Journalists Wounded in Israel Bombing in Gaza

Journalists Wounded in Israel Bombing in Gaza

Eight journalists from various broadcast news outlets were wounded in two Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on Sunday

Eight journalists were wounded in in Gaza as the Israeli Defense Force bombed two media buildings, Reuters reported.

Israel's military said it was targeting Hamas media devices on the roofs of the buildings. The military accused Hamas of using reporters as human shields.

Sky News, German ARD, Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya, Beirut-based al Quds and other television news outlets had set up shop in the two buildings, Reuters said. An employee in one of the buildings lost his leg.

"Hamas took a civilian building and used it for its own needs. So the journalists … were serving as human shields for Hamas," an Israeli spokeswoman said in a statement.

Journalists rallied in the West Bank city of Ramallah to protest the strikes, as officials in the Palestinian Authority that rules the area called the attacks a "clear message against freedom of journalism and opinion."

The Committee to Protect Journalists, a leading U.S. group advocating press freedom, condemned the attacks.

"Journalists are civilians and are protected under international law in military conflict," Deputy Director Robert Mahoney said in a statement. "Israel knows this and should cease targeting facilities housing media organizations and journalists immediately."

  • vladdrakul

    If you go into the middle of a war; with missiles, rockets, tanks, etc in full swing; you have only yourself to blame if you get hurt or killed. The frontline is no place for journalists who should do their job and get their info from the specially designated safe zones and AP communications centers.

    No doubt they were trying to film ‘atrocities’ to set up Israel for charges of inhumanity; being liberal supporters of anti-semitism and terror. Too bad these traitors are still breathing. A journalists duty is to nation first; just as it used to be in WWI and WW II. If not they may as well work as the Al Quaida network.

    Vietnam was lost ONLY because the commie press did a better job pushing defeatism than Pravda, TASS or any Third Reich Goebbles. Just like John Kerry whose vile cowardly treason was exposed by the ‘Fast Boaters’ and Jane ‘Hanoi’ Fonda; the fact that these treasons were not punished by the firing squad explains why Americans are still dying to this day and why a foreign dark skinned muslim terrorist is sitting in the ‘White’ House!’