Lion Huntress Melissa Bachman Targeted With New Online Petition

Lion Huntress Melissa Bachman Targeted With New Online Petition

Petitioners seek to have Bachman's hunting show “Winchester Deadly Passion” pulled from the air

Melissa Bachman, the celebrity hunter who sparked outrage over the weekend after she tweeted a photo of herself posing with a lion she had killed, is continuing to catch heat.

Bachman is the target of a new petition that asks the Pursuit Channel, Dish Network and DirecTV to cancel Bachman's hunting show, “Winchester Deadly Passion.”

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So far the petition, launched by a South African named Thor, has attracted nearly 70,000 signatures.

“‘Hardcore’ hunter Melissa Bachman recently posted a photo to her social media profiles of herself in front of a mature lion that she shot in South Africa. This is just the most recent of her public photos of cruel and unnecessary trophy hunting of defenseless animals. It's repulsive and we must stop it!” the petition reads.

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“Trophy hunting is despicable and counters any efforts of conservation. These photos represent Bachman's complete disrespect for nature and we do NOT want her influencing our children and being promoted by TV networks,” the petition continues.

Bachman killled the lion during a guided hunt that was facilitated by South Africa's Maroi conservancy. According to the conservancy, Bachman had a lion on her “wish list” for the hunt and, since lions don't naturally reside on Maroi, the organization contacted an outfitter elsewhere and facilitated the hunt.

The conservancy defended its part in the hunt in a post on its Facebook page.

“We are not apologizing for facilitating the hunt. As for all the negative commentary towards us, please consider how much you have contributed to conservation in the past 5 years,” the post reads. “If you are not a game farmer and struggling with dying starving animals, poaching and no fences in place to protect your animals and crop, please refrain from making negative, derogatory comments.”

Nonetheless, the public outcry against Bachman has been vocal. An online petition slamming Bachman and asking that she be banned from South Africa has so far collected nearly half a million signatures, and the Facebook group “Stop Melissa Bachman” has drawn more than 269,000 “likes.”

Last year, the National Geographic Channel dropped Bachman from the series “Ultimate Survival Alaska” after an online petition was filed.

  • Cossy

    May I suggest someone shooting this woman?

    • Robert Campbell

      Of course, but you can also shut your ignorant hypocritical mouth.

      • Pough Chip

        oooh Robert you are loosing it a bit here and therefore becoming a hypocrite to the enter thread you weave

        • Robert Campbell

          Telling someone to shut their mouth does not make me a hypocrite..

          This is one of my first posts. I was indeed losing it when I saw some of the violent fantasies people had conjured up for a woman, simply because they disagreed with her choices.

    • Tim Smith

      not worth it.

    • Jimbo

      Cossy is a hater. An animal is not on the same plane as a human. This was probably a quick kill, not a slow excruciating death like an abortion. Get a life!

      • Kay

        You're right, that lion was more valuable than 10,000 humans.

      • wildbill

        your smart ,, I can tell ,, lol most of humanity don't have pictures of trophy kills or bragging rights ,, trophy killers or hunters can not be trusted 24/7 .. im boycotting all companys who support or sponsor such stupid actions

  • CellularLevel

    Where's a link to the petition?

    • Daniel OLIVIERI

      Message from Dany (French Riviera – France)
      Hi “CellularLevel”,
      Congratulations if U look for the petition.
      There's an official petition of the South-african State Governement and it's easy to find. I personally signed in 10 min. ago.


  • Quezebo Jones

    It's not so much the killing itself as these so called culling's go on all the time but the picture of this self centered, pompous, egotistical bitch gloating over an animal she just killed in a controlled environment is disgusting. . Hunter not, Slaughterer, yes.

    • Robert Campbell

      I'm sure you know all about the conditions that she was hunting under precisely and aren't making some jerk comment soaking with prejudice and assumptions about how we should all just get along and live in a damn disney movie. The meat was eaten by natives and money went towards protecting the lions. If you can't handle seeing a woman standing over a lion, you can't handle much..

      • Nick

        Hey stupid, just like you're commenting on him not knowing exactly what went on during the hunt and assuming, maybe you should refrain from “assuming” yourself. You were not there before, during and after the hunt, so you don't know “precisely” either you pretentious

        • Robert Campbell

          Well since I paid more attention to the facts, I was not forced to assume or judge others from ignorance.. ahem.. good luck offending my “sensibilities” with a weak couple of attempts at criticism.. :) The Maroi Conservancy released a statement saying that the meat was given to the locals, and the South African Minister for Environmental Affairs has stated that the money goes directly into the biodiviersity economy. So swallow that truth down or don't cause I don't care how it tastes to you or anyone else living in some ethnocentric bubble of ignorance.

      • Nick

        You don't know for a fact who ate the meat and what they did with the money, so again, stop “assuming”. stop attacking the commenters for stating their opinions on the matter just because it offends your sensibilities you pretentious prick

      • Michael

        Lion got shot to raise money to save more lions.
        May I pay money for beating up a wheelchair bound person so that the money can be used to build more hospitals please??
        Can't tell you how stupid you sound.
        If you want to help with protecting lions, you don't shoot them, you just donate. You want to feed the natives, there is better meat to be purchased. All this is just to quench your thirst for killing while telling everyone that you are a saint. Lucky there's a law against manslaughter, we just need one against trophy hunting now. Where the glory is for being a coward with a gun, is beyond me.
        And yes, the lion was as good as wheelchair bound in my mind. She had no condition to go through, just her own choice to crawl through whatever she may chose to. Lion was put there where she wanted
        for her shot. A real heroic act.
        I can't handle seeing her smiling for pretending to have beaten that lion in a fair game, but I'd popcorn a show of her getting ripped into pieces by an animal. Her day will come.

        • Robert Campbell

          Of course your pleasure at watching a human being ripped to shreds speaks to your great sense of humanity and compassion. The desire to see a woman die for doing something perfectly legal isn't psychotic or completely hypocritical. Inconsistent values held together with inconsistent ideas about the world..

          It amuses me that you think I sound stupid since you are demonstrating to everyone that you clearly have no idea how conservation or wildlife management works. I won't bore you will all the messy details but the gist of it is that a small number of animals are harvested and then the money used from that is used to protect a greater number of animals through relocation, ecosystem rehabilitation, and lots of other things.

          Trust me, I'm honestly not offended. But good lord read a book or something before you all start jumping all over each other and calling names. Why not try to address the ACTUAL ecological issues leading to massive extinction today. Instead of worrying about when “her day will come” worry about what we're going to do about the state of the world because when we do..

          our day will come.

          • Michael

            She lost all humanity in my mind, and I'm not apologizing to not mind seeing your girlfriend being punished.
            it may be perfectly legal on paper and I'm sure they came up with all sorts of fancy names for calling it a must do to support the wild life.
            Fact is, this is a business model, made only possible by having killers like you. And it sure comes with a long list of regulations to not miss a loop hole. The organisers or organizations dare I say, couldn't care less about animal rights, just a great cover up.
            Here we are fighting for slaughterhouses to kill the animals in a humane way, on YouTube this Melissa creature shows us how to penetrate an animal with an arrow and let it run for a few miles. If this is how conservation of wildlife should work, we will have another petition to run.
            Even an animal who goes for the kill, for food I may add, will go for an instant kill.
            Trust me, I didn't expect you to be offended, it takes pride to be so.

          • Robert Campbell

            Many animals do not go for an instant kill. In fact it is sometimes beneficial for the animal to not kill quickly. You really should pick up some books, they're right down at your local library. I have pride, but offending me would require bigger brains than you've shown so far.. at least across the great internet divide.

            You didn't say you wouldn't mind seeing her “punished”.. you said you would popcorn a show of her getting ripped to pieces (nice english), which is more sick in the head than someone shooting any animal with a high powered rifle in the first place.

            Killers like me? My “girlfriend”? Clearly you don't know me or anything about me except that I disagree with you.. but this is your whole problem, argument from ignorance. Emotional rhetoric and stubborn reactions.. I know you're angry about the way things are, but grow up and focus on the real issues.

          • Michael

            Please do clarify which animals don't go for an instant kill. I only know of hyenas and hunters, but I'm no expert in that field and never had the time and the need of visiting a library for that. You seem to have plenty of it, based on your profile you've spend half a day on this matter as a keyboard hero, probably on top of a tree, waiting for something passing by to shoot.Time I don't have as I earn my living without killing. Well,.. that's some sort of pride you could claim to have I guess.
            I would popcorn a show,… at least you understood my “slang”. I don't think you need to mention that it was incorrect english, it is pretty clear to everyone. Even to me, whose mother tongue isn't english by the way. Speaking three languages and having accomplished various degrees, I believe I have read more books than most, wildlife and killing was never one of them, you are quite right. Kudos for the one book you read, but you probably need to read more to convince the current 9 to 1 rate against girlfriend Bachman. And to argue who is more sick in the head in regards to seeing helpless animals being inhumanly killed (conservation or not) or to see a disgusting woman being punished, is probably up to the public to decide. So far you aren't winning. Argument by ignorance,.. so far you haven't addressed any of my points, except a whole paragraph to tell me that there are some animals not in for an instant kill, bravo.
            There are always bigger and more serious issues in the world. But in this information age, whatever gets brought to light first, will get dealt with first, “ignoring” the small isn't the way to go. And pushing the public away by stating that, is just ignorant. It is by no means small by the way, if trophy hunting will become illegal. At least your GF probably didn't get go hunting for the past couple of weeks.
            In closing, I don't think you are as amused as you claimed to be in your first reply, but you rather sound irritated and angry to me right now, so I guess I don't need to get a bigger brain after all. I will not follow this post any longer, live and deal with this reply or satisfy yourself to the public with another respond which will find no further comments from my side.
            I'm grown up enough to leave this forum as I have made my point to an apparent blank, and going to focus on the more important things right now, spending time with my family on the dinner table.

          • Robert Campbell

            You have done nothing but try to insult me, and make hilariously false assumptions about me because I disagree with you.. you have suggested a woman be killed for hunting..

            “Please don't insult my girlfriend..” Wow. Way off base. Nice try though.. ad hominem seems to be your cup of tea, but you brew it too weak.

            do you really think I am going to let some random stranger who can't even form consistent philosophical arguments get under my skin?? Don't lose any sleep over it, buddy. ;) I'm having a bunch of fun watching no one come up with a rational response.

            I don't care how many languages you speak, you seem to be saying very little in all of them… If you don't want to respond to this forum, it will not be with a great sense of loss from me.

            Unlike many of you, I wish the best for people who disagree with me.. so be well. It is a great blessing to have a family, and greater still that you enjoy spending time with them.

          • Sabine Walters

            Bahaaaha, I'd say you got owned by this Michael fella lolz.
            Stop telling people to read books n stating they make no sense without explaining. Is that all you got??? U sound like a little child to me. Ur desperate charade is going nowhere here. Why don't ya start ur own petition if ur so confident and eff off off from here. No one will miss ya

          • Robert Campbell

            That’s funny, because being the only person debating with
            facts and arguments it seemed like I was the only one doing the owning. I don’t feel owned at all, actually. Desperate?.. Charade? Please, honey. I stomp grapes and you have to wine about it. Meh.

            Let me clear a few things up for you, since you are clearly
            a confused individual:

            1.) I am not a trophy hunter, so quit assuming that I represent everything you hate.

            2.) No one attempting to argue with me has focused on lion
            conservation, and instead has resorted to personal attacks and petty attempts at insult. If you can’t form an intelligible argument related to the issues being discussed, then I’m not the one who needs to eff off.

            3.) Lion are shot literally all the time, and none of you
            posers did anything about it, or paid any attention to the issues of environmental conservation or lion protection until you jumped on the haters’ bandwagon at the sight of a picture.

            4.) If you equate all life being equal to human life, I hope
            you’re a freaking vegan because most animals bred in captivity for food production LIVE in greater suffering on a daily basis than this lion probably felt in his last few moments. A lion’s life is strong, proud, and fearless.. It
            is my belief that he died that way.

            5.) I don’t give a crap what you or anyone else thinks of
            me. I’m not going ANYWHERE. Get used to it or move on with your life.

          • Jeremy

            i would love to know more about lion conservation how much money was involved in getting that lion there to be hunted and how many percent of that money paid towards that lions death actually went into conservation?
            imo killing anything without a reason should not be celebrated and worshipped liked melissa bachman did and if the money is anything less than half of the takings towards conservation it is like michael mentioned just business with conservation as expense.
            in all his cockyness michael did bring up a few good to great points. calling you a blank while not nice does point out that they have been totally disregarded or not understood in your replies imo. i would have loved to see a fruitful discussion about his point of view but your arguments sorry to say seem a little flat thus far.

          • Robert Campbell

            I wouldn't presume to know the details of how much money went into this particular hunt, or how it was allocated specifically. I have, however, seen rehabilitation and relocation of threatened species of large mammals be quite successful through the efforts of controlled and well regulated hunting. The bighorn sheep, for example, is such a mammal. One hunt is allowed per year, and raffle tickets are sold and a single winner is drawn (one tag per lifetime). The number of bighorn sheep in the pacific northwest is continuing to increase consequently.

            I will not argue with you on several points. For one, senseless killing should not be celebrated. I will not argue with you there. Poachers, ivory smugglers, and others who exploit the death of the natural world for profit disgust me as much as the next person.

            How can we have a fruitful conversation if we see each other as enemies? I am not anyone's enemy.

          • Steve

            So, Robert, animals are “harvested” (and here I though that term was used for crops) only to be shot? Sounds quite cruel and disturbing, right? Tell us EXACTLY, in detail, what happened on the “hunt” (by the way that was anything but a hunt!) Was the animal given a “fair chance?”, was the animal enclosed? how long did this coward with a high-powered rifle “stalk” this beautiful animal? Oh, and lion meat given to “natives?” What is a “native” in this scenario? Would you eat lion meat? Last question, why does this coward “hunter” wear make-up on a so-called “hunt?’ Clearly only for the photo opportunity!

          • Robert Campbell

            Whether or not I think “canned” hunting should be considered or compared to “real” hunting is not the issue here. It is possible you would consider the conditions for hunting any animal to be unfair. I would assume the animal was given what hunters call “fair chase” but was not given a “fair chance”, as it was shot by a human being with a powerful cartridge at a distance where the lion probably felt safe..

            There is nothing fair about interactions between beasts vs beasts nor man vs beast.. we've done that already and it was known as early human civilization and we more than won, we claimed dominion over (invaded?) the planet.

            I would not hunt a lion or any other animal in Africa. I would probably try lion meat if offered to me, yes. I am often up for an adventure if it involves me eating something. These things are not relevant to our conversation about lions, however.

            We raise cattle and many other animals to be slaughtered (often living and dying in terrible ways). Is this less cruel? I think not.

            She on a TV show, man. Are you really surprised that she was wearing makeup? Do you believe that all hunters are cowards, or just ones with high powered rifles? I will honestly try to be open minded to your response if it is respectful.

            Sorry for all of my responses being so long, honestly.. I talk like this too.

          • wvgator70401

            idiots, education isn't the answer either. understanding that multiple peoples can have this discussion is. As u say u speak 3 languages go TALK to the people there AND understand from their point of view. that is HOW you WILL begin to, maybe, understand the world does not revolve around your opinion

          • Pough Chip

            Are you possibly suggesting hunters get great pleasure in watching an animal wither in pain
            You either said that or you ARE a freaking hypocrite

          • Robert Campbell

            You can keep calling me a hypocrite all you want, but what you're saying isn't making any sense. Feel free to clarify or elaborate.

            Me saying that hunters enjoy hunting does not make me a hypocrite.

        • Nancy

          I agree!

      • BeatonOfTruth

        Killing lons to protect lions? Get yourself a brain! Your sense of “freedom” is very questionable, too.

      • parrotwoman

        And you know all of this because you were there? You are the one making assumptions. Many oppose her lifestyle simply because she enjoys killing and then takes smiling, gloating pictures of the biggest and best trophy animals and posts them for the world to see. No one would even know of her disgusting pastime if she wasn't such an egotistical idiot who apparently thinks what she is doing is really something to be proud of. She started it and now she has to pay the price. We need to make an example out of her.

        • Jimbo

          If you don't like what she's posting then don't look. Who are you to make her pay any kind of price?

        • wildbill

          every trophy hunter ive met are ego maniacs loaded with glutney and thinks the world should revolve around what they know .. im boycotting all companys who sponsor her or will sponsor her or pay her to kill shes proof that glutney is alive

        • Robert Campbell

          Wow. Good luck “making an example out of her”.. that sounds promising.. and possibly a wee touch psycho. I'm sure the lions won't go extinct thanks to your courageous efforts at punishing a hunter for doing something the South African government invited her over to do. Give it your best shot, as if you actually had the power or justification to do so.

          Nevermind the actual problems the lions are facing as extinction draws nearer..

          I actually looked into the facts being released so that I would have the advantage of not needing to make assumptions and would actually know what I was talking about, unlike some people..

        • ops

          Parrotwoman, I am a hunter, when I harvest my first elk, deer, bear, etc I will pose with my hunt. Many hunters do this, maybe you should do little research. Also please refrain from threatening death to me, my family or anyone else involved in hunting. I know you have not said anything to that account, but many have and I am just nipping it in the bud first. plus if you are a meat or vegetable eater you are part of the death process of an animal.

          • parrotwoman

            Not even going to bother. You have your opinions and I have mine and nothing is going to change either of our stance on this matter. But, out of curiosity, how am I part of the death process of an animal by eating vegetables?

          • parrotwoman

            Also, please don't imply that I advocate death to anyone. Never said it and never would. Some people are much more emotional than others and this is a way of expressing those emotions. I have seen lots of animal suffering and I have never become so detached from it that I don't feel anything. Don't need to do research, have seen many pics of hunters with their kills, proud as can be. But, somehow I can never understand this feeling.

          • Gil Hamilton

            Hunting an elk, deer or bear is actual hunting. When was the last time you drove up to a deer and shot it? The deer you hunt had a chance.. This Lion had none. To equate lion “hunting” to deer hunting is ridiculous and is a disservice to men and women who actually “hunt” their prey and sometimes spend days without luck in the woods and fields. This was a purchased kill, it would be like you booking an elk to be dropped off in your backyard. Or a van driving you up to a bear in a field. Lions have no fear of men. They don't run like the game you hunt. This “huntress” is nothing but a consumer who purchased a lion trophy. For her to act like she accomplished something is, I think, at the heart of this controversy. She's smiling like she's holding a Coach bag from Macy's she bought on sale.

      • wildbill

        small minded people just frealk me out , I love how trophy hunters think they have the world all figured out … most trophy hunters ive met wouldn't last in a real battle gun to gun .. you game sport hunters are freaks of nature and just butt ugly all around

        • wildbill

          just because you can doesn't mean you can , you can always trust a trophy hunter ,,lol as far as I can throw them

        • wildbill

          miss spelled freak ,, sorry about that

        • Robert Campbell

          I am not a trophy hunter, actually. Not sure why you jumped to that conclusion.

          I don't know what the hell you're talking about with a gun battle, but if you're suggesting I wouldn't survive one I would only say let's hope we never find out. I love how quickly some people are apt to categorize and stereotype others in an attempt to diminish the voices of individuals just simply because they disagree.. You don't sound so “big minded” to me, buddy. Take your name calling tactics back to the playground. :)

          Hope I didn't “freak you out” too much.. hilarious.

  • Daniel OLIVIERI

    Message from Dany (Côte d'Azur – France)
    This woman is a criminal and must be trialed in a court of justice. The way she kills wild animals is the worst human behaviour we could hope to disappear from earth.
    Please give fire arms to lions and teach ‘em how to shoot that b%tch.

    • Robert Campbell

      For what crime? South Africa sold her a tag to hunt an animal that they are unable to manage without funds from tags.. she filled that tag and took a picture. I don't know what things are like in France but legal hunting of animals is a far cry from the worst human behavior we could hope to disappear from the earth, my friend.. What about torturers, traitors, rapists, pedophiles, and mass bombers/shooters. If you think murder of animals is wrong, then how can you justify wanting to see a woman shot? Good grief!

      • Samuel

        Hee! This is the best defense one can muster for the likes of Melissa Bachman: “C'mon, she isn't as bad as a torturer or rapist!”

        The mother of that miserable hag must be so proud.

        • Robert Campbell

          That isn't what I was saying and you know it. She didn't do anything wrong. Nothing illegal happened, guys. Hunting is not a crime. Nor do I believe it to be amoral. If I had to guess I would bet that the lion died less traumatically then half of the cows and chickens you ate LIVED. The willingness to passively allow animals to suffer in captivity to be slaughtered in a painful way is a greater crime than shooting a lion for a good cause.

  • Tim Smith

    feed her to the lions. don't waste the lead

  • zzKURUPTzz

    Hunting lions shouldn't even be considered hunting. All you need to do is find their prey and you will find lions easily. People who hunt animals should have to do it with their bare hands.

    • Robert Campbell

      Have you ever hunted anything in your life?

      • zzKURUPTzz

        Nope but I have been on safari in Africa and I do know I saw lots of lions. it isn't hard to find predatory animals, especially ones that travel in large groups like lions do. Find the prey, you will find the predator soon enough. If this was a leopard then maybe I could give her credit for actually having to hunt for it.

        • Robert Campbell

          Well next time you're in touring on safari in Africa, hop on out of the whip and walk around the plains unarmed without a guide and tell me how reasonable your request really is. I can see what you mean about finding lions.. it's easier than finding most big cats in the wild.. You are completely wrong about hunting animals being easy though. I can see why people who don't hunt might think so, but I think popular opinions might be besting your better judgement here.
          Not very much of hunting is going to be like an African safari.

          • Evolved

            Campbell, you are one self-righteous, completely un-evolved, small-membered bully, justifying a senseless murder. You don't speak for God, merely for the prosecution of one of His most troublesome creations.

          • Robert Campbell

            Nice. I love it when people don't have an argument and they resort to name calling… you seem like a bit of a bully yourself. I can see why you think that me saying that a woman should not be slaughtered or imprisoned for committing no crime makes me a bully :) I never claimed to speak for god..

            You don't seem so evolved to me either..

          • Galoot

            Robert, do you like animals or do you just see them as a food resource and nothing else?

          • Robert Campbell

            I don't like animals, I love them. They are much more than a food resource to me, but perhaps the most fascinating and mysterious phenomenon in the known universe. From looking at cells under a microscope to seeing a massive whale surface, they astound me and fill me with awe on a nearly daily basis.

            I can honestly say that you are the first person in my life to ask me that question, I hope I answered it to your satisfaction.

  • parrotwoman

    A lot of the problem lies in the fact that the United States still allows hunters to bring home their ‘trophies’ of animal parts and pelts (lions being one of them). Over 50% of all lions killed in Africa are killed by Americans, so that is very telling of our society. If these psychos couldn't bring their ‘trophies’ home to brag about their kill, then maybe they would be less motivated to slaughter these animals. But, then again, there are all those poor natives that they are doing this great service to by feeding them lion steaks :) Such great humanitarians they are, these trophy hunters – solving world hunger, saving endangered species, world peace – you name it and they will claim they are doing it, just to have a point to their argument.

    • Robert Campbell

      In my opinion the problem is that lions are not listed as an endangered species in the United States, which is why it is legal to own or import a living or dead lion into the US.. However, poachers are responsible for far more lions killed than any given year of government sanctioned hunts. Poachers are the ones that need to be stopped ASAP. They would have sold the teeth, claws, and the penis, and left the rest to rot under the Sahara sun.

      Hunters don't want lions to go extinct either, ever think of teaming up?

      By the way, I am not a trophy hunter. Why do people keep saying that? :)

      • AppalossaStorm

        If only people actually read what you wrote and understood what you are saying.

  • melissabachmanmustdie

    someone shoot er point blank please. fucken bitchh

    • Robert Campbell

      It's interesting how people who claim to abhor violence are the first to call upon it at the first sign of a perceived violation of their belief systems. Maybe we should all take some responsibility for the state of the world and not lay it on the head of one person?

      • armistead maudlin

        Robert campbell, you sir are a close minded and ignorant fool. Mark my words, I WILL hunt you down and kill you. It'll be a quick kill though, as is your wish, you total waste of your father's seed.

        • Robert Campbell

          Well I'll try not to lose too much sleep over it. ;)

          I'm not so closed minded and ignorant that I need to use violence to settle my debates..

          You aren't going to either hunt me down or kill me, but enjoy your sick fantasy if it makes you feel strong..

          Unlike you, my father did not raise me to be a hypocrite or a coward that hides behind threats.

  • pitrun

    I think she got a nice one for the wall
    I like go hunt a lion like that
    there's nothing wrong with what she did

    • Robert Campbell

      I wouldn't hunt a lion, or put its head on my wall. But taking life is a natural part of living.. Who am I to judge?
      Unless you get your metabolic energy from the sun or from geothermal sources, you eat other organisms.

      • Dan13247

        Other organisms? Ok. Lions? A top predator that is objectively rare and unique? I'll pass. If every human were to kill a lion we would annihilate them 70,000 times over. Does that give you grounds to judge yet?

        • Robert Campbell

          This is true, much more than 70,000 times over actually. Same would be true of deer, or cows for that matter. The hunting of lions or any other game animal needs to be highly regulated and with a controlled number of tags sold, particularly because of their threatened status.

          Upwards of 10,000 dollars goes into each of these hunts, money from which goes into conservation in Africa.

          I'll pass as well, but I won't judge or attempt to incite violence.

          • Dan13247

            “Upwards of 10,000 dollars goes into each of these hunts, money from which goes into conservation in Africa.”

            Hmm… conservation. Bribing the people near the lions not to kill them for a while rings pretty hollow to me – especially when it's using the money a person paid to kill the biggest one she could find. I hope that isn't the best we can do.

            You like conservation? Think lions are beautiful (as she states in her tweets)? Go look at them and donate.

            I'm judging. This is an easy one for me.

          • Robert Campbell

            Well since I never said anything remotely related to bribery, I guess there's nothing to “seem hollow” to you. How are African governments going to be able to do anything about REAL poachers without adequate resources to do so?

            I doubt that Bachman paid to “kill the biggest one she could find” but I can see how your assumption might irritate you.

            Assuming that people were either able or willing to donate any significant amount of money to conservation, we wouldn't be worried about lions as being a threatened species today would we?

            No one can or wants to try to stop you from judging, I would only say that I do not believe it is your place to do so.

          • Dan13247

            Oh come on… paying someone to let you do something that is illegal for everyone else is a bribe.

            “How are African governments going to be able to do anything about REAL poachers without adequate resources to do so?”

            I'm not going to outline a comprehensive 100 page solution here, but it would be nice if it didn't have to involve killing the thing we're trying to protect. =/ How about Bachman takes some pictures of the lion, donates the same amount to the conservation efforts, and then she can get 100,000 people emailing her letters of praise instead of the worst insults they can think of?

            “Assuming that people were either able or willing to donate any significant amount of money to conservation, we wouldn't be worried about lions as being a threatened species today would we?”

            Well they're clearly able, because any money they spend killing the animal could be spent on conservation, but yes, the lack of willingness part is lamentable.

  • NotMe7


  • lioncircle antilope

    May I suggest all these idiots to be taken to court over death threats? Isn't it a class 1 misdemeanor where they can spend up to 6 months in jail and a $2500 fine?

  • soundchaser54

    I deplore trophy hunters (I am not a hunter) and am disgusted with Ms. Bachman as well as being ashamed of belonging to the human species. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I FIND MORE DISGUSTING???
    The hypocrisy of all of you who would gladly put a bullet through Ms. Bachman's head while you stuff your face with neatly packaged meat prepared for you at the grocery store while you wear your leather shoes and coats. You are the problem on the planet–EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WITCH HUNTERS.

    • Robert Campbell

      Wow. I'm a hunter and I've been on the hunting side of this debate, and you still summed up much of my frustration. I appreciate this.


    • Dan13247

      3.5 billion of her
      1.3 billion cows
      19 billion chickens
      30-100 thousand lions

      I'm not going to kill her, but I get it. If each of us got to kill a lion we'd run out of them before even 0.01% of us got the chance to even see one. No way you can get me to grieve the death of snatch #2,345,793,021 more than the death of an adult male lion.

  • kizzmo

    This heifer thinks its okay to go out and kill animals who have made their way on their own wits, (which she obviously lacks any!) If she is so bad, go join the Army and go hunting for Taliban terrorists, who shoot back! Maybe even the score – give the wench a knife and let her go hunt them with their teeth and/ or claws… Shooting with a rifle or bow from a safe distance is no feat. (Poetic justice: when she finally croaks, let HER come back as an elk, deer, boar or lion and see how fair she thinks it is then!)

  • kizzmo

    PS – I live in the east, and I sent a list of the companies who advertise on the show and the website to everyone I know, along w/ a picture of ‘Happy’ and her latest affront, the lion. The message? If you buy from them you support her heinous actions. (I say, put all the ‘hunters’ in a fenced area – about the size of Rhode Island, and let them ‘sort’ it out for ‘Top Hunter’

  • kizzmo

    God Bless her. Now I know why she hunts lions – with THAT face, she probably gave up hunting MEN a long time ago… (I know – petty fail, but for some reason to see her smiling over killing this magnificient animal like it's an accomplishment really gets me riled!) And the hypocrisy of claiming to LOVE animals (she forgot to say, ‘DEAD animals) while gloating over their demise is like salt in the wound. She needs a life…

    • Robert Campbell

      Do you think all hunters who take pictures of their kills need a life as well? What about people who make diminutive sexist remarks that have nothing to do with anything, save to make petty expressions of their own misplaced anger?

  • John M Conley

    I'll bet she feels like a man now! (huntress?)

  • Kate Russell

    What's really sad is, that this beautiful fully mature male lion had a pride of females and cubs somewhere. Now those cubs will be killed by another male lion who will try to take over the pride. So how is it justifiable to kill him just for a trophy???

  • marie

    If she loves the killing feeling she should join the the Army,at least it would be a fair fight,it is not honor killing any thing that is unarmed,that the wused way.

  • puma

    I would love to watch / hear a discussion between her and Ted Nugent. “Uncle Ted hunts for food. He like most real hunters hunt and use every part of the animal possible; ie; the meat, hide for leather. And yes, he has heads or antlers mounted from his hunts, but not a single animal on his wall was killed for bragging rights.

  • Nancy

    Why do people have to gloat after they kill some animal for a sport? It's cruel, it's inhumane and the feeling of “conquering” something that they are so hung up on – is so intolerable. Do they really think because they've shot something – that they are a big, strong, mighty person. How totally useless and empty they must REALLY feel – if a dead lion, etc. makes it all better…. They are totally hopeless and worthless. The life in that lion was worth SOO much more than hers will ever be..