anywhere close to the cost off a drug store shelf. 60 bucks isn't unheard of. Yes, I'm serious.

          • jetglo325 .

            Why don't the Republicans in congress vote to allow insurance companies to buy the same bandaids (and drugs) from other countries where they cost 1/10th the price?

          • Carol McCrarey

            The Postal Service is not broke and can ship a package from DC to LA at a much lower cost than FedEx or UPS. The Postal Service woes are the result of being unable to change rates in response to expenses and that it must fully fund retirements unlike every other government agency or even private sector entities like FedEx and UPS. Moreover if they try to close a post office or require people to put their mailboxes at the curb Congress tends to get involved. Social Security is not broke and will never be broke but I concede that without change it will pay out a smaller benefit sometime around 2035. Nearly every industrialized nation has universal health care. As a result a much smaller percentage of GNP is devoted to health care costs. Those governments are able to negotiate on behalf of their people to obtain less expensive goods and services. They have cheaper and better health care. Please take the time to educate yourself instead of just repeating what you heard.

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            Again with the right wing denial of REALITY. The post office is ‘broke’ because under Bush and the Republican controlled Congress they hamstrung the post office, requiring them to fund retirement for employees 75 years into the future (that's for people who have not even been born yet). By the way, the US post office doesn't get one dime from the government. UPS and Fed-Ex don't have such idiotic impediments forced on them. Why would the ignorant right do such a stupid thing to the post office? Simply to destroy them and break the union. Oh, and funnel the 6 plus billion the post office has into the general fund so they can continue spending on their pet projects. You know, tax cuts to their uber rich masters and CORPORATE welfare. Even Social Security is not broke, but Congress needs to stop ‘redirecting’ those funds to other uses, too. Stop with the Rush and Fox “News” propaganda and do a little honest research for a change.

        • Blues

          Carol read the insider insurance fraud news letter it talks of the first to get bailed out was A.I.G. The went around buying bad debts and unsolved insurance claims. They then asked our government to bail them out. They knew 6 months before. I was sanding around leaning on my shovel talking to some of their liars sorry lawyers. Hence the shovel it gets deep some time, one must extract themselves, I told them what my little old company informer said as the could not see over the bulbous swollen belies from all the blood they drank, that asked why that is really stupid of course the first bail out under Bush SR.s term started the same way same company. I said well I guess our rates or taxes are going up. Well I be tied up and thrown into the oil leak off Texas and cleaned up by unpaid volunteers, I was right as the people in New Orleans still wondering what happen. You know old Ben Franklin wrote the freedom of religion do hickey because of Catholic were being discriminated against even a whole bunch from Canada the British shipped of to where? Gee Louisiana before the French our allies sold it to America

        • Saerin

          The free market hasn't been running anything for decades since governments have dictated the markets they're allowed to serve and the products they're allowed to offer, and incentivizing bulk group buys through employers by subsidy that increase the burden of cost on individuals. This “plan” against the free market furthermore does nothing to advance competition or drive costs down– in fact it makes insurance companies and health care providers quite comfortable and secure in their positions where they have no one to answer to for exorbitant costs incurred on customers, who are in fact forced to buy. There's really no positive affect at all unless you're just that “moronically” bent on the idea of everyone being “covered” on an insurance plan– as utterly useless and unaffordable as it may be in the end. Please please please *think* about these issues and supposed solutions before calling anyone else a moron for invoking a free market based solution. Please step out of the groupthink mindset favoring this horrendous bill of law just because it's one step closer to a philosophical effing ideal of the kind of world you think is best for everyone else. Have a nice day!

          • Carol McCrarey

            You are right! A universal health coverage plan would have done far more to control health care costs. However, you are wrong to think “free markets” are the answer to everything. Free markets only ensure top dollar for goods and services in demand. Health care is always in demand and so based on free market the price can only go up which is exactly what has been happening over the last century. Our health care was based on free market! It wasn't and still isn't working!

          • Lisa Brains

            If we dumped regulations there would be no free market anyway. Think Rockefeller, dropped prices so low as to run others out of business as well as engaged in price fixing. After he priced out the competition he jacked prices up. Since there was no alternative to oil at the time there was nothing anyone could do but pay up. This scenario is the dawn of commerce regulation as we know it today. This is how our entire healthcare system works now. If the free market worked in the case of healthcare doctors advertising prices and we would be able to comparison shop based on a number of factors that includes price directly with doctors. In fact most Americas would only have catastrophic insurance, which would be widely available to almost anyone on most budgets. Author Anderson, Enron, Tyco, just to name a few cases that warranted regulation, the forms shit on the free market. Regulation was not born out of thin air. As we all know, businesses are there to make money, as they should, and recent history has taught us that big business does not care about little business, as they should not. I'm not anti big business but if we go to the free market solution with no regulation we will go back to the days Monopolies, Only this time there will be no way to break up “Bell.”

        • mtpwolverine

          The free market has never been able to compete in the healthcare system. It has always been government regulated. It has been anti-competitive for the last hundred years. For goodness sakes, do a modicum of research before making idiotic comments like this.

    • ron f

      Apparently YOU didn't listen very good, Dumb Ass, Governor Palin is a GENIUS compared to you and Matt Obama Lauer.

      • skiph1

        You didn't listen very good? Charming.

      • Doug

        So typical of the “religious” right wing to call people names like “Dumb Ass,” and to lapse into shouty ALL CAPS. Anger propels that party, and it's sad what it has done to the country.

      • Suk_m3_h47d

        Palin is a GENIUS in the very loosest, Bobby Fisher TODAY sense of the word.

      • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

        “Apparently YOU didn't listen very good, Dumb Ass…”
        It's “Apparently YOU don't listen very WELL…” smart ass.

    • skiph1

      Quit insulting rocks. They've never said anything dumber than her and don't deserve to be insulted. You take that back.

      • Slap me

        yea good one god is every where even rocks.

    • zztom

      Does Matt give you reach-arounds?

    • Snocat

      Takes one to know one, yeah she's dumb like a Fox.. How's that hope and change working for you,and your healthcare hmm?

  • Asianna1919

    Sarah ,you are wasting your time with this Obama's lap dog, commie retard.
    Love you Sarah ,keep giving them hell!!!

    • coach jenkins

      she didnt answer the question though….

  • david

    I feel dumber just listening to that interview. Politically, I am a middle of the road or centrist, but listening to this woman aimlessly yammer about, makes we sprint to the left. It's people like this who are hurting of democratic form of government.

    • Black dog Churchill

      I was too even voted for that actor guy once, never shall I say that in central America Reagan's coke dealer or his paid for killing other tan people may hear.

      • Mr. Shako

        Garbled. Someone translate for me.

  • Steve

    Why does anyone even talk to her? She's a proven loser, a known quitter and a political hack. Quit giving her facetime.

    • Karlez

      …coming from someone who probably actually thinks obamacare is a good thing.. right?

      • skiph1

        Obamacare is a good idea. Single payer is the best idea.

        • Tumf

          Anybody who thinks that Obamacare is a good idea – IS A FREAKIN’ IDIOT! If it's such a great idea, then why do you think that those that wrote the law do not have to have the same plans that you and I have? BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT SUCKS AND THEIR PLANS DON'T….

          • Karen

            Congress and Congressional staff will only be offered the same insurance offered to people in the insurance exchanges, rather than Federal Insurance. Basically, we won't be footing their health care bills any more than any other American citizen. ( Citation: Page 81, sec. 1312 )


          • Mr. Shako

            Tell everyone about Harry Reid's staff, Karen.

          • Mr. Shako

            See: Staff, Reid, Harry

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            “…why do you think that those that wrote the law do not have to have the same plans that you and I have? BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT SUCKS AND THEIR PLANS DON'T.”
            Oh, you mean you actually acknowledge the “socialized medicine” the government provides to its employees is superior to the ‘for profit’ corporate provided insurance of the Affordable Care Act (what you call ‘Obamacare')? I can agree. Single payer for all!

        • Mr. Shako

          I'll be dead and gone before it happens, but unfortunately, it's going to happen.

    • ron ff

      Steve, you just proved that you are a Proven Dumb Ass, too.

    • skiph1

      She's not a loser, she's a quitter. There is a difference.

      • harry

        She is both;

      • Gwendolyn Parker

        she is a loser, and a quitter. We know the difference, and she is both. I want to add another, an idiot.

    • Gwendolyn Parker

      Amen, Steve. The anchor people act as though she has something to say, Not. What she said, mad no sense at all. Dana Milbank I think di not write about her, speak her name, for 30 days, we should all do the same, only let's do it for the next 30 years. I think this woman is an idiot,

      • R. Wert


  • Johnny Chavarria

    Sarah for all of her echos of Tea Party points, lied her a$$ off! And Matt let her! He did not call her on anything… Which is why he will never be considered a serious anything, -much less journalist…. Felt like I was watching Fox….

    • Karlez

      She KNOWS exactly what's going on.. shame the Prez doesn't.

    • ron ff

      Johnny, are you the MONKEY in that picture, because you sure don't sound very BRIGHT.

      • skiph1


      • ronnyis

        ron ff, you really should stop talking.. You are too ignorant to realize just how stupid you are.. Hush!!!

  • Rokin 50

    This woman is crazy

    • ron ff

      Sarah Palin is a GENIUS compared to you dumb ass liberals, Pull your head out of your ass, you aren't getting enough AIR and you are Talking STUPID again. Quit drinking that “communist muslim's” Kool-Aid.

      • skiph1

        You don't have to be a liberal to realize she's unqualified to do anything.

      • ronnyis

        ron are you on crack? You are stupid, stupid, stupid.. But you ARE going to lose the battle.. haha

  • Karlez

    Can't stand Lauer.. WEAK!

  • Vince Lawson

    Palin for president..a dumb rock would beat what we got now!!

    • skiph1

      Dumber than George Bush?

  • guest

    But, if it was her Idea, it would be briliant… Go to$%%%^^ Plainland..

  • fagot liberal

    What a cunt

  • skiph1

    She's incapable of understanding even the basics of the healthcare issue. Who prepped her Rick Perry?

  • Ronald Reagan

    Nice job, SP. You were on your game.

  • Doug

    She's crazy as a hoot owl, but crafty as a fox. It's all about her career, and anyone who doesn't realize that is as deluded as she.

    • jaykayDX

      Everyone realizes the facts you pointed out – ‘cept her fans who are even dumber than she is!

  • I was born why

    I think you are so incredibly knuckle dragging ass Ronny. When was the last time you walk up how long was that coma. Wow Ronny Reagan did what, Bush did what Palin is dumber than a horses, well we will say south end of a north bound Elephant with dung beetles following closely not sure which end will be more likely to proved more dung. Sue my sister thank you. About religious freedom to practice what? Unless you are of her faith what others allowed to have a right to first article of our constitution the Tea Pee party supports. Where they when our brothers of Abraham were being berated and soiled as Palins diaper. Do you even know anything of history love to fill you in. But, like she who Cheney said he would not vote for. He voted Obama, Bush thinks, typo is brain washed, like other Republicans’ he just the tan people that are made to be slaves. Like southern confederate's day do you think that war was anything else then rich people losing their free labor. You believe that think of all the other reasons. I pity the beat that eats that hypocritical Palin. He is going to be hung over after the party he gets for going far above and beyond his or her duty to rid our planet of that dung beetles food source. Read some history start with cheap cocaine and traitors of our country that sell arms to the enemy steals money from SS. to bail out his defect whole and never paid back. How many millions did Reagan blow flying to California ever weekend. Bush lives a couple hundred miles from my home town he does not pay any taxes because he claims to live in a postal box in Texas. Check it out look up April Gaspie form Ambassador to Iraq if you really want the truth how the first war started in the gulf. I judge by your simple word structure you are not a well read man maybe you should get hooked on phonics and a library card.

    • Not a horses butt.

      Sorry my own disbelief clouded my spell checker made by Republican apps.

  • Dean

    Why would Matt Lauer feel a need to defend a President? Does he do this with anyone? For anyone else? “The President apologized several times.” Thank you Matt for being his other Press Secretary?

    • harvey

      People on the left don't like her because she speaks the truth and exposes all the phony liberals.

  • Celmo

    Set aside all of the name calling—-Now answer these questions in a clear and objective manner. What qualities does Sarah Palin possess that qualifies her as a political analyst? Also what pressing problem our country is faced with she could solve, if given the opportunity? Leave President Obama and the Democrats out of your answer.

  • John Wiegand

    Hey Mat!! you wanted a answer you got it avoided it and changed the subject.
    Now you tell us you FEAR the TEA party!! You are like a bunch of kids in winter, poking a sleeping bear with a stick and running away laughing!

    Be Careful!!!!! FREE ENTERPRISE WORKS!

    • jaykayDX

      Yeah, it works … pity all our jobs are headin’ for China now!!!

      • Lisa Brains

        All those jobs are headed to China because those same people who think fast food workers shouldn't get paid $15 an hour seem to think that a job an illiterate, Chinese worker can do, and will do for $2 a day, deserves $20 an hr hear in the US. That is how free enterprise works. Free to go elsewhere.

  • brando

    “Socialism crammed down our throats”? Oh my, I can't stop laughing. Would someone explain to her that America has had elements of socialism in our country since the 1600's? The Jamestown settlers worked and put all their resources in a pile and everyone ate from that pile… socialism. George Washington organized an army to fight the British using the resources of the entire country to fund the army… socialism. Our public school system is an example of socialism, as well as our fire departments, police departments, etc., etc., etc. Do you think she's so dumb that she doesn't even know what socialism is? Jesus, what a moron!

    • Lisa Brains

      Please tell this to the states rights people who seem to forget the state is the government too. While those idiots are staring at the national gov, their governor, mayor, and city council, are getting paid as much as the president, and digging deeper into the pockets of their constituents, with far less repercussions and oversight.

  • CitizenofUS

    how's that heated??

  • Johnny Chavarria

    Lol, Ron FF (Guest)!
    I am not one of those who is here to attack or call anybody names who does not agree with my opinion (as obviously you are)….
    I rather attack the opinion and not the person giving the opinion..

    Call me a monkey if you like but, but even a monkey knows better than to defend “the great intellectual, Sarah Palin, ” or to take her seriously… ;)

    ron ff (Guest):

    Johnny, are you the MONKEY in that picture, because you sure don't sound very BRIGHT.
    5:20 p.m., Monday Nov. 11

    ron ff’s comment is in reply to Johnny Chavarria:

    Sarah for all of her echos of Tea Party points, lied her a$$ off! And Matt let her! He did not call her on anything …

  • brando

    Did you listen to her “plan”? Tort reform threats… what? Trajectory of cost increases… isn't that just a way of saying cost increases? Dumb, dumb and dumber. She has no plan other than repeating meaningless talking points. What I would love to see is for an interviewer to stop his pre-planned questions and just say, “Oh, okay, can you explain a tort reform threat? Can you tell me how you will lower those cost increase trajectories, and why you need to use both the words “trajectory” and “increases” in the same sentence? She sounds exactly like a 7th grader who didn't read a book trying to stumble and bluff her way through an oral book report.

  • brando

    Okay, just the fact that she thinks ObamaCare is socialized medicine makes her too dumb for prime time. Wow.

  • TBone

    I can't believe in all this time she has not learned anything. She still talks out the side of her neck with dumb statements that make no sense. Why is she still being asked for a comment. This women knows nothing. She didn't know antthing when she ran for Vice President and she doesn't know anything now. I believe Palin will do and say anything to get air time. Please someone, anyone please help her to see that she sounds like a fool.

  • Novelist Shayla V. McClellon

    What the hell….is wrong with her ….I can't stand to hear her screeching voice…let alone the idiotic merry go round she considers conversation….oh hell…I'm beginning to talk like her…help!!

  • Steve Edwards

    There's nothing antagonistical about this interview. Nice reporting, Sara. You got the clicks you wanted.

  • They are taking ur money

    Its obvious she is still P!$$ed that she lost the election.

  • Brandon

    Why keep giving this idiotic gash attention?

  • believer

    I was impressed that Laur didn't try to ram some untruth down Palin's throat. She is better than ever in responding to tough questions. Palin is awesome in standing up for the group of Americans that feels as I do….. our rights and freedoms are being taken away because groups with more power than the average joe are ramming their beliefs or non-beliefs down our throats.

  • John

    The only thing I heard was the Republican's have NO plan. She didn't
    say anything except she doesn't like Obamacare. She never answered the

  • Highstandard2013

    It's time for Palin to go away. She is an embarrassment.

  • TJPhoto40

    She's tripping over her stale and superficial talking points, but it's always dangerous to put her into an interview, even with softball questions. She manages to combine narcissism and opportunism in one airhead package, very marketable to the truly gullible out there. But hey, let's all celebrate a corrupted holiday stolen from the pagans with the queen of armchair critics. She couldn't hack it as an elected official, so she took off to make more money and get face time as a traveling mock-pundit. Queen of posturing, thanks for the knowledge, Ms P.

  • SoDisqusted

    Do Republicans even know who Ronald Reagan was? lol.

  • mtpwolverine

    The sad thing is, she still knows more about Obamacare than Pelosi and the president combined.

  • texbum

    Having been the CFO (chief financial officer) of a major
    teaching hospital, I would like to draw your attention to the CPD (COST PER
    PATIENT DAY). This is a financial ratio that is used by the hospital
    industry. You can check this out by calling hospitals in your area.
    The CPD of all the hospitals in my area were about the same. The
    order would change except for the worst. The Veterans hospital was three
    times higher than the average of the other hospitals. Does this tell you where the medical cost is going in the

  • mchasewalker

    I can't think of a more appropriate de facto head of any Tea Party than a frickin’ cat shit crazy Mad Hatter

  • Simone

    did i miss something ???? how misleading. is NBC that hard-up that they need to draw attention with B.S. headlines – Matt and Sarah get into heated exchange ????? REALLY ? give me a break NBC……this is why GMA is better. If Matt and NBC think that was a great ‘heated exchange’ explains why the Today Show SUCKS ROCKS !!!!! speaking of ROCKS….i agree with Sue and skiph1……

  • Sheryl Eisner Conerly

    The true heart of “Christmas” is a Pagan holiday.

  • http://outinthestreetfilms.com/ Out in the Street Films

    A life size windup Barbie doll. Political Barbie.

  • Mell

    It just shows what Tea Party People are made of…

  • jimnjoy

    Just like Matt Lauer to change the subject when it looks like he's going to get educated.

  • njp

    Martin Bashir's remarks were so far wrong, an apology does not go far enough. I do recall when Sarah Palin put crosshairs on the US Map and she did not apologize enough for her actions, especially following Gaby Giffords horrific injury. Too many people get away with actions and words today, there are no filters.
    My question is why does Sarah Palin continue to be invited to do interviews and is even given any news space.

  • Steve

    Her whole life is talking points created by those with a brain. Then she memorizes them and keeps repeating them. That's how her presidential run was, and we all saw what happened when asked simple questions, such as what magazines do you read. Pathetic

  • lindagon

    Are M. Bachman and S. Palin related???




    add the word “have” between ” you and shown’
    ADD AND “S’ BEHIND THE “T” and maybe a space between the “some” where”

  • wjm457

    Mrs. Palin is simply brilliant. Of course we should use a free market for our healthcare. Of course, she doesn't really know what that would entail, but by golly, it sure sounds good to her fans.

  • astroguy54

    Grandma needs to get really conservative and speak only when spoken to.

  • DarkOverLord

    Millions of people can't afford automobile coverage and millions more are covered by sub-standard plans. Why hasn't Obama addressed this serious crisis? The government can provide affordable top rate insurance just like they do for health care.

  • Joe Micall

    all you monkey write, monkey do liberals show the intelligence of the Gomer side of the morons who elected the next self center man to the highest office in the land. If Sarah is sick, then our leader is dead. And all you Hollywood morons can kiss his behind to continue your journey to the debt ruin of our country. It will be then that the truth will allow you to understand less money in, more money going out will eventually lead us to bankruptcy. The only way I would understand your gomer acceptance of his plan to change America, is that you run your household and lives as confusing as his running this country.

  • sean

    why is palin in the lime light? is it because she represents the majority of white trailer trash in this country? she has no education, the only reason she is being promoted is because she and her hubby are white trailer trash

  • JoAnn

    The trouble with Sarah Palin is she knows deep down she cost the Republicans the election. So……………….. she went to the Tea Party. They are so racist that if President Obama found a cure for cancer, they would dispute that and want to appeal it. She can't stand it that a black man is so much smarter than her and that wouldn't take much

  • dan55886

    Does she Have a high school diploma?

  • Donald Graham

    Twee-dle-dumb and twee-dle-dumber take your choice on which is which, but I sure wish both of them would go away

  • Bo Hanan

    She's “actually” not any smarter after all these years.

  • Lisa Crane

    Are you serious !!!!! Nothing revs me up more then this kind of thing !!!!!! Unbelievable !!!!! A woman in a pink sweater who is truthful as well as straight up about what actually is, has been and will be for ALL Americans to a news caster who wants to present himself as a smart intellectual kind of guy to all the idiots out there who suck this crap up believing it is good for them………..Stupidity at it's very best….. !!!!! They both speak truth but make a choice America. Just like the choice we have everyday….Heaven or Hell !!!!! I just don't get it.

  • Lisa Crane

    This whole commentary section is just an example of how many idiots, followers and totally uneducated people we have in our once great country. Politics overall are not my thing and I just like Sarah don't put all my confidence in one person, There is so much dishonesty in all of it. But the fact is I do have common sense and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what is going to be the best for all. It is simply beyond me how absolutely stupid the majority of America really is.

  • David Regenthal

    Palin talks a lot but she doesn't say much . . .

  • JackfromBurrRidge

    Few people in our world have an ego problem larger than S.P,s. She is without a doubt a detriment to the republican party, with her constant ranting and negative remarks with no attempts at adding any positive flow to any discussion she chooses to involve herself in. I sincerely wish she would stay in Wasila Ak. and keep her mouth shut………….