‘The View’ Debates Bill Maher's ‘Retarded’ Comment About Sarah Palin's Son – Without Hearing It (Video)

'The View' Debates Bill Maher's 'Retarded' Comment About Sarah Palin's Son – Without Hearing It (Video)

Palin took to Twitter last week to slam the comedian for "hatefully" mocking her son at a Las Vegas gig after reading a blog post from an offended audience member

Bill Maher, no stranger to making politically incorrect statements, used the word “retarded” while referencing Sarah Palin's 5-year-old son, Trig, during a stand up show in Las Vegas on June 8, and the ladies of “The View” weighed in on his comments during Monday morning's show.

One problem, though. Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't know what the comedian actually said.

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“Comedian Bill Maher, apparently, called Sarah Palin's 5 year old, developmentally challenged son, Trig, retarded and Sarah blasted him on Twitter as a bully,” Goldberg said while introducing the topic. “Is he a bully? What is he?”

Goldberg is, apparently, referencing a blog post Palin linked to on Twitter while slamming Maher for being a “bully” who “hatefully” mocks children.

Written by Ron Futrell, a former Las Vegas sports broadcaster and Breitbart News contributor with a special needs child of his own, the blog recounts his reaction to the  joke, but fails to identify what the joke or exact comment was.

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“Maher chose to make a joke about Palin's son, Trig and in the process he used the ‘R’ word to describe this 5-year-old special needs boy,” Futrell wrote. “I was so disgusted and a bit surprised that I forgot the exact joke. Perhaps he saves this joke for live audiences only. The audience of more supposed compassionate, caring leftists loved the joke and roared with laughter.”

Without hearing or reading Maher's comment in question, the ladies on ABC's “The View” developed passionate, yet divisive positions.

Although Walters brought up her deceased older sister, Jackie, who was reguarly called retarded — “a derogatory and painful remark” — before society adopted the term “mentally challenged,” she defended Maher.

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“I don't think he intended it to be mean spirited,” Walters said. “He likes to take on Sarah Palin, a lot of people do. She can fight back and she did, and I'm glad she did.”

Hasselbeck, one of Maher's regular sparring partners in the media, could not give the comedian a pass.

“I think there's not a person on this earth right now who has a sense of mercy and love and understanding, who wouldn't go to a group of people, or in front of an audience, perhaps, and not know that that would maybe make someone feel bad,” Hasselbeck said. “So I think it's odd that we would give any person, namely the person we mentioned before, the benefit of the doubt. I think that's really, really generous.”

Shepherd did not take a strong position one way or the other, and perhaps it's because she wasn't informed enough to do so.

“I wanna know what his joke was,” Shepherd said. “What was he joking about that he had to even bring Trig up?”

Good question. Here's the debate:

  • Denise

    I will be boycotting HBO. The Food Network was right in dropping Paula Deen for the N word … and HBO should follow suit and drop Maher for using the R word! Both words are hateful and demeaning.

    • Leftcoaster

      should Limbaugh be dropped for calling a young woman a slut?

      • Phil Williamson

        It's Ok for the “drugster” to slur people…he's a CONservative.

      • Robin

        Limbaugh says so many things that are way off track, who can take him seriously?

  • Denise

    And what is your take on the Paula Deen situation?

    • terry208

      I feel sick to my stomach and so bad for Paula, black people don't need this type of “protection” I want to meet the American black or white who has NEVER! said the n-word.I grew-up calling people wop's and dago's until I reached a certain maturity realized it was wrong and like Paula stopped doing it. damn, I sure wanted my own cooking show though

  • terry208

    I don't care what anyone says, that's funny right there!

    • Phil Williamson

      Larry the cable guy is in the HOUSE!

      • terry208

        Thanks Phil my post is over 2 months old, where you been? hope your well.

  • Jasen

    How can you be disgusted with his remarks when no one even knows what his remarks were? Did you read the article?

  • Leftcoaster

    He did not call Trig a retard. He said he is retarded, and he is. Look the word up in the dictionary. It may not be the most PC way to describe someone these days, but it is technically correct. Furthermore, the context in which he said this was not mentioned. I'll bet you are just as outraged about some of the stuff Limbaugh says on the PUBLIC airwaves. Apparently is is less acceptable to call someone retarded than it is to call them a slut.

    • Sheridan

      If you look up the word retarded, it means slow, but when people use it nowadays, they use it to mean stupid. I would say it is less acceptable to call someone retarded because that person didn't choose to be that way. A person isn't born a slut, that is their choice. If it was your child, you would feel the same way. I have two boys who are autistic and have mild mental retardation and they are smarter that most people I know.

      • Peter Mancevice

        The “slut” comment was still an insult. I'm surprised a normal person does not know that.

    • Jan52

      They are Special Need not retarded.

      • VD65

        You are looking into the derogatory use. Mental Retardation has been a viable term for years. It is being changed because of how people are using it to slam others now. Just goes to show that some people are ignorant. It was never a derogatory term at all.

  • Phil Williamson

    Maybe Palin needs to apologize to her son for becoming pregnant so late in life….a reason well known to cause his “developmentally challenged” (wouldn't want to offend the right-wing PC crowd now, would we?) status.

    If you don't like Bill Maher, don't watch him…pretty simple. I don't watch Faux News anymore because the network has become full of “developmentally challenged” people.

    • VD65

      They check for it and it is usually Down's Syndrome. They changed what they use to call this diagnosis as well because people used the original term in a negative way. All of these children are special and should not be made fun of even for a joke, but that is what comedians do make fun of things.

    • LesleyG

      you're an idiot. although being an older parent (male AND female by the way) certainly is a major consideration in having a child with Down syndrome, more children with DS are born to young mothers because they are not routinely screened during pregnancy. Aside from that, your apparent hatred for Sarah Palin has shown you for the immature, mudslinging fool that you are.

      that being said, I have a 5 year old with Down syndrome who is smart as a whip, despite my apparent need to apologize to her, and while I am sensitive to the use of the word “retard”, the word retarded is a factual statement denoting delayed development. hearing the word retarded used in an appropriate context might make me flinch, but it doesn't upset me. the ignorance of calling someone a retard is what annoys me – call people stupid, because that's what they usually are – just plain stupid, like you. my retarded daughter is not stupid, just delayed. you sir, have no excuse apparently – just stupidity, and as they say, you can't fix stupid.

      finally, the thing that I find most offensive, in all of this is that adult “comedians” and political commentators somehow think it is acceptable to make cruel and nasty jokes about children. why is this necessary – if you hate Palin, fine, make jokes about her, but leave the kids out of it. and yes, i felt the same way when Rush Limbaugh made cruel jokes about Chelsea Clinton when she was a kid.

      the condition is no longer termed Down's Syndrome. the correct diagnosis and term is now Down syndrome – not sure why it was changed, but there it is.

      oh … and by the way Mr. Williamson – since you're so smart – the word “aplogies” is the plural of the word “apology”. the word you were trying to use is spelled “apologize”.

      • Phil Williamson

        G,Lesley. I feel so bad. If you want to get really mad about a comedian making fun of retarded children, I suggest you watch “Larry the cable guy” and his special called “Morning Constitution.” Fast forward to about 3 minutes,45 seconds in to his routine, then get back to me. Palin brought her family front and center. They claimed ‘family values’ yet have an unwed, teenage daughter with child. As for Clinton…have at it. That family has done more harm to this country than I care to type on this 7” tablet.

  • Shotsie

    I don't listen to Limbaugh, or watch Mahr!!!! I think it is disgusting and unfeeling that ANYONE would talk about a child on a TV show JUST BECAUSE HIS MOTHER IS HATED BY THE HOST OF THE SHOW!!!!! Where has the humanity of people in this country gone? We used to be people in this country where we CARED about people, whatever their political opinions!!!!!

    • Tradition

      Shotsie, We are being systematically torn apart by politicians and hucksters who care nothing about widening a schism between us – rich vs poor, black vs. white, republican vs. democrat. We are being fed promises and lies and are being used as pawns without respect to what it is doing to our country and her people. The saddest thing is that some of us are naïve enough to believe their rhetoric instead of searching (vetting) their histories and personal agendas.
      We have lost our moral compass, our common sense, and our respect for the principles, values and code of ethics we once embraced. It was heartening to read your comment, Shotsie. It renews my faith in the belief that there are still patriots out there who remember the civility and traditions upon which America was founded.

  • Marvelous

    Bill Maher is a pig!!! Plain and simple! He is the most mean spirited, angry piece of garbage on TV. He knew damned well what he was saying about that child because he hates him mom! How dare he use a child to get to her!

    • Phil Williamson

      Yet… you didn't know what the name of his TV show was??

  • Marvelous

    I figured the type of response “Leftcoaster” would give!
    Bill Maher thinks that he is soooo intelligent, so why then does he not know that no one, especially a “politically correct” person like him would use the word “retarded” in todays society? He knows well and good that it should have been “mentally challenged”. Again, I say, he can't stand Sarah Palin and wanted to get to her!

    • Phil Williamson

      His show was called “Politically Incorrect!” Geez, are you “mentally challenged,” or what?

      Palin has been gotten….one too many times. ;-)

  • Marvelous

    Phil Williamson: I don't watch his so called “show” for the simple reason that I can't stand this person, so even though you I'm from the “right wing PC crowd”, it is you left wing loonies that are the most PC ones. You need to get a life!

    • Phil Williamson

      Well, you know what they say about opinions, right?

  • Marvelous

    Gee, how come HIS show isn't dropped for saying the “R” word as Paula Deen was for using the “N” word 30 years ago?

    • VD65

      They aren't going to cancel his show, it is too popular. People expect Bill Mahr to make outrageous statements…that is what he does but most of the time there is truth in most of the political things he says and then other times…well I won't go there. It is just his opinions and he has writers now.

    • Phil Williamson

      Because the “R” word isn't close to the same as the “N” word. You may THINK they are, but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

      Growing up, the “mentally challenged” sat with the rest of us. We talked, we played and helped them as we could. Not even in the same ball bark as how “we” treated Blacks for the last 150-200 years.

      When a retarded person isn't allowed to drink from the same fountain, date a white girl/boy, be allowed to sit at the same lunch counter, own property, denied voting rights, you'll have a valid complaint.

      Until then…

  • Marvelous

    Well said “shotsie”!

  • Tradition

    This poor excuse for a human being didn't only call Trig retarded, he compared him with a dog. Just check YouTube and type in Bill Maher compares retarded children with dogs. He even had the effrontery to call our military heroes “cowards” because they weren't “brave enough to use planes as missiles and fly them into buildings.”
    How he has been allowed to spew his cruel, unconscionable vitriol on TV for so long is shameful – to him, and to us, for not raising a hue and cry loud enough to remove him from the airways. I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in not hurting people who CANNOT OR ARE UNABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.
    Talk about being a coward!!! He defines the word!!
    Please excuse my use of the word “retarded” but I had to in order for those reading this comment to access the You Tube video.

    • Phil Williamson

      ” He even had the effrontery to call our military heroes “cowards”
      because they weren't “brave enough to use planes as missiles and fly
      them into buildings.” ”

      Nice spin, but that is not what he said. Here, I'll give you the EXACT quote.

      “We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles
      from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it
      hits the building, say what you want about it, that's not cowardly.
      Stupid maybe, but not cowardly.”

      Now, show me ONE WORD that mentions our military, our troops or any other group other than WE…the people of this country. And we was 100% correct.

      And please… stop placing our military on this nonstop “hero” status. I was in the Army from 71-77. Some of the stuff we did to other humans (and sometimes innocent critters that happened to be in our gun sights) would make your stomach turn.

  • VD65

    I hate to tell you that if you take offense to this, it is because you haven't heard many comedians. They make fun of everything and everyone. Each on differing topics. That is what they do. Mentally challenged is a nice description but Mental Retarded is a mental health diagnosis used for a long time and not a derogatory title. It has been taken by teens and others and used in a derogatory manner and that only goes to show how ignorant they are. The DSM-5 has replaced it with intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder).

    The older term is still used in some professional circles but it still is nothing to be ashamed of in any way unless someone uses it in a way that is unkind. Someone will find a way to use these other terms to make fun because some people have no empathy.

  • VD65

    Her son has Down's Syndrome and I use to do respite with developmentally disabled and many of these kids are the sweetest, dearest people. They can do many things and some have become actors. It shouldn't be thought of so negatively. A lot of women are having children at an older age and it is a risk one takes but younger women have children with this disorder as well and many other things. I saw a lot doing respite.

  • mullylin33

    If people keep getting so passionate about their beliefs and push it on everyone else then all the freedom of speech etc that our military have given their lives for, will be in vain. Would you rather live under Communism? Having a Dictator tell you how you live and talk? What you can and can not do? This country is loosing its grip and it is time we stop the fighting, finger pointing and forcing our views on each other. We are free!!! Appreciate this and hold on to what we once were. And, vote out those that are trying to humiliate and deprive so many people of their rights.

  • Justin Castillo

    I was there and wish I had a camcorder for the whole hour.

  • Justin Castillo

    Now I remember the joke. He spoke from Trig's P.O.V. and said “How am I the retard in this family?”

  • Maher Fan

    You know what's ‘wetarted?'… The View.

  • Robin

    I usually avoid them because they get too stupid.

  • Doh!

    Shut up retard.

  • johnsmith500

    Yeah, post a long, run-on rant, add some lies, paint yourself as a hero and champion of the special needs, just to excuse the inexcusable attack on a child with special needs. With clowns like you tolerating this behavior no wonder this country is in a mess.
    You'd be the first to squeal like a pig if this was directed at someone you like or in your family.