‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Parody — Emma Roberts With a Tramp Stamp

Can’t wait for David Fincher’s adaptation? Funny Or Die offers its take on it

David Fincher’s film adaptation of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” promises to have plenty of sex and violence. Its much-buzzed about trailer guaranteed that.

But if the suspense is killing you, Funny or Die offers its own adaption – “The Girl With the Tramp Stamp Tattoo.”

Rising star Emma Roberts is a young, heavy-drinking, promiscuous detective recruited to help “True Blood” cast member Joe Magnaniello with his investigation.

As Magnaniello’s boss says, Roberts “can be a little rowdy, a little goosy,” and that’s putting it lightly.

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Donning hoop earnings and carrying a bejeweled smartphone, the girl is “DTF” and has to consult Facebook to know about her recent hook-ups.

Oh, and that tattoo – a “Breathe” tramp stamp.

Which trailer do you prefer?

Emma Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Brian Huskey, Ray Wise, Seth Morris, Jake Szymanski, Funny Or Die, Jennie Pierson, NickCorirossi, BoTown Sound, Lauryn Kahn, and Kat Bardot”>The Girl With The Tramp Stamp Tattoo from Emma Roberts