Megyn Kelly Spanks Piers Morgan in Total Viewers — But Rachel Maddow Wins Demo

Megyn Kelly Spanks Piers Morgan in Total Viewers — But Rachel Maddow Wins Demo

Fox News’ ‘The Kelly File’ debut trumps CNN and MSNBC in total viewers, but loses demo to “The Rachel Maddow Show” in 9 p.m. timeslot

Megyn Kelly's primetime show on Fox News got off to a strong start on Monday, more than tripling the total viewership of its CNN timeslot rival “Piers Morgan Tonight,” according to preliminary numbers.

“The Kelly File” also topped “The Rachel Maddow Show” in total viewers, although Maddow's show bested Kelly's new offering in the key demo.

It, along with the debut airing of Shepard Smith's new Fox News show, improved the third-quarter averages of respective timeslot predecessors.

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At 9 p.m., “The Kelly File,” hosted by the former “America Live” host, nabbed 2.07 million total viewers, with 289,264 in the key demo. The new primetime offering beat out its cable news competitors’ total audiences combined; CNN's “Piers Morgan Tonight” managed 529,946 total viewers, with 144,602 in the demo; and the MSNBC offering “Rachel Maddow Show” garnered 977,466 total viewers. Maddow's show drew 298,543 viewers in the demo.

“Shepard Smith Reporting” bowed at 3 p.m., drawing 1.44 million total viewers, with 250,000 in the key 25-54 news demo. That's compared to CNN's “Newsroom,” which pulled in 511,167 total viewers, and MSNBC's “The Cycle,” which had 346,510 total viewers. (In the demo, “Newsroom” had 123,587 viewers, while “The Cycle” drew 84,435.)

Fox's newly expanded primetime, which runs from 7 to 11 p.m., improved over the third quarter of 2013 by 15 percent in total viewers and 6 percent in the demo, with 2,027,000 total viewers and 329,000 in the demo.

  • Marc Curtis Little

    Like him or not, Roger Ailes is a genius. Moving a dead Sean Hannity out of that 9pm slot was a smart move because Rachel Maddow was cutting into his audience. Megyn Kelly will eventually widen the margin between her and Rachel, and Piers…well that's a dead horse. Larry King would do better if he came back. A Bryant Gumbel-type would fare better in that slot for CNN.

    • Kevin B

      says another lib sycophant immune to the understanding of math.

  • hupto

    But…but…Nobody watches Rachel. All the Fox and Breitbart people say so!

  • kristi wallace

    so Megan Kelly beats Rachel Maddow with 2.5 times as many viewers. Maddow has the “demo” by less than 10,000 viewers and by some stretch of the imagination-Maddow wins. Is this the new math that everyone is talking about?

    • Abigsoxfan

      Consider the source. The left bending main stream media. Not to worry, Kelly will soon best Maddow in the “key demo” also. Which will then beg the question, if a corporation's main duty is to earn it's shareholders the largest return possible in a socially responsible way, when will they produce news and commentary programs in such a way to produce better ratings and greater profits for their shareholders? That not being the case, when will the shareholders dump management that can't get the job done? When NBC and MSNBC was owned by GE, it represented a tiny part of that organization and provided a mouthpiece for their leftward leaning agenda so the profitability of that small part of them was much less important. The same cannot be said for the current owners Comcast which really needs that unit to make more money for them. Until they turn that operation around, I certainly wouldn't buy Comcast stock.

  • Gosarah

    You go girl!!!!!! chidbirth was good for you hon!

  • Kevin B

    . . even when the Fox show more than doubles the MSNBC competition, the writer needs to dig for a silver lining by citing that in one demographic group MSNBC did slightly better.

    So, even when reporting statistics proving that liberal propaganda like CNN and MSNBC are being crushed by Fox, lib activist “journalists” will still try to spin it to make their side look good.

  • nittfagm

    Rachel Maddow's key demographic is women between 30 and 45 who want to be men… No one else WANTS that demographic.

  • David Taylor

    So Fox beat BOTH other channels COMBINED? Megan is fairly nonpolitical and the other two shows wear it on their sleve.

  • Clint Taurus

    It just goes to show……that people don't want the truth, they like Faux Nooze………keep it fake, hold the facts, then repeat the lie every hour on the hour until it becomes the truth…………it's the Faux way.

  • Clint Taurus

    Rupie and Ailes like a little T&A in their faux lineup…….soon there will be a boob job, plenty of cleavage and even more bleached out blonde hair. Then there will be plenty of giggles and the male viewership will be off the charts. They will have plenty of appearances of Teetee party members and lots of NRA appearances and last but not least, the Dork Dynastud crowd will make a guest appearance too.

    • Jeremy

      Here's all I heard:

      Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling, Name calling.

      It seems that liberals can do when the facts point out that they're wrong…

      • Clint Taurus

        Jeremy eats his own feces and boogers

  • Greg

    I wouldn't mind being spanked by Megyn Kelly.

  • tire iron

    … Let's go ahead and define (for those wondering what “demo” means in this context))the “demo” Rachel Maddow “wins” … is the “village idiot contingent” … Maddow is unchallenged in that quest … her “victory is pre-ordained by default.

  • ObamagsmLibMedia

    By every rating system the Number One Cable News Network , the Fair and Balanced One , tops CNN and MSNBC combined, By Neilsen and TV By the Numbers Kelly also beats Maddow in the Demo

    • Ped Xing

      More people eat at McDonald's than your favorite little restaurant.
      More people watched “Porky's” than “Chinatown”.
      There are just a fewer number of intelligent people, none of whom watch Fox.

      • ObamagsmLibMedia

        KUDOS,,, the McDonalds reference,,, EPIC FAIL
        McDonalds is the Pinnacle of its industry, in fact the business model aspired to world wide,,, YES FOX NEWS is the McDonalds of its industry,,,, MSNBC = Dumpster dining

        • Ped Xing

          My point indeed! As McDonald's dupes diners with crap, so does the Faux Noose Channel….