Greta Van Susteren Disses CNN for ‘Softer’ Approach (Video)

Greta Van Susteren Disses CNN for 'Softer' Approach (Video)

The Fox News personality stopped by Larry King's Ora TV show with harsh words for the cable news network that once employed them both

Greta Van Susteren stopped by "Larry King Now," Larry King's Ora TV talk show, on Thursday to take a few digs at CNN's new direction.

The Fox News commentator, who, like King, once worked for CNN, accused the channel of going soft on the news.

"I think now as CNN goes a little softer, I wonder if they're forgetting that what they were successful at was delivering the news," she said.

Van Susteren even had a few suggestions for CNN, recommending the rival network cover the genocide in Sudan's Nuba Mountains (as she herself has done). International coverage is expensive and harder to sell, she said, but "if you're gonna spend the money for a helicopter over a disabled cruise ship, if you got that kinda cash, why not spend it to send people to the Nuba Mountains?"

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But she didn't stop there: Van Susteren talked about Howard Kurtz's upcoming move to Fox News, saying that while they've had disagreements in the past, they "remain friends." She then criticized CNN's decision to lose Kurtz – and King.

"I think it's a loss for CNN," she said of Kurtz's move, calling King's departure CNN's biggest loss.

"How do you get rid of the brand?" Van Susteren asked, to King's visible amusement; "That was really stupid."

Watch the videos below:

  • w walker

    Van Sustern's comments about CNN and major “news” outlets points to an increasingly pitiful state of affairs of news broadcasting. CNN, once the worldwide source for serious news content has lowered the bar considerably to appeal to the lowest common denominator in an effort to boost its ratings. Fox’ s fact starved opinionated “news” output is just so much noise calculated to appeal to a strident myopic conservative base. Somewhere, the objective of presenting relevant news that inform the public about important issues of the day has been lost and replaced with celebrity watching. Print news media outlets are either dead or slowly dying. In the end, “We the People”, who depended these outlets to inform and educate us about the issues and leaders that effect our daily lives are less informed and ill prepared to ask even the right questions abut relevant issues let alone engage in intelligent public debate. Al Jazeera America, ironically enough, is beginning to fill that void. Hopefully those seeking to better informed will discover this news outlet.