Apple Prepares to Unveil iPhone 5 Oct. 4

Apple is ready to “talk iPhone” at event next week

Apple fans rejoice: The newest iPhone will be unveiled Oct. 4.

On Tuesday, the Cupertino-based company emailed invitations (pictured below) to a press event. "Let's talk iPhone," the invitations said.

There have been all kinds of rumors about the iPhone 5: Earlier this month, thenextweb reported that Apple board member — and former Vice President — Al Gore implied there would be more than one new iPhone.

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There's been talk that Sprint will offer the iPhone, that Apple is telling employees of its retail stores that they can't go on vacation in the second week of October, that there's a defect in the iPhone 5's panels.

This will be the first major announcement since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO in August. While it gives the new CEO, Tim Cook, a chance to shine, it's also a reminder that Jobs is no longer running the company's day-to-day operations.

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And analysts will be watching closely to see how the private Cook handles the spotlight.

The announcement not entirely a surprise. 9to5Mac reported in August that the new phone was on the way — and predicted Apple would unveil it in October.