Dailies | Megyn Kelly Declares She's ‘Not One of the Opinion Hosts at Fox’ (Video)

She also revealed who was “one of the most contentious” guests she's ever had to interview on the air

Fox News has a reputation for presenting a conservative bias, but Megyn Kelly assured “Tonight Show” audiences on Monday that she is “a straight news anchor,” unlike her colleagues who specialize in opinion.

“I'm a straight news anchor. I'm not one of the opinion hosts at Fox,” the “Kelly File” host told Jay Leno. “But I always laugh because I'll have a conservative pull me aside and say, ‘I love your conservative principles.’ And I'll say,'You assume too much.'”

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Don't assume she leans left, either.

“And then I'll have the liberals pull me aside and say, ‘I know you're one of us.’ And I'll say, ‘You assume too much,'” Kelly continued. “But I always tell people if they think that I'm this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that's true.”

Kelly may have been referencing her network's coverage of the 2012 election, which Rove argued until the bitter end that Mitt Romney had a chance to beat President Barack Obama — even after Fox had called the election in Obama's favor. Kelly called the exchange “awkward” at the time.

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“The way we do it on the Fox News Channel is the straight news anchors give a hard time to both sides,” Kelly said. “I don't care about pandering to the left or the right, I care about protecting my audience. My boss, Roger Ailes, pays me a decent amount of money to go out there and ask questions, because he thinks I know the questions my audience wants answers to.”

While Kelly appears to pride herself on the distinction between “news anchor” and “opinion hosts” on Fox, she isn't afraid to clash with guests. And one of the “most contentious” she's ever had on the air was Anthony Weiner.

“He was so full of hubris, and he was so sort of in your face,” Kelly said. “If you were walking around with that kind of secret, and you were going on the national news, wouldn't you sort of dial it back a little bit?”

Watch what she has to say about the disgraced former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate in the video, below:

  • Damien W

    It tookuntil she got her own show to reveal it, but now we know: she's either completely evil, or a little insane to believe her boss’ “hard news” dogma.

    And Jay Leno seems to have been lending his couch to a long parade of right-wing darlings in his final months. Sending a message Jay?

    • Pete

      Megyn beats the living hell of CNN…that's why Jay invited her. A real guest star = good ratings! Must be an ObamaLover, r u?

      • trustno1butJesus

        Since when is one an Obama lover for hating wingnuts? Many of us hate BOTH Parties.

  • Eddie J

    Kelly's description of herself is more the way she USED to be during her daytime program. When she got into prime time, she has clearly changed and the conservative bias is very evident. You can't be in prime time on Fox and be neutral. That's where the core of their far right viewers tune in and that group doesn't want to hear anything but conservative views…and she knows that, no matter how much she tries to characterize it otherwise.

  • C M

    So Ms Santa Klaus is white is not opinionated. She's also delusional in addition to be mented in addition to being a racist.

  • Rachel Burket

    Good Grief! Maybe THIS will be the lie of the new year!