Cher Calls Donald Trump a ‘Flaming A–hole’

Cher Calls Donald Trump a 'Flaming A–hole'

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In prolonged Twitter war, Cher admits that Donald Trump's hair is his own — but she still likens him to a fiery rectum

Don't bother asking Cher how she feels about Donald Trump — she'll let you know without being prompted.

Cher called Trump a “flaming asshole” on Thursday in the latest volley of an ongoing Twit-fit between the “Believe” singer and the “Celebrity Apprentice” boss.

The digital donnybrook between the two began Monday, when Cher expressed dismay after discovering that Trump has business ties to retail giant Macy's. (Perhaps she stumbled across the online petition aimed at getting Macy's to dump Trump as a spokesman.)

The singer quickly took a shot at Trump — who all but called for revolution in the streets following the reelection of President Barack Obama last week — along with Trump's curious bird's-nest of a hairdo.

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“I’ll NEVER GO TO MACY’S AGAIN ! I didnt know they sold Donald Trump’s Line!” Cher fumed. “If they don’t care that they sell products from a LOUDMOUTH RACIST CRETIN, WHO’D LIE LIKE ‘HIS RUG’ TO GET SOME CHEAP PRESS ! I CANT BELIEVE MACY’S THINKS HE’S THE RIGHT ‘MAN’ 2 REPRESENT THEIR NAME!”

Trump quickly fired off a response — and clarified that the thing perched on top of his head isn't a toupee.

“@cher should spend more time focusing on her family and dying career!” Trump replied, later adding, “I don’t wear a ‘rug’ — it’s mine. And I promise not to talk about your massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work.”

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Cher corrected herself on the hairpiece issue — but added a parting shot, characterizing Trump as a fiery rectum.

“2 set the record straight..I Took a Cheap Shot At Trumps Hair…I WAS WRONG!” the “I Got You Babe” songbird offered.  “However….. He is a Flaming Asshole & I Hope Macy’s Dumps Him!”

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Cher's hope isn't likely to be realized anytime soon. Macy's — which carries Trump's fragrance and clothing line — hasn't made any indication that it plans to part with Trump. A company spokesman told TheWrap on Tuesday that Macy's is more concerned with providing variety for its customers than the opinions of its spokespeople.

“Macy’s marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position,” the statement reads. “Many of the individuals associated with products sold at Macy's — or at any retailer, for that matter — express personal opinions that are not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company. In our merchandise assortment, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations for unique and interesting products across a broad array of styles, categories and brands. This allows our customers to choose what they prefer.”

  • Coach

    Macy's will have a mass exodus of rich customers who hate this hag. I think it is even WORSE that he actually admits that that head of ‘hair’ is his.

    • Annalisa Smith

      The rich don't shop at Macy's-how naive!

      • Coach

        Well, thank you for not calling me an idiot or stupid or some of the favorite names of people who hide behind their keyboard! :)

        Yes, you are right, I am SO not rich, so calling me naive is about as true as it gets about that stuff, haha. If it isn't “Savers” second-hand store, I have no clue who shops there! LOL! Truth!

        • Annalisa Smith

          I moved away from a neighborhood that became very
          “Hoity Toity”. To me it was my average home that was
          turned upside down by Phoney Baloneys. The rich are
          just like anyone else only they're less interesting and
          very sterile. The place became filled with Banks and
          Real Estate companies and many cool stores went out
          of business. Well, there goes the neighborhood!lol
          I don't brag about how much money I spend-as an intrepid
          bargain hunter I brag about how little I pay.It's fun!

          • Coach

            Same here! I LOVE finding great bargains and will brag about THAT. My x MIL used to take people on tours of her home and brag about how much everything cost. GAWD so self-aggrandizing. Make it a great day!!

          • Annalisa Smith

            Thanks for replying! I too have an x MIL(a long time ago)
            She was chinless and insisted on being called Marciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia!
            Married above herself and when I first met her she quoted
            the Duchess of Windsor's “A woman can neither be too thin
            nor too rich” before she knocked back another scotch and
            then stated when my x and I bent over to get something
            that had fallen “Look at those huge a##s's.! I don't know
            how she managed to live that long?

  • 63vet

    Didn't even read the article. Just saw the headline and had to say “Who really gives a flaming rat's a$$ what Cher thinks?”

  • soledo


  • Atrueamerican10000

    She's as interesting as anything Madonna has to say ….

  • RON T

    All you have to do is look at Chaz and say who is Cher to judge.

    • Angie Guarino

      yes yes and look at you…who are you to judge?

  • Don Geo

    money does not sometimes buy u friends….

  • jayedee99

    It looks like everyone got their full of the Trump!!! How could this be for the smartest man in the world?

  • Zepplin2

    Donal has never done anything good for the country… He is a large rectum for sure..
    I totally agree w/Cher.. Love you Cher

    • Annalisa Smith

      I like Cher but Hollywood has been too involved in our country's politics.
      They do more for other countries than their own. They make entirely too
      much money for the junk they are now turning out and their gluttonous
      lifestyles thrown in our faces during these hard and frightening times is
      totally insensitive, Many people are not buying or viewing their products.

    • Patriot

      Cher is one dumb, uninteresting P.O.S. Enough said.

  • get the money

    Trump is a PUNK CHUMP,,,,, and Cher is hot

    • Annalisa Smith

      You must need eyeglasses and a hearing aid. You WISH you could be
      Trump. Are you over 12 years old because it's apparent your wealth of knowledge is limited. Trump couldn't care less about his detractors but
      he will correct misinformation from twits on public media.

      • get the money

        I would'nt wanta be trump on my best day

    • Patriot

      Cher is not hot!!!

      • NanaK

        Cher is hot????? You seriously need glasses!! She spent a lot of money to look DISFIGURED!!! Have you NOT seen how weird she looks? NBut then, it fits in with what she rally is; weird and a dumb-ass!

    • MyDogSamEatsPurpleFlowers

      Who told you that Cher is hot?
      Stevie Wonder?

      • get the money

        My boy you don't remember sonny and cher….she is hot,,, shes 70 now and still looks good

  • cal10pilot

    who is this cher person? did she ever get further than the 3rd grade? isn't she the one with an opinion about syria? did anyone read that? me either

    • NanaK

      Love this!! You're right, third grade brains!!!

    • Thomas Ongaki

      Refuse the temptation to be cynical, the tool of the lazy thinker and refuse to see people as anything less than human beings created by God!

  • Annalisa Smith

    Donald Trump, for all his flaws, is one of the most interesting people around. I never tire of hearing his opinions, some of which I find hilarious. I like his “in your face”
    attitude. I feel he is a brilliant business tycoon, a good father (his children seem
    happy and well-adjusted) and decent to his ex-wives ( has never bad-mouthed them). I sometimes agree with his politics but I'm an Independent. I'm sure he's
    charitable to legitimate organizations. I do recall that he was thinking of declaring bankruptcy but saved himself. Why would he deny it if anyone can look it up in
    public records? I have never heard of the host with the overkill of various pop-up
    “stars” every second of the day. Donald was famous and will continue to be long
    after their last whimper. I dislike Macy's and no longer shop there for their lack
    of products made in the USA.

    • Coach

      That amazes me also, that he would lie about something so easy to dispute. But I think he is using a little ‘switcheroo’ as “HE” did not file bankruptcy, his companies have, 4 times now. So in a ‘way’ he is right, but he KNOWS what is meant by he filed bankruptcy. Alec Baldwin is interesting also, but he is STILL a douche, LOL.

      • Annalisa Smith

        Thanks for the heads up. I didn't look beneath the surface. Trump
        doesn't treat his wives badly but Baldwin has had his moments.
        I find Baldwin superfluous and Trump hysterical-even his hair.

    • Angie Guarino

      Oh you just like his money cuz thats all he's got, no class, bully, windbag. Thank you that is all.

  • Apprentice Jumped the Shark

    Donald is such a douche bag. I used to like the guy years ago, but he seems to make a fool out of himself on a weekly basis. Donald is so childish. He's always name calling and fighting with girls. I swear he acts just like a little 10 year old boy.

    • NanaK

      Perhaps, you're the fool!!!

  • Patriot

    Cher has made yet another public error, it is not Donald who is the flaming a.. hole, it is in fact Cher herself.

  • Martin Morrison

    trump did go bankrupt and is a asshole.

  • GreatNorthern

    What a phony media site this is……you must sign in (as I just did) to disagree with the comment, but it will take anybody for a agree vote. Anybody that takes advice from a washed up “plastic coated” turd like Cher is themselves a moron.

  • GreatNorthern

    Cher is just another Hollywood “has been” who will do anything to get their name back in the news. Her parenting skills and advice over the years has become apparent lately. The living proof of that is her offspring, Chaz, Chastity (male or female? Nobody knows) I do not know who is uglier at this point.

  • NanaK

    What exactly Cher done for this country? Let's see: Paraded half naked most of her adult life in front of thousands for MONEY, abused drugs, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make herself look disfigured, raised a kid who couldn't decide if IT was male or female, her other kid is a drug addict like his father, supported idiots to run for office, along with all her Hollywood trash friends…… So tell me again, what exactly she did for this country? NOTHING!!! She sang her songs for money.. Donald Trump has his faults, but at least his kids are none of the above!! They are normal young people who contribute to society, unlike the kids of the Hollywood trash.. And at least he has the guts to speak the truth about what is going in our government, with Obaloser at the helm, unlike his boot-licker Hollywood supporters, who don't admit what they know is true, lest they offend their DC friends and don't get invited to the white house for dinner…..

    • Thomas Ongaki

      My goodness thank you for admitting that Donald Trump has his own faults meaning no one is perfect even you so do not judge other wrong for the right thing you have't done!

  • Denise

    Right on Cher..big mouth Trump has had way too much air time! All his birther crap is just that crap! Got nothing better to do Donald? Help people who need it!

  • Anonymous

    “Plastic face” should know an asshole, since her face looks like one!

  • wayne Bradley

    Cher is lowlife Democrat Skank

  • MyDogSamEatsPurpleFlowers

    Both Donald Trump and Cher are outspoken wind bags. But what they both have to say can be pretty comical at times.

  • Molly NYC

    Bless her, she's just stating the obvious.