Rihanna, Beyonce Voice Objections to George Zimmerman Verdict

Rihanna, Beyonce Voice Objections to George Zimmerman Verdict

Michael Moore, Lena Dunham, Olivia Wilde express outrage and sympathy for Trayvon Martin's family

Rihanna and Beyonce expressed their outrage and shock about George Zimmerman's acquittal this weekend in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Beyonce called for a moment of silence during a concert appearance in Nashville, Tenn. on Saturday, before singing a chorus of "I Will Always Love You" as a tribute to the slain young man, according to a report in the Associated Press.

Rihanna voiced her objections to the jury's decision on Instagram. The singer posted a picture of Martin, along with a personal message.

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"A child was gunned down for no reason!" Rihanna wrote. "And nothing about that sounds like murder? My baby brother is 17, this rocked my whole shit! #thesystemisandhasalwaysbeenphucked"

Her message was "liked" by over 345,000 users.

Lena Dunham, Russell Simmons, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore and Olivia Wilde were among the celebrities who took to Twitter to vent their displeasure over the not guilty verdict.

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"This has to be a call to action," Wilde tweeted. "We must participate in the political process and demand the justice system we ALL deserve."

While Moore tweeted, "Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death… DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?"