Jon Stewart: A Gaffe Is Born (Video)

A gaffe by President Obama spawns one by Mitt Romney — and the circle of life continues

Jon Stewart invoked "The Lion King" on Monday's "Daily Show" to explain how the circle of life works for political gaffes.

First Obama committed one, by saying, "the private sector is fine." (No need for context; part of what makes a gaffe a gaffe is that it can be taken out of context so as to sound crazy.) Within hours, Stewart noted, Obama's statement had become a talking point for Republicans, and even an attack ad.

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But former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney responded with a gaffe of his own, when attacking Obama's gaffe.

"He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers — did he not get the message in Wisconsin?" Romney asked, referring to Wisconsin's recent recall election of — never mind. We forgot. No context needed.

And so the circle of gaffe life continued, Stewart explained. Romney's remark became a Democratic talking point, an attack ad, and so on.

"Simply breathtaking," Stewart said, fanning himself as "The Circle of Life" played in the background.

Watch the video:

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