‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale: Oh My God, That Totally Happened!

'How I Met Your Mother' Finale: Oh My God, That Totally Happened!


CBS sitcom signs off for good – warning, spoilers ahead

(Spoiler alert: If you're reading this and not expecting spoilers, you're literally too stupid to live. Stop reading now before you can complain in the comments section that there were spoilers.)

Ted Meets the Mother: As it turns out, she's the bass player in the band playing at Barnie and Robin's wedding. A girl bass player? Such a '90s cliche. And truth be told, it threw the whole timeline off. Unless Ted and the mother actually met in the '90s and then — Oh, my god, we're though the looking glass here, people …

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Barney and Robin Get Divorced: Yeah, that happened. But, as Barney puts it, “This isn't a failed marriage, it's a successful marriage that only lasted three years.” Way to look on the bright side, bro! Also, he got another woman pregnant. Beh-behs! An instant tear-jerker.

Robin Scherbatsky Is Famous, Yo: And distant because of it. As described in a scene featuring a young girl and an ad on the side of a bus — which, as we all know, is the true measure of fame. But she does show up for the wedding between Ted and the mother, despite the fact that she RSVP'd no which is just tacky.

Ted Mosby Does Not Rush Into Marriage: Ted and the mom tie the knot after seven years and two kids. Way to take your time and get it right, Ted.

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The Mother's Gone. The finale made reference to a time when the mom got sick — complete with a scene with them in a hospital room — referencing a recent episode where it was theorized that the mother passed. At the end Ted's daughter says, “Mom's been gone for six years,” clearing a path for him to make a play for “Aunt Robin.” Which he does.

  • Me

    I didn't see it. I was watching “The Freshman” starring Harold Lloyd. What happened? Was Bob Newhart awakened from a nightmare which awakened the Late Suzanne Pleshette?

    • Heidi Elise Haaland

      You win.

  • Barbara_Darlin

    I feel like an idiot for investing in the mother. Loved the character and the actress. Hated the ending.

    • Gabriel

      So true. I am totally pissed off at wasting so much time for such a stupid ending. All the Barnet evolution for this crap at the end so they could make Ted and Robin end up together at the end..really…no respect for your audience. I sure hope any future project fails for them!

      • Barbara_Darlin

        The spin-off should be more appropriately titled: “How I Met Your Dead Dad”. They won't suck me in twice.

        • Gabriel

          Indeed, from now on I move to totally mindless action series. No more manipulation like this BS again.

  • Phil

    Oh great – thanks for ruining it!!! How about a spoiler alert somewhere??????

    • Bilal Mian

      You mean like the one in the very first line?

      • lemuel852

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        • Heidi Elise Haaland

          Good for him. Did HE like the ending?

    • Joie de Vivre


  • Stephen

    Based on the few episodes I saw and what I just read, the finale was just as stupid as the entire series. I'm glad I didn't waste my time with it.

  • Honey Badger Don't Care

    The should have told us the mother was dead the whole time. I might have liked the ending.

    • Barbara_Darlin

      You know, that's probably true.

  • pandabear11

    This is the weirdest run down of this episode I have read anywhere.

  • adrian

    who wrote ths is not a fan or not even wathced all season.

  • LW

    Please tell me the real ending is coming out on dvd !!!!!!

    • robertx

      It was obvious for the whole nine years that the mother was dead all along, you idiots! Why else was Dad finally telling his two grown kids the nostalgic tale of how he met their (late) Mother? I mean, didn't any of you brainiacs wonder where she was that whole time? At the store? In the kitchen? For nine years? Maybe she was bowling with the girls. CLEARLY, SHE WAS DEAD ALL ALONG. Am I the only one who assumed everybody knew this? Duh!!!

  • finkusmc .

    That’s funny…I actually liked the ending. I thought it had a nice, unexpected plot twist.

    I liked how they transitioned to real life and told the story of how life doesn’t go the way you want it to; that you can still have a happy ending even though you wind up on a different path than where you thought you needed to be.

    I liked how they told the story of how life just changes and that it can never be “the way it used to be” because priorities change from the carefree, fun-loving life when you’re young, to a responsible, significant relationship based life when you’re older. Ted & Robin, Barney & Ellie, Marshall & Lilly: All very significant relationships, but very different in their structure.

    Ted always wanted children, but Robin never did so that’s how come they couldn’t be together until Ted found the mother. Barney was a beast that couldn’t be tamed right up until he had a daughter that brought womanizing into a whole new perspective for him…Robin never could have done that for him and that’s how come he couldn’t end up with her. Marshall and Lilly have been and always will be the traditional, American nuclear family.

    It blew me away that they killed off the mother but from that I feel they showed true genius. That’s what they envisioned for the show from the very beginning and they stuck with it. Kudos to them!

    It truly is amazing to me how closely I feel they captured real life. It chokes me up a little bit every time I think about it…