Bob Costas Slams CBS Sports for Ignoring the Golf-Masters’ ‘Racism and Sexism’

Bob Costas Slams CBS Sports for Ignoring the Golf-Masters' 'Racism and Sexism'

NBC broadcaster says the Augusta National Golf Club's dark history is "the elephant in the room" and CBS ought to acknowledge it

Bob Costas has slammed CBS Sports’ television coverage of the Masters golf tournament, saying the network has never acknowledged the “history of racism and sexism” by the Augusta National Golf Club, the private club that runs the historic tournament.

Augusta National, which was established in 1933, did not admit its first black member until 1990, and it did not invite a woman to join until 2012, despite organized protests from the National Council of Women's Organizations and pickets outside the grounds of the event.

Getty ImagesIn 2003 and 2004, it required CBS to broadcast the Masters commercial-free to stave off the threat of boycotts directed at the tournament's sponsors.

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Costas made the remarks on Dan Patrick's radio show on Friday morning. At the end of the interview, which focused on the new movie “42,” Patrick asked Costas to take part in a lighthearted game in which listeners imitated the hushed tones and reverent verbiage of longtime Masters announcer Jim Nance.

Costas declined to do a Nance impression, and pointed out that as a lifelong employee of NBC, he would never be in the position to cover the Masters. Then he dropped the hammer.

“What no CBS announcer has ever alluded to, even in passing, even during a rain delay, even when there was time to do so, is Augusta's history of racism and sexism,” Costas said. “Even when people were protesting just outside the grounds. Forget about taking a side – never acknowledging it.

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“So not only would I never work the Masters because I'm not at CBS, but I'd have to say something, and then I would be ejected.”

Masters officials are known to be extraordinarily sensitive about coverage of their tournament. As Costas pointed out, legendary golf announcer Jack Whitaker was banned from broadcasting the tournament for a number of years after referring to the carefully-controlled gallery of fans as “a mob” in 1966.

In 1994, announcer Gary McCord ran afoul of the prickly Augusta National organizers by remarking that one green was cut so closely it could have been “bikini-waxed.” He was not invited back.

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Added Costas, “Not that Augusta isn't a lovely place, and not that [Augusta National chairman] Billy Payne, who ran the '96 Olympics in Atlanta, isn't my friend, and not that I haven't played there with him, which I did the one time I visited … It was the most gracious, wonderful thing you could ever imagine.

“And yet they do have a history that ought to be reckoned with, that they've only recently comes to terms with, if you call this coming to terms with it.”

Afterwards, Patrick was taken aback.

“I think, he's setting me up with a joke in the beginning,” Patrick said. “… I thought, here's comes the punchline. But a punch in the stomach is what it is.”

Costas said the problem with CBS's coverage has not been its overall tone of hushed respect, but its failure to recognize that the darker history of Augusta National is an “elephant in the room.”

“I'm not talking about forcing this issue down everyone's throats while Tiger Woods is lining up a birdie putt,” he said. “What you're looking for here is not a full discussion, because you couldn't do it justice, but an acknowledgement.

“I think somebody should have had the guts to do it at some point along the way. Broadcaster, executive – somebody should have said to someone at Augusta, ‘Look, this is an issue … and it's an elephant in the room. And we're going to address it … so that our heads are not in the collective sand trap.”

When Patrick pointed out that CBS was no doubt wary of damaging its long-term relationship with the prestigious tournament, Costas agreed.

“It's a business thing,” Costas said. “And if that's the case, just talk about guns. No one can get in trouble that way.”

  • djn

    Whats the matter Augusta wouldn't allow girlie costas into their facilities? What a p_ssy. Obviously, he is gripping his brain too often and too hard.


      Doesn't have anything between his ears or legs.

  • SwimCards

    It's time to get Costas out of sports. No one wants to hear his political rants [during sporting events].


      We wants sports, not politics of self-loathing whites.

  • jomapa

    if bob is so upset about augusta, why did he golf there?


      Closet racist. That's why. Leftists are the most racist people on planet Earth. That's why Democrats and leftists throughout society love identity politics, hyphenated “Americans,” social segregation, tribalism, white self-loathing, and the Third Worldization of America.

      • dswx

        Wow, project much? (Hint: the answer is “yes”.)
        BTW, your ignorance and hate for America is palpable.

        • Dark Ages

          As is yours

      • pete

        Wow – jump to conclusions much? So I guess I should assume you been reading a lot of Glenn Beck lately, got a stockpile of guns and love to meet the “guys” for some military tactics maneuvers and some beer every weekend in your pickup trucks? If you reasoning is true – why do conservative politicians never ever even come close to winning the black vote in any election?

        • the rooster

          Because they want handouts. Hell, everybody knows that.

          • pete

            thanks rooster for spinning the discussion to state another great Reagan talking point that again feeds the obvious sterotypes – and confirms the continued dumbing down of a the American public. bravo

  • Mark D. Parker

    Costas is a complete and utter douchebag.


      Insulting to douchebags.

  • Walt

    NBC and Costa's golf colleagues are much worse than CBS. Johnny Miller believes everyone is bad but him. Costas and his liberal colleagues cannot even compare. Example; President's Cup You would have thought the Internationals were a bunch of school boys

    • TVMAN

      Bobby and Johnny can say what ever they want, as they have been eliminated from golf coverage by FOX. I can't see The Golf Channel getting along with the new kids.

  • BfGaR

    Good for Bob Cost as! Every time we wink at any “-ism” it simply adds to the danger that it might occur again.

    • Gomiboy

      You mean like patriotism?

  • BS

    Costas, just go ahead and move over to MSNBC. It worked out well for Keith Olberman.

    • malibea

      If you don't act as a racist or a bigot, then you should move over to MSNBC, why is that? Is it because everywhere else, racists and bigots are ALLOWED or maybe even welcomed? Seems that way to me.The stupid racist behavior won't last though.

  • Thackery

    Costas is right. There are a lot of white guys who are intimidated by blacks and by women. They need a place to hide from them and pretend they are macho types. They tend to have plastic gonads from the hitches of their “macho” trucks. It's all a cover for their insecurity about their manhood.
    These types of men hate those who have exposed them and call them names like little children. Most of them must be conservatives. Those are the people with the most insecurity, fear and paranoia.

    • Really

      I don't know a single white man who is ‘intimidated’ by any black man but if it makes you feel better to write such a thing then nice job. I guess any ‘all black’ organization or club are a bunch of black men who are ‘intimidated’ by white men. Your statement is a crock and you sir are a racist.

      • dswx

        Go to a country club and hang out in the grill room or bar while the TV has Fox News on and the President's face is shown. The entire room will erupt will vile racial slurs and hate the likes of which the Taliban must love. So who's the racist, again?

        Thought so.

        • Gomiboy

          Likely all of us. Yourself included.

  • Deez Nutz

    Why is Costas playing the race card? does someone need some attention?


      The race card is for people who have no intelligence, good looks, talent, personality, class, or a future. In other words, they are life's losers.

  • BUD187

    What a complete tool. NBC and this runt carries the Olympics from CHINA and he talks about the Masters and their policies???

    • guido

      Did you notice he was sitting on the Costas booster chair!!!


        Hope he falls out of it and goes boom.


      Run him out of town. Or have a lynching.

      • Flei

        Lynching? Really? I love (hate) when people say something that is just on the edge of racist, then claim that they are being “misunderstood”. I'm sure that you didn't mean that as a reference to the thousands of slaves and Native Americans that were lynched by white people. Close your eyes, picture a lynching in your head, and tell me what you see. Then make up a lie to so you don't have to admit you saw the same thing everybody else did: a person of color being murdered as a group of white people watch. Subtle racism is just an attempt to be clever and hope that people don't pick up on the horrible meaning of your words.

        There is the chance that you simply picked bad wording without all the meaning behind it. If that is indeed the case, you need to do what kindergarteners do: learn what words mean before you use them.

  • grannypanties

    He needs to get a life.


      That old white guy can't get one.

  • Hank Bond, Jr.

    Costas is a good example of what my wonderful grandmother use to say: “Some people always have an ax to grind.” How many men have been allowed to play in LPGA events? Are there clubs in typical Louisiana cities that might not be the best place for white dudes to go? Ignorant people should be careful about declaring themselves experts on anything, especially morality issues. The ACLU is a bunch of fools who go around doing stupid stuff, and you know, they think they are doing really great stuff. At least half of the stuff they do is as dumb as half the stuff the NRA does. I do not know which one is dumber, the ACLU or the NRA. Neither has very much common sense. That pretty much describes Costas. I guess his job requires that he always grind an ax and be controversial. He is much like Miley Cyrus. Like a mayor of New Orleans once said, “Any publicity is better than no publicity.” Whatever. Ol Hank

    • BillyRay

      Miley Cyrus is taller.

      • Gomiboy

        Certainly more attractive

  • extraclass

    The sub title says it all “Private Club”

  • pop

    OH boo hoo bob…..get a life…… cant shine a turd like him

  • Costas is Gay

    Costas has been irrelevant for at least a decade.

  • Russ Leak

    Costas is entirely too serious about himself.

  • Jim

    How sad. I used to really like Bob Costas, thought he was always a very good, fair, excellent sports reporter. Now he, like so many others, seems to have some kind of fake and politically correct guilt that makes him open his mouth for moronic things. Depending on the situation, I may agree about the “racism” aspect of this story (I don't know enough at the moment on that part to comment correctly), but as for sexism? WTF? WHY should they allow women? Who cares? Is it so horrible to have men's clubs, women's clubs? Does this really mean “equality” in some bizarre way just to NOT have a “men only” place?


      He always was an idiot. Just now showing his true colors. Just like people of color once they attain wealth and power-racists to the core-the Klan with a Tan. They hate whites more than whites ever hated them. To me the white media has spouted race card nonsense just to keep their jobs in a demographically changing America. They need validation to remain employed since they are becoming more of a racial minority.

      • pete

        You make a lot of wacky comments Delm – r u just a troll? Talk about a 180 spin job. Bob is 100x more intelligent then you'll ever be cause you live in your own echo chamber.

  • Free Iphone Now!

    Well… it's not like he's not telling the TRUTH…….
    Problem with prejudice these days is – the ‘solution’ is to pretend it never existed.

  • manufacturer2

    Augusta National is a PRIVATE course.
    They can institute whatever rules they damn well please.
    You don't like it, they don't give a s*h*i*t*.
    You say something, they don't invite you back.
    Hear that Costas?!? You loud mouthed midget.

  • Hogan

    Hey Costa go to OWN network they are hiring


    Come on Bobby, it's a business decision that you “don't bite the hand”. On a scale of 1-10 regarding their humor and demeanor, Augusta members and management are a minus 100! These stiffs are still waiting for the “South To Rise Again”.

  • Chewy

    Who in the heck is Bob Costa's!!! The less you talk about his idiot remarks- the less you will hear from him!!! It is all about who can get what stirred up!!! SSSHHHHHH and he will fade back into the dark since he knows nothing about any sports venue!!!!

  • clemdane

    Good for him! It's about time somebody acknowledged it.

  • Bob_BBA70

    Costas should shut his mouth, he's part of the system of sports, now he decides to grand Stand, his holier than thou crap sickens me. Pompous Ass. The next thing you'll see him talking about is need for the Redskins to change their name.


      People play the race card and fake liberalism to sound “holier” than they really are. Trying to cover up their hidden racial attitudes to sace their jobs and reputations

      • pete

        again with the 180 spin job. Liberals are trying to cover up being racists? Again, why don't minorities ever vote for republicans then?- That would pure factual evidence that you could actual claim in support of your theory – rather than your Beckish opinion. But the facts don't point that out do they?

  • Costas Luvs Bawlz In Mouf

    Costas is a douche bag liberal

  • acoolone

    Bob Costas is a f@got and the worst excuse for a sportscast I have even seen, the guy makes people want to throw up every time he's on TV. His opinion means nothing to millions and millions of people across this country.

  • Mel lloyd

    Costas of course has a right to free speech but for my part I am only interested in his announcing which he does fairly well I wonder what makes these celebrities think they are so important that they have to make public statements about everything.

  • Mel lloyd

    Part of the reason I seldom watch him.

  • StanLee

    …..and the rest of the nation should protest and boycott NBC for hiring only idiots!!


    Bob Costas-get a life.

  • pr1boricua

    Why is it that sportscasters think their opinions matter. Bob Costas is a GOOF plain and simple . Besides I get more pleasure watching dead fish float . Then watching golf.

  • WhitePower

    I agree with all of you. Screw Costas and all The blacks and women too!!! Can we still keep one sport for real Men..Hey it is called THE MASTERS right?

  • Mike Andrews

    Costas was the kid getting atomic wedgies in HS……the perennial waterboy. No one cares Bobby….

  • jwh

    It is still the best tournament by far to watch.
    Few commercials
    Shots shown not just putting.
    Less announcer personal yapping. (this would keep Costas at bay)
    Course changes over the years without destroying the combination of possible endings.
    Seems any competitor can win there.
    Why is it sooooo important to show the past relative to gender and race?
    When a player is qualified he is asked no matter who he is. It's been this way for a long long time.

  • joeind

    What a pompous A%$wh*@!, lets not make sports political, we have enough of it
    everyday. I hope all sporting events are open to all without prejudice.

  • mj

    another liberal twit/hack heard from

  • Dwayne Wayne

    I've never been invited either, but I don't give a kr ap.

  • Paul M

    Who's Bob Costas and why should we care what he thinks?

  • tlmmrm

    Women have the right to “Women's Clubs” too. And every time everything is made a race issue it perpetuates racism. I realize that many so-called leaders have to constantly make everything a race issue otherwise they have lost their power. They really don't want it to go away as they would then have no importance. I don't care what color a person is. I do care how a person acts.

  • the_muser

    Costas is a moron. Shot up Bob.

  • psyrn

    Shut up Costas,
    You're a Birkenstock wearin, dope smokin liberal douche. Nobody cares about your opinions. This is SPORTS. It's not a forum for you to bellow out your crybaby bleeding heart sobbing drivel. The sports world is sick of you. Go work for CNN or some other bullshit network that tries to find racism in every nook and cranny of the world, even when there is none to be found. Tiger Woods is black (if you haven't noticed), and he is all the sporting news networks talk about pertaining to golf whether he is winning or sucking regardless. You are just like all liberals in that you hate yourself and are embarrassed to be white and a male, and you apologize for same. I have no idea what gives you any ambassadorship regarding sports. You are annoying as hell. So piss off.

  • Rashby12a

    Let's keep bringing up the past because we don't have enough problems to deal with right now.

  • army66-69

    Shut up.

  • Gomiboy

    Costas is a little man, with a little mind, and a very little following.

  • johnny737

    I don't care what anyone employed by the current administration says about anything. It's getting harder to find a sportscaster.

  • Bill

    Did he “have the guts” to say anything while he was standing on the 1st tee ? What a complete and total hypocrite. Hasn't been relevant for a long time. Now he wants to “start the conversation ?”

  • Michael B

    Hey Costas, how about acknowledging you're no longer relevant; a hypocrite, too, while you're at it. You sure didn't mind the all expense trip to China, did you?

  • Surprised?

    Amazing how these racists bastards go attacking the messenger. Quite pathetic that we are in the 21st century and these human diarrhea still exists. South Africa has made better achievements in getting rid of the nasty racists scums.

    • surprised2?

      I guess we'll just rejoice when all these garbage disappears from the face of the earth. Lets hope that they breed rebellious and more intelligent kids or retards that never procreate.

  • crw

    You are a sports personality for gosh sakes! Stick to sports! No one appointed you God…and no one is interested in your opinion, no matter what you think! You've lost all creditability with me!

  • pete

    If America as a whole has a hard time reconciling its 300 year history of racism and class warfare then surely one little country club will struggle with its own history and take desperate measure to find a way to ignore it. We fought over this during the Civil War and then 100 years later still had to pass the Civil Rights Act cause we still couldn't get “fairness and racism” to co-exist amongst ALL people. That was only 48 years ago! You don't fix 300 years of wrong and cultural destruction in just 48 years. Just because you make it “fair” on the books, doesn't make it fair in real like. In this case, it takes a lot time to heal all wounds.

  • pete

    A lot of people just want their sports on a benign platter of wholesome American pie. A true journalist – who does his job – looks at sports in the context of our true current reality. No sport takes place in a vacuum (aka – the various disasters and boycotts at the Olympics). But as shown by these comments, most don't like true reality, just their own little glass house where they can ignore problems they can't see..

  • Tailgunner

    What is the matter with the answer: It's their GD private club and they can do as they please, and if you don't like it, go the F away.

  • DonnaCabel0

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