Jim Carrey Apologizes to Assault Weapons Owners

Jim Carrey Apologizes to Assault Weapons Owners

The star of "Kick-Ass 2" had a change of heart on Twitter after calling gun owners "maniacs" and "heartless motherf—ers"

Jim Carrey apologized to assault weapons owners on Twitter after calling them out on the very same social media platform within the past 12 months.

Here is the actor's recent attempt to make amends:

  • Fignewton

    Good-bye Jim Carrey! You are worthless, and without honor or redemptive value. You have had your say about the maniacs with guns, now as proof of your sentiment, why don't you give the money back that you were paid for the expendables movies? It might give you some credibility back but I doubt it. Besides I am very confident that will never happen. So please go away and crawl back under that two faced boulder you slithered out from and the rest of us will try real hard to even remember that you existed.

  • runbot

    Did you apologize to Charlton Heston's family?