Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie Say Goodbye to ‘Today’ Set With Mostly Ann Curry-less Retro (Video)

Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie Say Goodbye to 'Today' Set With Mostly Ann Curry-less Retro (Video)

Blink and you'll miss the longtime "Today" talent

The "Today" show bid the current incarnation of its set good-bye on Friday. Studio 1A will be renovated for the first time since 2006, and "Today's" current anchors were on hand to reminisce about old times in a retrospective of the last seven years.

Though clips featuring previous "Today" talent like Meredith Vieira and even the weekend version's substitute anchor David Gregory made the cut, one person was missing: Ann Curry, who worked out of that set for six of its seven years, first as the news anchor, and then in her ill-fated co-hosting stint opposite Matt Lauer, which unceremoniously ended last year.

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Curry wasn't entirely absent — there are few brief glimpses of "Today's" second-longest-serving news anchor when it couldn't be avoided, such as with the Dalai Lama's visit in 2010.

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Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales saw the set off with glasses of champagne.

Watch the video:

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  • Former Today Fan

    Who is making these decisions at NBC? Time and time again they have been shown how many viewers they have lost due to their horrendous treatment of this respected journalist, and yet they choose to again disrespect her. No wonder their ratings are in the toilet.

    • Wering55

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      I predicted this would happen! so long and good riddens matt and savannah! LOSERS!

  • HOLO

    I predicted this would happen! so long and good riddens matt and savannah! LOSERS!

    • TMax

      So did you actually read the article? Matt and Savannah aren't leaving the show. The show is getting a new set. They said goodbye to the set, not the show.

      • Jack

        Matt, quit wearing them old ugly black rim glasses, you are ugly enough without them.

  • Pepper

    That is so despicable!! Yes, Who is making these at NBC decisions? I continue to feel bad for Ann Curry and the lack of respect they have shown her. They obviously still haven't realized the impact she had on the show with there continual ratings decline! Will never go back to watching Today!

    • Jack

      Ugly people wear black rim glasses (Matt)

  • Sherbert Lemon

    NBC's treatment of Ann Curry was the sole reason I stopped watching Today. Hearing about this is one more reason to avoid watching NBC. I also stopped watching the Tonight show because of the way they (and Leno) treated Conan O'Brien. NBC has a pattern of treating their talent like garbage and I can't support that.

  • KC

    Well, I didn't think I could detest the Today Show more than I already do, but today I hate it even more. Shame on them. They are like a bunch of mean girls.

  • Marsha

    Between this and Matt Lauer's crying like a baby over “the media” being mean to him, it just makes me hate that show even more. Haven't watched since Ann was fired and have no intention on going back. NBC is just the worst when it comes to being jerks when it comes to their talent. I hope they continue to sink in the ratings.

  • Brett

    Keep the set, keep Ms. Curry,,, send that self righteous Lauer home. He's the reason I stopped watching.

  • Firefly

    When the common denominator in the whole debacle is Mat Laur then the most sensible thing to do would be to get rid to Mat Laur. I won't go back to watching the Today show because of Mat and Natalie Morales. Here they are on their high horse thinking they are better than Ann Curry but they are the ones that were having an affair. I wonder how his wife lived through that one. I enjoyed watching Ann, But I do not like watching that weasle Mat. So goodby NBC ratings, you made your bed now you must lie in it.