Metallica to Play One Night Only at Harlem’s Apollo Theater (Video)

SiriusXM is sponsoring the event promoting the band's Imax 3D film, "Metallica: Through the Never"

Metallica is set to play Harlem's famous Apollo Theater one night only in September — and then apparently never again. Ever.

And no, that won't be because its "Amateur Night" security clown "The Executioner" is going to sweep-dance the band away.

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Rather, SiriusXM is sponsoring a concert for the legendary heavy metal group at the unlikely venue, advertising, "Never has the Apollo Seen a Show Like This" and "Never again … because lightning doesn't strike twice."

All that "Never" stuff is because the band is promoting its new Imax 3D film, "Metallica: Through the Never." The movie comes out Sep. 27.

The concert itself will take place Sep. 21.

Here's the movie trailer: